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John, Equestria's first and only human, loves going to the beach. As it turns out, so does a certain Siren...

Proofread by Georg

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The failed invasion of that mad queen, Chrysalis, rocked the changeling community. From the hives nestled outside Equestria, to their kin living in peace within, they watch those colorful ponies eye one another with suspicion and let themselves be swallowed by fear and distrust.

A gamble by Princess Celestia has summoned forth the diplomat to the Seekers, the one changeling who may be able to ease tensions between their races and restore balance. The Bearer of Magic has been summoned after a century of peace.

And, like her mother before her, Princess Twilight Sparkle will answer the call.

Preread by Alto, Cynewulf, and Timaeus.
Cover art by FoughtDragon01, used with permission.

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"Magic is the sole science not accepted by scientists, because they can't understand it."
-Ehrich Weiss (aka, Harry Houdini).

One night in the city of Manehattan, the magician known as "The Great and Powerful Trixie" has moved on with her new life in her newly successful magic show. It was during this night that a certain Spirit of Chaos was spotted by the Stage Director, but he left mysteriously as he'd appeared.

After the show has been set up for the next night, Trixie walks to her apartment during an unscheduled storm which, passing an empty lot in the city's neighborhoods, lightning struck that spot where a new theater appeared. Holding posters and a sign in lights with a very odd name.

"The Great Harry Houdini: Master of Mystery."

A huge thank you to His Highness, PrinceCelestia for the wonderful cover art. And an equally huge thank you to Shadeol for taking the time to edit this fully.

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The art for this fic was used with permission from, and created with unequivocally EXCEPTIONAL SKILL, by the one and only AskBubbleLee on Deviantart. Look upon the works of this talented artist and rejoice, ye pitiful mortals!

Ebonfallow is a meek changeling who, for reasons beyond her control, was born with the inability to change form. Blackfish is an orca of adventurous qualities both admirable and vexatious, and pines for something—or someone—interesting enough to satisfy an unknown thirst that plagues him so.

When the former leaves her hive for a coastal pony community in disgrace and the latter decided to explore the very same location she dwells by virtue of his unquenchable curiosity, their paths soon cross upon one calm, warm summer day.

And, as both soon find out, their fates may be destined to intersect in more ways than simply a single, freak encounter...

(Btw, the rating will probably eventually change, as will certain, *nudge, nudge,* tags.)

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If you look around the multiverse, you'll find several entities who would be happy to see them, at least initially. Those sapients would be operating on dreams of free wishes and gold -- or, for the more sensible, shoe repair. But Equestria knows nothing of those tales. And so all Rainbow knows is that it's a very important day, one where she absolutely must have privacy, and that means she needs to get these miniature green-jacketed lunatics out of her life.

Must be Crackfic Week again!

(Now with author Patreon and Ko-Fi pages.)

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Rainbow Dash and her best friend have decided that they're going to go on every ride at the nearby theme park today with the hope that she'll be able to beat her fear of the roller coasters. Could she have more than just that planned though?

Commissioned by Blaa6

Art by Elzzombie

If you liked this, please consider supporting my Patreon, checking out my original novellas, or even my free original work, Jumbled Thoughts!

Or just buy me a... hot chocolate. I'm not a coffee guy.

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So it's official. In order to better serve his friends, Discord has given up chaos.


Now if only the fate of Equestria didn't rest on him using chaos again.

Like in the next five minutes or so.

Looks like it's time for a chaos intervention. A reverse one.

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This story takes place three weeks after Of Lilies and Chestnuts

Hearth's Warming, the ponykind celebration of unity is right around the corner. Every moment is a chance to spread winter cheer as Canterlot far and wide, and Chestnut, Fleur, and Fancy Pants intend to make their first holiday as a family the best it can be.

Easier said than done, especially when you are a known socialite with a recent party foul on your tab. Or a freshly made mother learning the ropes. Or a Prench for once trying to figure out how to approach this strictly Equestrian holiday.

Merry Hearth’s Warming, Fleur. Merry Hearth’s Warming.

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This story is a sequel to Fuss Budget's First Day.

We ignore the ones in the background. The ones that make it all possible. The support, the advisers, the assistants. But to ignore them is a mistake, for they face the same struggles that the one they support does, study the same grimiore and learn the same information.

Chapters (3)

Lyra and Bon Bon love each other, but they have a ... somewhat unusual relationship. One of them is a secret agent. One of them is a changeling.

And the third one is a perfectly normal pony, about to have her life turned upside down.

This may result in some questionable relationship decisions.

Third-place winner of FamousLastWords' "A Two-Faced Charade" competition!
"This story [is] a ride … chaotic, crazy, wild, an emotional rollercoaster." –FamousLastWords

Thanks to Titanium Dragon and BlazzingInferno for prereading suggestions. Cover art by mostlyponyart (whose blog seems to have vanished).

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