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Happy New Year · 10:51pm Jan 1st, 2018

Well, as the title says, Happy New Years everyone. I hope you've had a wonderful holiday and are staying safe and well.

And here's hoping for a good new year, I'm rather hopeful for it. I'm also hopeful I'll be able to pick my story back up and continue on. Just got to get some stability in my life again.

Pony on.

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Bronycon · 8:08am Aug 10th, 2017

Well, things have... more or less settled down for me since my last check in. Still not perfect.

As the header says, I'm heading out to Baltimare in a few hours. Hopefully a few days alone will help me get my head back on straight and recharge me.

I'll try and make a longer post when I get back home.

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Where I've been (less then happy personal update) · 10:47pm Mar 13th, 2017

Well, it's been awhile, and for that I must apologize folks. It seems to be a theme for me these last few chapters. But it's been a rough couple of months all coming to a head this very crappy month. I'm not going to tag this for any story as I'm sure not everyone wants to hear it. Lets get to it shall we?

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Update on Next Chapter · 2:26am Jun 20th, 2016

Well, that damn well took forever. But it's pretty much finished at long last, just needs to be scored and sent off for editing and pre reading. Just a bit longer and it'll be out so just hang in a little while more. Hopefully it won't take so long next time. Hopefully...

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I'm not dead yet... · 1:46am Mar 14th, 2016

Despite work's best efforts I have remained within the land of the living for the time being. I know I said things would quieten down after the holidays but it seems there's no rest for the wicked or Walmart workers. We've got inventory coming up in a month and due to my department having the 'most' workers we got picked to cover four other departments.

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Merry Christmas · 10:34pm Dec 24th, 2015

Sorry for no update yet, this chapters taking awhile to get out. Plus other things coming up.

Still, wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas.

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Still alive · 10:20pm Oct 18th, 2015

I just wanted to let everyone know that I am still alive, and even tho work on the next chapter has slowed to a complete crawl, due to a number of reasons, I am still working on it. Atm it's only 10k words with the midway point nearly in reach. I'll try and get it out soon, and hopefully some of my problems will resolve themselves over the next couple months.

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Windows 8.1 how I hate thee · 3:24am Aug 15th, 2015

Well, for the past couple months my old desk top of nearly twenty years has been giving me more and more issues. Normally I'd just run it over to a friend and co worker and he'd fix it right up for free (thought I still paid for any parts). Sadly, he's seemed to have gone cookoo for coco-puffs and I'm not expecting him to be mentally able to do much for the next couple of however long it takes to straighten his life back out.

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Chapter tonight or tomorrow · 2:44pm Jul 21st, 2015

As the title says, soon as I get home from work, I'll finish editing the story for FimFiction and have it published sometime tonight or tomorrow.

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All I can say is... · 8:09pm Jul 8th, 2015

Story's all but finished, adding in the last couple musical tracks then its off to the editors.

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