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After saving the galaxy from the evil Mareran, Commander Shepard and the crew of the Pormanda have stopped to resupply on a recently colonized world. While there, the Commander and her team learn of a strange alien creature hunting the locals. Fearing that it could be one of the dreaded Collectors come to kidnap the planets pony populace, the heroic mare sets out to hunt it down, and stop its reign of terror.

Note: This is my submission for the 300 members story contest for the Fallout Equestria group here on FimFiction. We were suppose to pick a theme for it and I choose, 'Why would you do that?' This stands on it's own I think, but goes along with my current story, Fallout Equestria: Fall of Hope. Hope you enjoy it!

Editor and Chief: TheGamefilmGuruman

Pre- Reader: Bronyken

Cover Art: While its not completely relevant to the story, it's still Pinkie Pie in N7 armor! Come on!! Also, I am unsure of who drew the picture, but it belongs to them and them alone.

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Good story,I really liked it.

Nice xD, not sure if it will win the contest due to the deviation from FoE but to people who have read Fall of Hope this is a great little spin off :yay:

Good story Storm. I'll have to give you that and Sugar like always is a total 'Daww' moment. Cool story man!

I give it 10/10.

Before I begin reading this will I just say that G-doc (the place where we use the wordcount to the competition) says that you have 23 words to many, while it is still rather close to the 3K word will you not be able to win any prize, but will not be deleted from the contest either as of now. But if you get your story down under the limit before Friday the 5th will it still be able to win a prize

I wish there was more chapters to read. (note I'm not yelling because I'm mad) :flutterrage: SO GOOD:flutterrage:


Glad you enjoyed it. That sort of statement makes any writer proud. Mission Accomplished!! :pinkiehappy:


A friend asked me when I showed him the story, "What the *yay* does Mass Effect have to do with Fallout?!"

My answer: They are both great games.


Anyway, no worries if it doesn't win, I'm actually not expecting too! I just wanted to push myself to write a story quickly and I did! Huzzah! :twilightsmile:


Sugar makes everything Dawww...


I HIGHLY doubt I'd ever add more to this, but you never know. If I get board one day I might just write something else up for it. My editors seemed to really enjoy it.


I believe I have managed to fix that mistake by cutting out what I could. I got exactly 23 words out... at least according to my count. But as well all know, Wal-Mart workers can't count.

:trixieshiftleft: :trixieshiftright:

I mean, how else can you explain why we all continue to work there for crap pay?


Yeah... I went there. :trollestia:

Omni spork :rainbowderp:... :rainbowlaugh: I love that idea.

I must admit that I was shaking a bit on my head over this to begin with, thinking that this was not Fo:E at all, but with how the ending is is it a really nice and cute Fo:E story must I admit.


I'm glad it came out like that, as I wanted it to seem quite odd until things were explained at the end. Like a episode of a TV show where they switch things up and you're left wondering if you missed like four seasons worth of story. :rainbowlaugh:

And Omi Spork... it can be used to take out those pesky Praetorians before they eat your brain.

Stupid Collectors and their stupid meanie mc meanie big dumb meanie pants enemies. Always ruining your fun by sneaking up on you when your team mates are busy trying to play all COD style and be the top player with points. Its co op people! Co op!! :twilightangry2:

Ohh and sine you sends me a notifications, and before I forget it, I think that it was the worst piece of... ASSUMING DIRECT CONTROL Best triple crossover one-shot story ever made!

It’s probably just a lone Reaper or something... easy peasy

Yeah, easy:facehoof:

On Rannoc, it took the ENTIRETY of the Quarian fleets about 5 times to take down ONE Reaper, and all they have is a machine gun, and a rocket launcher.

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