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The walk back to the convention starts out so smoothly....until Rainbow Dash does something she probably shouldn't have.

Spoilers from "Stranger Than FanFiction"

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Quibble has a lot to say. His opinions are very easy to articulate. Feelings? Well, that's just another story...

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Part of the Flipverse! (Needs wiki magic love)

Across Equestria, there's one event that even the least sociable ponies look forward to: The Grand Galloping Gala! A magical night of music, dancing, meeting nobility, an other fairy-tale wonders...

And now Twilight, Number One Assistant to Equestria's Element of Magic, finally has her chance to go! The invitations have been sent, and of course Ponyville's six newest heroes made the guest list, Spike included! And there's no way that he wouldn't bring his oldest friend along as his "Plus One", right?

Well, even if that were to happen, there's still five other ponies with tickets in town...

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[Only the Mane Six and Shining Armor are gender-swapped. In this universe, Cadence is nonexistant.]

When Dusk Shine announces that he's breaking up with his boyfriend, Gleaming Shield perks up. Partially because she's overprotective...partially because said boyfriend is under her command in the Royal Guard and being the boyfriend of her little brother makes things awkward....and partially because Flash Sentry is pretty cute.

Of course, Gleaming Shield won't get involved.
Of course.

[This is not clop. Rated T for profanity.]

[Cover art drawn by the amazing lulubellct!]

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For the majority of Ponies in Equestria, life was simple, calm, and relatively peaceful. Even when threats appeared, there was always the Princesses and the Bearers of Harmony that protected the land, nothing in the world, no matter how malevolent, seemed to compare against their power. But when giant, mechanical beings appeared from beyond the stars, it is clear that those days are coming to an end. Although the Princesses are among the most powerful in all of Equestria, the alien beings hold a power far beyond the understanding of the Princesses and are driven with the goal of harnessing Equestria's unique magical energy, either through diplomacy or outright conquest.

With these 'Cybertronians' arrival, the Ponies of Equestria are now thrust upon a new era, but is this an era that Equestria can survive? Or will the land be torn apart in the maelstrom that is to come?

(This is obviously an MLP/Transformers crossover, however the Transformers here are not based off a single generation, but rather I've taken aspects from several continuities, particularly from Generation One, Transformers Animated, and Transformers Prime to make a new Transformers universe for this story.)

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Spitfire just wanted a normal day to the Cloudsdale market to buy some apples. Here's the catch: there's a little blue pegasus that keeps following her around...
And why does she keep yelling, "Mommy!"?


When pictures give you ideas, it's up to your imagination whether you wanna turn it into a story.

FEATURED on 1/28/16!

Dramatic reading by SkyOfStorms! Check it out here!

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"Make new friends"

Those were the words of advice that Twilight Sparkle tried to use to change Starlight Glimmer. Unfortunately, they did not have the affect she wanted...

A what-if story and my own idea for how Season 5 could have ended.

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Mac and Dash end up having drinks with a couple they meet in Manehattan. The couple makes some assumptions they shouldn't have about Dash, and she gets her feathers ruffled.

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A Star vs. the Forces of Evil crossover

For Marco Diaz, there was a good amount of novelty in having a litter of laser-shooting puppies in the room while you munched on cheese nachos in front of the TV. There was also plenty of novelty in having a magical princess from another dimension who happened to create the said puppies next to you. But after repeating the process a few dozen or so times, he was up for most anything different.

For Star Butterfly, her mirror on the wall is a vital resource for communication with her parents, even if she has an uneasy relationship with her mother. Now, she wants a new service provider for her mirror—one that didn't enslave you to get you to pay off your debt if you showed up with the wrong payment form. Additionally, she was more or less equally bored. Thanks to Star's possession of dimensional scissors, they can easily seek to solve both problems.

Of course, it doesn't go quite the way they planned.

Edited by Lucky Seven

Takes place between Mewberty/Pixtopia and Lobster Claws/Sleep Spells excluding the Epilogue

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Rarity and Rainbow Dash aren't exactly close. After all, they're very different ponies with very little in common. Or so Rainbow Dash thought.

A trip to Canterlot reveals that Rarity isn't exactly the pony that Dash thinks she is.

3rd place winner of The Writeoff Association's December competition, "Behind Closed Doors"

Art by Yoka-the-Changeling, Edited by Exuno

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