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Well, I think this a great start to your story. Huge too, at about 20,000 words, maybe you should think about splitting it into smaller chunks. Well maybe not, although I think ~20,000 words should be about the upper limit.
I didn't notice any grammatical errors (not surprising given that you have some pre-readers and editors) so all good on that side.
One thing I would enjoy seeing is his SPECIAL levels (not required but it's a nice touch).
Anyway, looking forward to the next chapter.

OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG I...have.....FEEDBACK!!!!! Party time!!

I'm soo....happy...Anywho....ask and ye shall recive. I added Shadow's SPECIAL to chapter one there just for you my friend. :pinkiesmile:

Its about as close to it as I could get using the Fallout 3 rules for the points i think he's a bit more Lucky then that, but that can always be fixed later. Oh PERKS, how I love thee.

As for the length, originally chapters one and two were one chapter. One chapter of nearly 40000 (over 9000 sorry I had to) words. My editor hit me soundly with a rubber hose and told me no. He then beat me some more for the many MANY errors in spelling I had made. :twilightoops:

I want to keep each chapter around about the 15000 to 20000 mark as I think it makes for a feeling of, 'I wanna read more, but this is the right amount'.

Also, in case you didn't notice, I appreciate your feedback. :twilightsmile:


...Impressive now release your anger
You must have sensed
that your friends are
in danger...

...wait...I mean, thanks. :pinkiehappy:

Chapter Two should be up soonish.

Hmm...no more u tube video marathons for me before bed. :twilightsheepish:

Just finished reading this chapter and I realized; you can write action scenes pretty good. Only noticed one error (below). Can't wait till the next chapter.
"Rearing back in pain,...then the finally round flew out..." (scorpion fight)

:pinkiegasp:20k words! HHHHNNNNGGG *dies*


Action scenes work very well for me. But ask me to type up a slow plot based scene and it takes me...help me out here Pinkie...


Thank you. :pinkiehappy:

Chapter Five turned out to have NO fighting in it what so ever...it...it makes me sad. :pinkiesad2: But it does drive the story I think, now to just get my pre readers on it...oh yeah I should proable finish fluffing it out some as well hehe :twilightsheepish: Oh, and thanks for the error you spotted I shall fix it post haste!

*goes back to reading other peoples fanfics*


Dare I say it? Hmmm...Its over 10,000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yeah...that made me sad too... :facehoof:


Wish I had the same said about me lol. :rainbowlaugh:

Any who, I am going to miss my average FoE time and read this just cause it looks like a nice read! :twilightsmile: But dang 19 k words thats not even funny. Well it kinda is but not in a bad way. 232129 Yeah this is to you.

I'm going to read it, comment on it with complete honesty which will probably result in me going OMFG THAT WAS ARSOME. But It will probably take me roughly 2 days to read, looks like have something to read for the next few days. Congrats I will track dis. However I will hold my rating/favorite till I get done reading this. (I will probably like it anyway lol)



Apology removed my good pony.


I just now figuered out how to replay to more then one poster. *claps happily* :twilightblush:

Anyway, I hope you do enjoy it, and I do the same thing when I read a new story, I wait on giving feedback and ratings so I can wait.

Looks like SOMEBODY is in the EQD compilation. Go Storm!

(my story is still better!)

Wow, I did it! I beat it! I won! MUAHAHAHAHA!

Anyway review time, whoo-who...

I likes it, but if now one has said it yet it's to long... I mean 10k is hard for me let alone 20k. That's my number one gripe. Second, I didn't care about grammar at all, which there wasn't much to say anything about anyway. Third, you got a good setting all built up for yourself, much like myself. Lastly, I like how you main character isn't a total and complete ass. Anyway, this was a very good story, and I love the humor, the detail, and the over all thing. though the battles were a little choppy here and there it was still good. I might have to read more when it updates!

Congrats, I give you the like. :twilightsmile:

- Noakwolf, author of Fallout Equestria: Brotherhood, and The Humans Guide to Life in Equestria. (I promoted my fic's lol sorry)

This is by far the shortest chapter yet. I still haven't made it to chapter 2...

...i fucking love this.

... My brain... my eyes... it took me an hour to read this....


Mares really do go for the heroes don't they? Suppose that's why Blackjack and Little Pip get all da girls. :heart:


Glad to see people are really liking this. I was a bit worried it'd come off kinda bland.


Walk it off pony! I mean...if you really want to...:fluttershysad:

If your loving these chapters, just wait till I get Chapter Seven up here...unless my Editors and Pre readers take a hacksaw to it for public safety. I mean, I make one person go blind from long chapters and suddenly I'm a menace! :pinkiecrazy:

So... many... words... but.. can't.. stop... reading, or I will... die... not really. But this is a long chapter. (Like the rest.) I'll probably have to read this next week, or when I have a huge amount of free time.

how many chapters are left?


The next two to three chapters are about the size of Five, so get comfy my friend your in for the long haul. :trollestia:


And they say chapter sizes don't matter. Lies! :pinkiehappy:


Huzzah, somepony asked a question! I iz happy! Wait...what am I suppose to do?! This hasn't happened before! I am confused!! NOOOOOOOoooooooo.....ooh just answer the question. Right, that's simple enough.

Simply put, I have no clue how many more chapters. Honest. When I began this story, I had the basics down inside my head (and trust me that's a scary place). How it starts, where it ends, and a few critical points in between. I knew who my hero was going to be, what his driving goal was, and how his adventure would end. But, everything in the middle, I was a bit fuzzy on. My basic outline for this story is broken into Four Acts. I'm nearly finished with Act One, which is looking to be around Ten to Eleven Chapters. Wither or not each following Act is the same length, I can't say. Just like a Chapter, I write until I'm happy that part of the story is told and finished. I do have a rough idea of how many Chapters, and that's around forty to forty five give or take which does break down to ten chapters a act, again give or take. Clear as mud? :twilightblush:

I do have plans for other stories, but I want to focus on one at a time. If this goes over well, I have a sequeal plotted (hehehe I said plot :rainbowlaugh: ) out that takes place a few years after this. If this doesn't go over well, well I have other ideas, some Fallout Equestria, some original, (honestly, how original can one be, everything's been done already!) some just funny little stories.

But first, back to writing Chapter Eight, and then we still have to make it through the Zombie Apocalypse in December. Well, you guys do, I'm gonna end up shot in the knee so a evil skinny white dude with no hair can run away. :fluttercry: Always the big guys who get turned into zombie chow...

465496 Oh and wondering one more thing in the beginning in the first chapter is that how the story is gonna end or is it just a dream or something?


Yes and no to the first question, it is 'part' of the ending but not the 'whole' ending. Darn, air quotes are hard to type. A straight no to the second, it's not a dream thought I'm sure Shadow wishes what he's going through right now was as would any of the ponies from the Fallout Equestria Side Stories.

I'm afraid I don't want to say a lot about the ending, that part I have pretty darn clear in my mind and saying too much will give it away. I can say the music shall be epic, the fight is awesome and the ending will be good. But given my inability to keep things secret or to wait, I'm sure I'll let something slip.

Like, in the ending...there's gonna be...are you ready? The ending will have...ponies in it. :twilightsheepish: I know, my editors were shocked by this as well. I mean, who puts ponies in a story! Its so unheard of!! :rainbowhuh:

I want to read this, Storm. I really do. The thing is, I haven't read FO:E. And I don't have two completely free weeks on my hands to do so :3

The question is, is it possible to get what's going on if all the background you know is "apocalyptic wasteland"?


No, you don't really need to read any of the other FOE stories to understand mine. Its set 30+ years before Kkat and on the otherside of the country. This gives me a little lee way with things, though I am trying to take others fics into consideration while writing

If you ever have the time though, and you end up liking mine id suggest giving some of the others a go.


DAYUM, dude! I have now read something like 10000 words of fic in the last two days! I know you're holding out on chapter 6...


Huzzah Shadow! Keep Buggering on!

Also find your sister at some point! Yeah..that might help XD

Well, THAT took forever! Love dem action sequences!

Rivets has a male voice in her head? OH GOD IT'S WINTER SKY.

Wow, I've been putting off reading this chapter for a while, and as of now I don't understand why.:twilightsheepish:


I like my chapters the way I like my pizza and hamburgers. Loaded. :pinkiehappy:


Glad you liked it, originally I had planned on the ending being in the beginning of the next chapter, but went back and added it flowed better.

Speaking of chapters, seven will be out soon, got myself a new editor/pre reader who's making it all pretty and who I'm going to have go back over the past chapters and fix a few mistakes.

Also, I haven't been playing Minecraft more then writing, honest! :facehoof:

it's 1:16 a.m., i'm on a 3DS, i get up at 6:30, and yet i still read this.

No Author's Note showering me with praise? You wound me, Storm. You wound me deep.

Question here :pinkiehappy:
How long does it take you to write such loooonnnnggg chapters? :rainbowdetermined2:

PS: LOVE the story


Huzzah, praise!! Hmm, FimFiction, Y U No have Luna emot? :trollestia:

Varies really. The first three chapters with a bit of the forth were done in a month and a half. Lately, with things at work going nuts due to the summer months and a new manager, they have been taking me longer to finish. This last chapter I wrote (chapter eight) took me a month. Which is odd, because of all the parts in this story, the scenes within it were the most clear. The chapter I am writing now (nine) is already sitting at 10K words and I have only been working on it for two weeks. Hope that answers the question. :twilightsmile:

Hmm, oh crap, I only have a one chapter lead now...uh...um...er...PANIC!!! :fluttershbad:


Fallout Equestria Stories: Depriving Bronies of sleep since 2011!! :pinkiehappy:


I made a promise in chapter one to keep the notes to a bear minimal, while it's true I added a short one to this one (chapter seven), it's justified in that Super Slam pic I drew is just horrible!! You'll get your phrase in chapter one when I have you edit it and I place you within the ranks of editors and pre readers were you belong. Now, back to work slave, er...I mean valued employee! :twilightsheepish:

Wal Marts starting to rub off on me, but then, it's wear I get so much insperation on writing about a bleak hopeless place filled with insane characters and strange happenings. :pinkiecrazy:

Well well well, I finally discovered the true meaning of Christmas. Wait, I mean the 'Stormcaller is awesome' thread on the forum. By jove, good sir, this is a fantastical masterpiece. I love the amount of detail, the wonderful characterization, the attention to the battles; I ate up every word! I finally started reading this (freakin' power-housed the seven chapters yesterday from midnight to 7 am (love the music choice btw)) and I'm glad I stayed up for it. 'Course I had to gather my wits before I could give out coherent thoughts, ye olde late nights and all that.

Anywho; Wildfire''s BA, that prologue with the adagio was INCREDIBLE, and overall this is a great addition to the wasteland. I know I'm enjoying my stay!



Thanks, means a lot to hear this sort of thing. Originially the chapters were not so detailed, they seemed kinda dull. So I went back through them before posting them and gave them a bit more sprakle. :twilightsmile: no, not that sprakle. :twilightoops: I do think the fight scenes are some of my better parts in the story, I can sorta see whats happening and manage to somehow get that put into words. I'm glad you also enjoyed the music, just wait until the next two chapters. :pinkiehappy:

The editors are torn, between Stonehoof and Wildfire for best pony of this fic, but than there's still a few more characters to come, around nine or so I think once I'm finished, knock on wood.

The ending was so sad he had to kill his own sister :fluttercry:

Oh..... damn... somehow I knew it was going to be like that.
Good chapter, horrible ending (but it was suppost to be horrible so good job).
On a different note, ~30,000 words? The chapters seem to be getting bigger and bigger.


I saw it coming, but I kept denying it! And you had to put THAT music with it?! Burn it all, playing with our emotions!

Okay, got that out of the way. Carrion was a great addition, he reminds me a ton of Boone from New Vegas. Well, the effectiveness with the rifle sans the insanity. The music choice was stellar again except for the fight scene when their cover's blown (20 cookie points for 'Bloodpiss', that was a hoot). I know it wasn't too big of a fight, but the music was a bit tame for a sequence of 'Surprise PUNKS!' If ya catch my drift.

And now... time to nuke the raiders. Seriously, I'd haul the Fat Man into there. Worked for me and Lily at The Fort with Caesar. Gotta kill ALL the slavers! Good chapter all in all.

I got no words to say besides .................. none
Im sad now :fluttercry:
got to go be sad some wear *sniffle*:applecry:

I can't get enough of this story!!!:pinkiehappy:

But so sad...

This looks like a very interesting story. good work!:pinkiehappy: Going to have to read more later.


Indeed, sad story is sad. I had to earn that sad tag somehow!! Don't worry, I did cry while writing this. :fluttercry:

And you'll be happy to know my editors are happily blowing my face off at TF2 every chance they get for this chapter alone.


Glad to hear someone else is enjoying this little story. Makes me happy to know its liked. No, I'm not a changling feeding off your attention. Don't be silly! :unsuresweetie:


The chapters grow and shrink as I go, the next two are not as long as this last one. I'm trying very hard to keep them long enough to be interesting but not too long to be silly. I think I sometimes fail at that last one though.


Happy to see your still with me! :pinkiehappy:

Now, back to work! Or actually, sleep. Then work, then writing, then blowing up Geth.

I'm somehow kinda glad you didn't draw a picture for that perk....

good chapter really good :twilightsmile: one also are Wild, Stonehoof and the others okay, did they get captured?

Very good, sir, very good. I particularly enjoyed your method of metaphorically getting Shadow back on his hooves; nice touch and all. 'Specially by not overdoing the intro of this new character, excellently done.

Music choices were awesome, pacing was great, overall another solid chapter.


Is even more good written than you!

you put my FoE to shame. Hats off to you good sir.


I'm sure I'll get around to it sometime. I mean, who doesn't love seeing raider ponies blown up graphically by shotguns? :pinkiecrazy:


Thanks, glad you liked it. As for the questions, well I can't really answer that because they shall be answered in the next Chapter. Sorry, but at least you don't have to wait several chapters. :twilightsheepish:


Thanks, I worked a little bit on that scene where Shadow at last breaks. I think I re did it like five times before I finally got it right. Wanted it to be a major scene in the chapter and I think it came out very well in the end. :twilightsmile:


Thank you, I swear all this praise :twilightblush: being my first story and all I was expecting some negative feed back at the start. But thus far it's free of that. :pinkiesmile: I could never have made it this far without the support of my friends and the help of my editors and pre readers. They are a super bunch of guys, as all bronies are. :twilightsmile:



Why doesn't this have more views/likes?:rainbowhuh:

Alrighty, to give the story more recognition and for those who just found this and feel a bit overwhelmed at the length of the chapters, I'm putting together an audiobook/reading.
Just the prologue for now, Chapter 1 should be done soon as well.

You rock, Stormcaller.

This is one of the best FoE sidefics. It's weird that it's barely gotten any attention...

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