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After saving the galaxy from the evil Mareran, Commander Shepard and the crew of the Pormanda have stopped to resupply on a recently colonized world. While there, the Commander and her team learn of a strange alien creature hunting the locals. Fearing that it could be one of the dreaded Collectors come to kidnap the planets pony populace, the heroic mare sets out to hunt it down, and stop its reign of terror.

Note: This is my submission for the 300 members story contest for the Fallout Equestria group here on FimFiction. We were suppose to pick a theme for it and I choose, 'Why would you do that?' This stands on it's own I think, but goes along with my current story, Fallout Equestria: Fall of Hope. Hope you enjoy it!

Editor and Chief: TheGamefilmGuruman

Pre- Reader: Bronyken

Cover Art: While its not completely relevant to the story, it's still Pinkie Pie in N7 armor! Come on!! Also, I am unsure of who drew the picture, but it belongs to them and them alone.

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