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I write pony words. Millions of them. Some people actually think they might be worth reading. I am very thankful for that. Also, I have a Patreon now?

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Starlight is Trixie’s friend. And being Trixie’s friend means she deserves a great gift fitting of the great and powerful Trixie herself. But what gift is worthy of such a title? After much deliberation, Trixie realizes that only one gift will suffice.

Too bad it’s still the wrong gift.

Written for GoldenDoodle for Jinglemas 2023

Cover art sourced from some random show screencap on Derpibooru (it’s even got a watermark)

Thanks to Heroic412227 for looking this over.

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Getting kidnapped had not been in Rarity's plans for today, but sometimes a lady must make do.

(Or: "A Dog and Pony Show" from Rarity's perspective)

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Shining Armor and Princess Cadence's marriage has become legend. However, the two were not always a couple. Learn how the famous lovers first met and the stunning lengths that the Princess of Love herself had to go to in order to get her destined beau's attention after years spent drifting apart while Shining served in the military.

Featured by The Royal Guard on 03/20/14! Twilight's Library Approved 03/24/14! EqD Featured 06/10/2014!

This story is written such that one does not need to have read Rites of Ascension beforehand to understand and enjoy it. However, one should know a few quick, easy things going in. First, Season Three and later do not exist in the Rites timeline, and second, Cadence is a winged unicorn rather than alicorn. Also, I'm aware the comics tackled this topic, but this is in my own AU, and I first wrote this more than a year ago. Consider this an alternate take on the idea. Other than that, you should be able to dive in with no problems.

That having being said, as this is a canon story in the Rites of Ascension Expanded Universe, reading the main story will make this one even more enjoyable.

The amazing artwork was done by my wife, the fantastically talented Violet Squiggles, whom I dedicate this work to. I love you, my darling, with all my heart. You are my everything.

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Featured on Equestria Daily!

I, The Great and Powerful Trixie, have been reduced to performing magic tricks in a Trottingham tavern. One would think I'd never sink this low, but it's not as bad as it could be. The food is good, the beds are soft, and the company plentiful. The only problem? I'm stuck here until I earn enough bits to buy another caravan so I can get back on the road where I belong.

So imagine my delight when one evening, a conpony walks through the door and starts cheating at cards. It was a golden opportunity: a chance to line my purse, play the heroine, and teach an amateur magician a thing or two about misdirection.

I had a perfect plan. My only mistake was getting a friend involved.

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No one makes it through life unchallenged. For every person there comes a time when the world hurts them, betrays them, or calls on them for something great. It is in those dire moments that six mares will learn just what they are made of.

Sometimes the best medicine isn't for the body. It is for the soul.

[Second place finisher in the March Writeoff competition.]

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Twilight wakes in the middle of the night, haunted by a terrifying dream—one that's not so hard to see coming true. One that whispers of a grand destiny awaiting her as a reward for all her hard work, discipline, and noble sacrifice.

But what if she doesn't want a grand destiny?

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What Spike saw in the doorway of King Sombra's crystal palace hasn't left his mind. The fear of Twilight abandoning him haunts him through recurrent nightmares. Anxiety taunts him when he's at his most vulnerable, reminding him of all his failures, all his inadequacies, all his wounds.

One night, this fear and anxiety manifests itself in a full-blown nightmare, dragging Spike face-to-face with his greatest fear. What if Twilight never needed Spike in the first place?

Takes place right after the Season Three opener (before Episode Three).

Thanks to RGLloyd for editing.

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Rated Teen for some dark elements.

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How do you tell a child that she will never be enough?

Proofing and revising help from Pascoite. The cover image is a piece by Silfoe that has been edited by me. Featured on Equestria Daily and selected as one of the Celestia Day picks for 2020! Contribute to the TVTropes page! Spoiler-filled review by The Red Parade of the My Little Reviews & Feedback group! Ghost Mike gave this a 'Pretty Good' in his spoiler-heavy review that you can find here. Buy this story!

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[SPOILERS: Season 8 Finale]

Alternate take on how Cozy Glow's story ends, 'cause I feel it deviated a bit from the standard pony formula and could've been better. Also I liked Cozy :(

Cozy Glow is put on trial for her crimes, her fate to be decided by the High Court of Equestia. Starlight Glimmer has decided to show mercy on her once-friend and defend her, but can she succeed?

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