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I need proofreaders asap! · 6:46am Apr 28th, 2014

All of the proofreaders of my story have quit, and so I need new ones. I refuse to post a chapter of my story until it is proofread and edited. If any readers of my story know anyone willing to proofread it, please ask them to send me a pm. You can also send me a PM if you feel like proofreading it myself. Be warned though, I have standards about who I will let be a proofreader for my story(ies).

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Early Info! · 2:38am Jan 15th, 2014

As I have stated in the description for my "Universe is Magic: Kingdom Hearts" story, I plan on making more stories that are part of the same series in the future. They will also be crossover stories. Here are the ones I plan on making in the order that I plan on making them:

Universe is Magic: Naruto
Universe is Magic: Ace Attorney
Universe is Magic: Gundam Wing
Universe is Magic: Pokémon
Universe is Magic: The Series (It will be a mostly episodic story with the occasional arc.)

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