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Bloomberg's new life in the Everfree forest is BORING. But when he sees a beautiful tree growing in a nearby cave, he falls in love, and determines to do what ever it takes to have her as his own! BloombergxTreeOfHarmony.

Yes, this is a crack pairing. But it's also a truly romantic tale!

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Obiter dicta -- things said in passing.

A collection of short stories, vignettes, and delete scenes, mostly based in the Civil Serviceverse and tending to be either slice of life or comedy. Also contains contest entries including FanOfMostEverything's Imposing Sovereigns.

Currently contains:

1. An Afternoon For Dotted Line [slice of life] [comedy]
2. The Game The Princesses Play [comedy]
3. On the Inaccuracy of Proverbs [slice of life] [comedy][sad]
4. The Nature of War [history]
5. On Forensic Accounting & Choral Singing [comedy]
6. Hoofprints [human][sad]
7. Dr. Spinning Top—Specimen Annotated Daily Schedule [slice of life]
8. Love and Other Acquired Tastes [comedy][sad]
9. Any Other Business? [comedy]
10. Songs Like Snow [romance]
11. Civics [comedy]
12. The Other Princess [slice of life] [comedy]

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This story is a sequel to Past Sins

Touch, Smell, Taste, Hearing, Sight

This is the order the five senses develop in for foals as they rest, cradled in the warm safety of a mother’s womb. But for one, her womb was a thorn bush in the dark of night. For one, the safety and warmth that should have carried her into the world was replaced with pain and cold.

These are Nyx's first hours.

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Twilight tries her utmost to resist eating a peach. But is a peach simply a peach, or is it much, much more? It is, after all, distinguished from a nectarine by the presence of fur. And that, to Twilight, makes a world of difference.

I'm so sorry. Please, forgive me...

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It's all just a game, isn't it?

When it comes to Princess Celestia and Twilight Sparkle, Chess is much more than just moving pieces around on a board.

It's a game of the mind, of thoughts, of conquest.

But in a game like this, sometimes your greatest opponent is yourself.

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Rainbow Dash's favorite book series is finally over, and, needless to say, she's feeling a little bummed out. But when Twilight's attempt to help drags the very character herself from the pages of the book into reality, Rainbow Dash finds herself caught up in a Daring Do adventure of her very own.

But as the days go by and Twilight tries to reverse the spell, Rainbow Dash realises that the character she knows from the stories isn't the same pony that's standing in front of her.

And Rainbow soon finds that sometimes, the best stories are the ones that are yet to be told.

Note: This Fic was written and conceived before the events of Season 4 episode 4. This fic proceeds under the understanding that Daring Do is a work of fiction by an author who isn't integral to the plot and who also isn't Twilight's mom.

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Strange nightmares are plaguing the ponies of Equestria.

Somepony must help ponies to face their deepest fears, but unless Princess Luna is able to discover who—or what—is responsible, the nightmares may never end.

Scootaloo is ready to prove that she can be as fearless as her big sister, Rainbow Dash, even if it means never having a peaceful night's sleep again.

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The difference is as stark as day and night - and so is it reflected in the tale.

When Applejack is set upon by a series of unnatural nightmares, she turns to good friend and confidant Pinkie Pie to try to figure out exactly what's causing them. Day after day they struggle to learn the skills that will allow her to make sense of it all, as they discover what is needed to walk the realm of dreams.
And as time goes by, the clearer the picture becomes.

But still it remains - the mystery and the clues that lay scattered across her nighttime episodes where words do not exist, only to be analyzed during the day where conversation is all she has.

Join Applejack and Pinkie as they work it out together and traverse a story where nothing is ever as it seems.

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The Batter, a mare who hides her cutie mark and speaks with a slow, rustic drawl, must purify the zones that make up this world. It has to be done. It's better this way. A young pegasus named Cheerful Skies is cast down from the aether to guide her and be her Puppeteer with no knowledge. Only a lingering sense of doubt and dismay accompanies her as she tries to aid the Batter in her inexorable and holy quest.

(New cover art soon by Seldom Needy!)

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When the peace of the idyllic world of Cloudsdale is interrupted by rising crime, and a lonely office worker's best friend is mugged in the street, he finally decides that enough is enough. With nothing but his wits, a suitcase with personal effects, and years of experience in the accounting department of a large investment firm, he launches himself headfirst into the stupidest possible thing he could do - quitting his job, and waging war on the underworld.

Yeah. This is gonna work out just fine.

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