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Things are normal at the Crystal Brighthouse, but when Misty's notebook starts to burst with poems and writings dedicated to Sunny, a question sends her on a journey within to find the source.

Chapters (1)

A magazine article inspires Rainbow Dash to ask Fluttershy out on a whim. Which is all very well, but when Fluttershy takes her up on it, and Rainbow actually has to consider the practicalities of the whole 'dating' thing...? She didn't think that far ahead.

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Pipp Petals. Princess of Zephyr Heights, second to the throne, owner of a golden headdress studded with a beautiful emerald that she never takes off.

Neither Hitch, Izzy, Sunny, nor Misty have ever inquired about it. Not even Zipp knows why.

But with one misstep, the truth becomes revealed.

An experiment in mixing past and present-tense storytelling.

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As Misty runs away from the brighthouse in a guilty panic, an unrelated botched spell leads to her meeting a fiery unicorn with a similar story to tell

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Rarity and Applejack put the romance in necromancy.

A gift for Novelle Tale.

CW: Unhealthy relationships, descriptions of murder/death (bloodless), necromancy (duh), implied suicidal intentions at one point (never made explicit).

Does NOT contain necrophilia or sex of any sort. (Didn't think I'd have to spell that out, but here we are...)

Chapters (5)

A Pinkiedash story Inspired by season 7 episode 23 Secrets and Pies.
The following story contains mentions of eating disorders and self harm viewer discretion is advised.

Does Rainbow Dash really not like pie or is there something more going on than meets the eye? Sometimes problems aren't what you may think and sometimes they are not at all what you would expect. Rainbow Dash doesn't hate herself at least that's what she tells herself but it reality there is a lot going on with her and her eating habits. Maybe just maybe Rainbow Dash can get the help she needs from the most unexpected pony.

Chapters (2)

Raven Inkwell was the loyal secretary of the princess, but then a new princess came along. She'd have to learn a new place in Equestria to be useful, and deal with an old princess at the same time.

Done as a collab with RadicalDishonesty!

Should be updated once per week.

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Sire's Hollow is a quaint little town not too far from Ponyville. Anon would never have any reason to set foot in the place were it not for his best friend, Sunburst, asking him for a massive solid:

Keep his mother, Stellar Flare, preoccupied for a few days while he conducts research on the town's recently discovered magical properties.

Sunburst loves his mom, and they've worked through their communication issues before, but as head of the Sire's Hollow Development Committee, she would never approve of the tests he intends to run. So, Anon will act as a "distraction," allowing Sunburst to get done before she notices.

He does a better job than either of them were expecting.

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Princess Cadance, determined to make Hearts and Hooves Day special for her husband Shining Armor, finds herself torn between royal responsibilities and romantic aspirations. In a daring move, she enlists the help of Twilight Sparkle to take on her regal role. As Twilight navigates the intricacies of royal duties her brother decides to surprise his wife, too...

Hearts and Hooves Day writing contest!

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Rainbow Dash has liked Fluttershy for a while. Like she like-likes her. A lot. With the advice of Applejack, Rainbow swallows her pride and goes for it.

A late Valentine's Day story starring my favorite ship, what could be better?

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