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Hi my name is neon dash.. i live in the crystal empire with my cousin princess cadence. my best friend is flamoria bluezone i met her at school since she came here..

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Scootaloo has considered Rainbow Dash to be her big sister for years now. But on one night particular, she decides to let her in on an embarrassing, endearing secret.

Takes place several years after S3:E6 - Sleepless in Ponyville.
Cover art credit: GloomyMark
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Chapters (1)

Foxy and Mangle are sucked into My Little Pony by Princess Celestia for an "expirement." Watch as these two journey through the world, experience daily problems and not-so-daily problems.

Chapters (1)

A 'slice of life' story all about a dragon named 'Slice' whose owner/boss/sister/mother figure moves to a small town to learn about friendship at the behest of her teacher, dragging Slice along unwillingly.

Thanks to Eclectic Bugaboo for creating the OC 'Yeastrise Bakel.'

Chapters (4)

Luna attempts to help others with their nightmares. Sometimes she helps, sometimes she doesn't, and sometimes she just needs a drink and say what the buck just happened?

(Tags are random for future chapters.).

Chapters (7)

3questria. A human finds himself in a strange new land and is taken on an adventure with a strange mare but that's not all... he finds that he has transformed into a pony?!

Chapters (5)

First: This will not conflict with my story Doctor Whooves and Thunderlane
Second: Thunderlane is in the TARDIS when all the sudden he hears Derpy talking to someone in a mirror...He spys on her. (because who wouldn't:derpytongue2:) He notices she is talking to Discord! Then she ties Thunderlane up... When she comes back Thunder notices that she has the Doctor kidnapped! Now the foals have to try and save Thunder and he has to gather his old friends from filly school to help him.

Bedeviled Derpy: http://bedeviled-derpy.tumblr.com

Chapters (1)

Twilight has ascended into an alicorn, and with that ascension comes new dangers and threats. What better way to hold back those threats than with a new body guard. But Twilight wasn't expecting her new protector to be a wolf, and neither were her friends.

Chapters (54)

This story is a sequel to Cheerilee's Worst Day Ever

After her worst day ever, all Cheerilee wants to do is go home and relax. But when she gets home, however, a stallion is waiting by her door. Just what she needed after a horrible day, right? A nice, fancy restaurant, nice, fancy food, a nice, fancy stallion...

Yeah. Not exactly how it goes down.

Chapters (1)

When I walk something interesting happens. I find twenty dollars. I see a deer. I see a run away dog. I found a filly Pinkie Pie. And-oops. Uhhhhhh see you later!

Chapters (2)
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