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A refined mare fresh out of high school and a dropout following her dreams find themselves forced to spend a lot of time together.

With the help of a meddling psychology tutor and their new classmates, can they find what they've been looking for?

French Translation!

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Berry Punch wakes up in Canterlot to find that her love is not snuggled warmly next to her. Worse, she can remember everything from the day and evening, which means she wasn't out drinking and lost track of things. That just leaves one question. One question that causes her no small amount of worry:
Where is Minuette?

Rated 'Teen' because of heavy cider usage, or rather the effects of said uses.
Written for EQD's Writer's Training Ground #007

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Twilight was reading a book.
So why is someone knocking on her window at this hour?

Meanwhile, Rainbow Dash has been so horrendously busy with the recent coming of Autumn that she hasn't had any time for her friends. Would a late night visit really be all that bad?

A short friend-shipping one-shot for the fun of it. Please note that this is set during Season 2, and is not technically Romance Shipping, but Platonic Friendshipping.

Audio Reading here

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A new shady company took Equestria by surprise. Hundreds of local apple farms were going out of business all over Equestria, unable to compete with unrealistically low prices.

The famed Apple family was no different. Their customers started buying less and less, the wealth dried up and the fights started as the family plunged into financial ruin.

Apple Bloom watches her family and life fall apart before her eyes. Argument after argument about selling the farm and having no place to go if they did.

Just as Applejack has done everything for her, Apple Bloom feels it's her turn to do something for Applejack; but what? There's no length she won't go to, to save her family, the farm and everything she holds dearly.

Editors: Pixel Pony, Twilight_Scratch and Pony of Lore.
Proofread by: Mayhew Cullen
Cover art by: Mayhew Cullen

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An intro song to the story, no it is not Children of the Night but just as foreboding.

Symphony of the Night Series
Book 1 - Book 2

My son, the day you were born the very forests of Equestria whispered the name. Dracula.

My child, I watched with pride as you grew into a weapon, of darkness.

We both have stared into the Abyss itself, and lived to tell the tale.

And I know when we meet on the field of battle that you will show no restraint when exercising your great power.

But the truest victory my son. Is stirring the hearts of your comrades.

I tell you this, for when my days have come to an end.

You shall be the Lord of Shadow.

This is not the Equestria you know. This is not one where friends and happiness filled the land with no sense of darkness. No sense of true dread and terror. For their must always be a darkness to face. Though there are great similarities, they are not the same.

This is an Equestria where it is engulfed in fantasy and magic. And that some legends are not always embodiments of good. In this book there lives two societies, the Children of the Day that would live peacefully and happily. But there lives deep within the Everfree Forest the secretive Children of the Night, ponies of darkness and mystery. This is a tale of shadows, tragedy and blood. Bonds will be broken and friendships will be tested, the beginning story of the Symphony of the Night Series.

Edited by: Senyu

Update: With Children of the Night finished I have a few one off adventures to read set in the same universe.

Children of the Night Epilogue - A Silent Dawn

Blood of the Dragon

Ties That Bind

Chapters (49)

This story is a sequel to Who Am I?

Octavia has a private performance for Princesses Celestia and Luna coming up. Unfortunately, her cello has seen better days, so she heads to the mall to buy a new one. Vinyl comes with her and insists that they go on a date, so they do, and Octavia decides to make this date very memorable for her D.J.

Chapters (1)

It's been three weeks since Octavia's smash hit, I am Octavia, and while the cellist's career is on a high note, that's about the only thing that is. Vinyl and Octavia are a complete wreck without each other, but repairing such damage to a relationship isn't easy, nor is it always possible. This is my answer (even though I know it's already been done here) to the question on everypony's mind:

Will Vinyl and Octavia be friends again?

NOTE: If you haven't listened to EileMonty's amazing song, do so before reading this.

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This story is a sequel to Shopping Trip

Pinkie Pie's hunger for all things genealogy has turned up a bit of an oddity. Perplexed, she sets out to to talk to the only pony who could possibly have the answers: Octavia Melody.
However, there's a reason that Octavia's family history is a big secret. It's a secret that has been guarded and hidden for a long time, and Octavia isn't about to reveal it to the loudest-mouthed pony in Equestria. She'll have to be quick on her hooves to keep Pinkie from finding out the truth but still managing to quench her curiosity.

NOTE: Like the actual episode, you will NOT be told for certain what the secret is. There are hints however.
Written for Equestria Daily's Writer's Training Ground #003

EDIT: Sequel story is now being written over here

Chapters (1)

Octavia Melody plays her daughter her favorite lullaby. She is asked about how it came to be, and she recites a tale of love, loss, life and hope as she plays the recording of a time long gone.

Cover art by me.
Edited and proofread by NightWolf289.
Preread by jeray2000 and mild hotsauce

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Vinyl's all but dropped out, but somehow she manages to hang on to a passing grade. Most of her motivation has to do with a certain Octavia, her best friend (inexplicably) and the fact that it's the best place to hang out with her. Vinyl loves seeing her at school and chilling while they do homeowork, but sometimes she just wants to hang out on her own terms, you know? Do something that's not, well, kinda lame. Or something. PBR isn't lame, right? Well, it is, but Vinyl is destitute and the convenience store down the street sells them at a bit for a pint... All's good that starts good. She's pretty sure that's how that goes.

Chapters (1)