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The planet of Harmonis has been attacked by vampires. They are led by an evil god whose goal is to take over every planet to ensure the survival of the vampire race. Two planets have already been colonized by the ruthless god and he intends to take over a third. Now the Elements of Harmony and the Equestrian military must team up with a group of ponies who wield strange weapons called "Keyblades." Along the way they'll find new lessons and some unexpected friends.
Pairings: VentusxTwilight, SoraxKairi, TerraxAqua
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Some important side notes
2: This story takes place after Kingdom Hearts 3 and Between Lesson Zero and Luna Eclipsed of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.
3: Some knowledge of the Kingdom Hearts franchise is required to get certain things about this story. Cutscene movies are available on YouTube if you want to know the story.
4: Some characters from other works will appear in this series.
5: This story ,along with other stories I plan on making that take place in this same universe, will use elements of Hindu/Indian/Buddhist mythology.
6: This story takes place in an alternate, more futuristic Equestria.
7: This is not a fanfiction in which the characters from the other series have been transformed into ponies. All Kingdom Hearts characters, as well as characters from the other works will be treated as if they were born ponies.

Chapters (4)
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Comments ( 19 )

Good chapter so far I give it 3/5 mustaches :moustache::moustache::moustache:

Just a few grievances:

"To answer your question blond brawler, I heard live hear and came to your rescue after I heard your holler,"

delete the red, change the yellow to a period or un-capitalize the beginning of proceeding dialogue snip.

And please please PLEASE don't refer to eyes as orbs, it reminds me too much of this drivel :http://www.ansible.co.uk/misc/eyeargon.html

Those things aside, I will be following this story for a bit. It has an interesting premise.

Hmm, a promising KH fic, I wish you luck in writing it, since it seems like it's going to be an extremely difficult story to write as it progresses. I offer you my services in the writing process, whether you need to bounce ideas off of someone, or need an editor, or just need someone to inspiring your creative brain juices. Throw a PM my way if you need anything like that.

This sounds very promising! Keep up the good work and this fanfic will surely be great!:ajsmug:

Kingdom Hearts is not hard sci-fi. Why did you add it to the hard sci-fi folder?

3683333 Because this STORY is going to be hard sci-fi. You probably would have guessed that if you read the entire description.


I did read the entire description. It's still a crossover.

Numinous is not the word you're looking for.

Lol this was funny! What was that joke meant for though? Keep up the good work!

great one is ###hole. great chapter

Yay, a crossover with my second favorite video game series! Looks like this is going to end up being better than mine. Wondering where this`ll go. Faved!:pinkiehappy:

I wonder if twi will do this

why change it? it is fine the way it is. If it ain't broke don't fix it keep up the great work:raritystarry:

I think Twilight will do what Celestia asks but somewhere along the way she will truly fall in love with Ventus and then confess to him it was all Celestia's idea and her guilt built up because she did fall in love with him. I am not sure how Ventus will re-act but if he is anything like his character in KH:BBS he will get mad and confront Celestia but not take revenge just simply ask why? and once she tells him he will sadly say "All you had to do was ask. I would have agreed" then leave Celestia alive to think about what she did:raritystarry:

I can't wait for the next chapters:twilightsmile:

I wouldn't mind being a proofreader for your stories. Also this is an interesting story but where is everyone else? Where's Sora Riku, Kairi, Terra, Aqua, and the rest of the Elements?

WHHHY is it all the KH and MLP stories I find are canceled or incomplete?! WHHHHY DO YOU DO THIS TO ME CELESTIA?!?!?!?!! :derpytongue2: But really why?!

What the fuck Applejack!!!!!!

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