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hi everybody i'm a brony i love mlp creepypastas stories but i also love groups that are in fimfiction

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Discord is under deep depression for betraying Equestria and his friends after helping Tirek. The anger from other ponies and a trial for his actions was too much for him as well, so he makes a decision to drown himself. However, Twilight and her friends try to save Discord from his depression, proving forgiveness is not only appropriate for him, but how treasuring life is without throwing it away...

Chapters (1)

Twilight Sparkle, even after discovering friendship and being elevated to The Princess of Friendship has still maintained her love and affinity toward books. At every opportunity she gets, when not interacting with friends or family, she has her muzzle in a book. It’s her comfort zone, she feels secure and happy.

But truly happy?

Fluttershy had friends before Twilight Sparkle came to Ponyville to oversee the Summer Sun Festival. In spite of these friends, she’d rather have stayed in her cottage surrounded by a plethora of woodland creatures than actually interact with her fellow ponies, even her friends, sometimes. Now after several years of the group becoming closer, Fluttershy had come out of her shell, at least most of the way. But she could still be insecure and to herself quite easily.

But does she really want to maintain that shield of isolation?

Now something happens to open their hearts to the next stage of friendship. And discovering that a close friend may be the answer to making their lives complete. Filling a void that neither acknowledged that was there. And they’ll have to admit to feelings they never let themselves acknowledge.

If these feelings are admitted, then there is an issue to overcome:

A fish my love a bird, but where would they build their home?

Chapters (9)

Being a teacher can be stressful some days, but Cheerilee has a unique way of de-stressing after a hard day of work...

Slightly related to my fic, A Couple of Secrets.

Contains diapers and ABDL themes. View at your own risk!

Cover art used with permission from skitterpone.

Chapters (1)

A crossover with The Ring.

Briefly pre-Read by TheBritishPony.

Edited by James Fire.

An extra special thank you to my ever supportive girlfriend, HPBudgecraft who did the cover art for this story.

Celestia and Luna watch a strange videotape that they receive as a gift. However, it all goes downhill after the phone rings and an ominous threat is given to them.

"You're going to die in seven days..."

Now under the curse of Sadako Yamamura, Princess Celestia, alongside Twilight Sparkle, must figure out how to stop the curse. To do so, they must look into who sent the videotape: a pony by the name of Samara.

Meanwhile, despite being told by Twilight that all will be fine and that she has a plan, Princess Luna finds herself being rapidly consumed with an ever growing fear of death. And with each passing day, she finds herself slowly descending into a deep depression.

The clock is now ticking for the curse to be stopped before Equestria loses its rulers, and inevitably more as the videotape continues to spread. Can it be stopped? Or will the curse of Sadako continue unopposed?

Chapters (3)

Applejack and Fluttershy are going out on a date to celebrate the anniversary of them being a couple. This surprises Twilight Sparkle greatly. Not because she can't believe it's already been a year since such a clearly important event in the life of two of her best friends, but by the fact that she didn't even know they were dating to begin with. How could she have missed that? Surely her other friends will have the answer, right?

Chapters (1)

Tomorrow is hearts and hooves day. Button Mash likes Sweetie Belle. Sweetie Belle likes Button Mash. Why won't he ask her out?

Luckily for the two young lovebirds, help is at hand.

Part of a series of short stories:
H&H - A Day In Canterlot - a sad story involving Spike
H&H - Triangle Diamond Circle Square - a fluffy slice of life

Chapters (4)

This story is a sequel to First Date

After Sweetie Belle and Button Mash became a couple, Diamond Tiara has been giving them a harder time than usual. Finally, when Sweetie finally confronts her on the matter, Diamond takes it as a challenge and makes a dare with her: if Sweetie Belle manages to win the upcoming talent show, Diamond will leave them alone. But, if Diamond wins, she gets Button to herself!

Will Button and the Crusaders get Sweetie to perform?

Celebrating 450+ followers!

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Everypony in Ponyville is happy, carefree, and content with their life on the whole... except one. Rarity harbors a dark, murderous secret. She is Equestria's only active serial killer. She has to balance her fashion life, her friends, and her murderous urges as best as she can. This is the story of her mind.

Edited wonderfully by Kaidan and Kagji5

Now with a Tumblr!

Now with a TVTropes Page!!!

Chapters (29)

Starlight spends a day in her old town, and her new friends plan a prank to break the ice. What better than something to laugh about to bring everyone closer together! Some pranks are funny, gentle, and become fond memories one day.

This is not one of those pranks.

Chapters (1)

Warning: Due to my "funny" sense of humor, this story will contain what will most likely be a lot of cringe moments. If that's not your thing then I just saved you from having to read this. Also, this story is pretty obviously a "Wish fulfillment" type of story too so just pass this story if that's not your thing either.

You've been warned. Do not continue with this story unless what I said above doesn't bother you.


It's usually every bronies dream to want to be a pony. 'Usually' anyway because most would probably decline.

In a world where Equestria and Earth made contact. What if out of nowhere the princesses showed up asking you if you wanted to become a pony with all the benefits of knowing how to do everything? Sounds too good to be true? Well it's all legit and for one brony, he'll have the best time of this life! And that's just on the first day! This is a story of a series of events that takes place on Day One.

Some things to note about this story (Please read these before reading either version)

Edit - I decided to unpublish the Trouble Shoes version of this story because... it's pretty bad.

Edit No.2 - Even though I said that I wasn't going to mention how Earth and Equestria made contact, or for how long and how they would know things. I might just go ahead and do that regardless at some point so readers can have an idea instead of being clueless.


-The main one is going to be Double Diamond while the Trouble Shoes version will be optional because both stories will have differences even if both are pretty much the same in a way concept wise. So you could pick which one you want to read or just read both for the differences.

-Straight to the point: This is a self-insert that includes scenarios of what I would do as Double Diamond and or Trouble Shoes.

-I'm intentionally making this story easy in a way XD The "benefits of knowing how to do everything?" makes it very obvious.

-Since this story is straight to the point. The plot is small in this one meaning that I won't get into how Equestria and the Earth made contact. (I'm making these two version more silly compared to serious after all)

-Since I see this story as one where Equestria and Earth had made contact already, I'm not sure if I should add the AU tag. If a bunch of people reads this story and tells me that I should then I'll go ahead. (This story takes place on March 7,2016) ... actually having the AU tag is perfect.

-This is in no way related at all to Thunderclap and Thunderlane Go Shopping , A Day in the Life of Lunar Night or any of the related sequels. This story is completely new.

-This story will take place in real time meaning on the day I start this story, will be the day everything in the story takes place.

-This story will be written in a different style compared to the other ones.

-This story will have it's gay moments for both versions. Maybe a lot. Yes, gay. In the end it might be too much for some. So if you don't like gay then you can easily skip these.

-Due to my crazy sense of humor, this story will have it's Wat , Random, and Suggestive moments. A LOT! of suggestive humor in both versions. More so in the Trouble Shoes version. So if that's not the type of stuff you want to be reading in stories then you can skip these.

-Since I have such a crazy/suggestive sense of humor. If any of you read the craziness in the story and didn't approve of it, just remember: It's for the most part what I would do as a pony.

-I truly hope I can keep this entire story as Teen/Sex ... but, with what I have planned it'll be very borderline.

Chapters (1)
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