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[Only the Mane Six and Shining Armor are gender-swapped. In this universe, Cadence is nonexistant.]

When Dusk Shine announces that he's breaking up with his boyfriend, Gleaming Shield perks up. Partially because she's overprotective...partially because said boyfriend is under her command in the Royal Guard and being the boyfriend of her little brother makes things awkward....and partially because Flash Sentry is pretty cute.

Of course, Gleaming Shield won't get involved.
Of course.

[This is not clop. Rated T for profanity.]

[Cover art drawn by the amazing lulubellct!]

Chapters (2)
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Oh my god...
Why do I love this ship between these two?:rainbowkiss:

hehe, this is cute...

Is the ending a cliffhanger? sounds like it a little...

7166503 hmm...I don't know. I guess? It could be, but I'm not really planning on writing another chapter.

Maybe a sequel if I'm in the mood someday.


Gotcha. If you don't want a cliffhanger, I would suggest adding another sentence or two, personally--just something to cap it off, rather than ending with the two of them staring deeply into each others' eyes. Maybe she smiles and leaves?

Either way, thumb'ed :pinkiehappy:

This needs a sequel.. It's very well written in my opinion c;

7167229 Thank you! I might write a sequel, I don't know. It does seem like the kind of story that needs one, but I don't actually know what I would put in a sequel to this.

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