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That explains the rewrites of those chapters.

~Skeeter The Lurker

I loved Address Unknown. I was sad when it was completed, but I suppose the author felt it was the right time. It was a great fic.

2774092 Yep, they were moved to their own story to allow the original story to be more accessible to those not interested in the clop scenes while not actually changing their place in the story.

2774831 No, I mean weren't there THREE of those scenes before? I only see two now.

2774959 Hmm, nope, just those two... possibly some suggestive themes but not really mature content. Of course with all the rearranging I could have scrambled my brain and forgotten a scene. :derpytongue2:

...oui. you know I love this fanfic. So I thought; "Why not read it again?"

So I did. No questions asked. :rainbowkiss:

Oh, dear, sweet Celestia, I am so immature sometimes...

As I write this comment, the number of "Thumbs Up" these "optional clop" chapters have is tallied at:


I'll go away, now...

Maybe he's referring to the bit at the end of the story where Twilight invites Derpy to join her in the shower.

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