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So to clear it up; here are my current favourite 5 shipping groups.

Twidash- I'm such a sucker for it. If it involves these two, comedy and the occasional clop, I'll want to read it.

Octavia x Vinyl- Vinavia? Octyl? Either way, this pair is a great one as well. I prefer to see fics that delve into the history and differences of the mares (Vinyl and Octavia: University Days)

SoarBurn- Soarin and Braeburn. similar reasons to that on the one above. I've seen a few of these and enjoyed majority, although I have yet to find many full-length ones.

Lunalight- example here; Archmage. Whilst the relationship isn't the key focus within the story, it's still used awesomely.

Twilight x Derpy- ...this is the 3rd one involving Twilight... anyways, I love this ship mainly because of Address Unknown. amazing story and relationship build-up, delving and comparing each of their pasts. The klutz and the geek; both socially awkward, shipped together in the best way possible.

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Thanks for the fave on The Dragon Who Would Not Sleep. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

742288 It's fine :twilightsmile: we're all forgetful from time to time. I gave you a like and fav, ad asked nothing from it.

A long time ago, it seems you gave me a favorite and a very kind description, as well as an honored spot on your page. I owe you a well deserved thank you and an apology that it took me so long to discover that I hadn't thanked you yet. :facehoof:

So - Thank you, very, VERY much! :twilightsmile:

  • Viewing 22 - 26 of 26
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