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Waffles are Pinkie Pie's most favoritest of all breakfast food. They are perfect, perfect, according to her.

But... didn't she say that about Pancakes just last week?

Twilight investigates...

Preread by - the wonderful Nailah, and the hilarious Exalted Aussie

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Vegemite sandwiches :trollestia:

This was very fluffy just like waffles. I enjoyed helping with this, and am happy to see it up on Fimfiction.
Keep up the good work! <3

*Baps with pancakes repeatedly* I am everywhere.

I'm generally a waffle man myself.

How I'm off to eat some pancakes since I don't have any waffles. I actually forgot I had some in the freezer, and this story got me hungry.

“Eugh,” was all the mountain of blankets called Mount Twilight said, in an unenthusiastic groan.

I think a more accurate nickname would be Mount Bookworm, but otherwise then that, great job


That twist was amazing. :rainbowlaugh:

This was a sweet slice of life. I enjoyed it. A really clever way of introducing a mirror portal story.

I like croissants for breakfast.

Well, you DO come from a land down under.

(I wonder if it's called Thestralia in EqG world...)

Waffles for me. They're a stouter yet tasty platform to pile tasty things on. Like waffle-bacon-maple syrup sandwiches!

“When did Twilight the Sparkle abandon reason for madness ?” Pinkie retorted. Then, she tapped her chin thoughtfully. “Maybe the wings are finally restricting enough blood flow to…”

Don’t forget the longer neck. :rainbowlaugh:

Thestralia. :rainbowhuh:

Horsetralia. :rainbowderp:

Australlion. :rainbowlaugh:

Whichever's on my plate.

Okay, I was entertained because Pinkie swapping with Pinkie all the time is a personal headcanon. Did not see that twist coming, though! Unexpected and hilarious.

pancakes all the way.
But I am biased due to bad experiences with waffles just being disappointing.

Pancakes as usual Food.
Waffles are for special ocassions.

Ah, so you're a Waffle guy.

Would you like any Toast?:trollestia:

Waffles if you feel like being cheap. Pancakes if you’re willing to do them right. But if you’re not willing to put in either the work or money, and just want something tasty and easy, waffles are better.


M. Night Shyamalan could learn a thing or two from you...

Also...French Toast.


I'll just leave those two here:

Waffles are great, Even better if a Waffle Iron (or four) is involved in the baking thereof. Toaster Waffles are meant for Waffle emergencies.

There's a really good author (PonyJosiah) who writes stories about a crime-noir snoop pony called Phillip Finder who hails from Aushaylia. PonyJosiah does an (in my personal opinion) really good job with the accent, it is distinct without being overdone (but perhaps someone who actually lives down under might have a different opinion.



Why you guys talking about? What is this country you speak of? I've never heard of such a thing. People can't live upside down. It simply does not exist.

As to waffles vs. pancakes, It kind of depends on my mood, but as we don't have a waffle iron at our house, I don't get them very often so I'll go with pancakes. toaster waffles are VERY much brand dependent and you have to either toast them on a higher setting, stick them in a warm oven or something, or eat them the second they come out of the toaster lest they cool off too quickly like cheap french fries.


That's why it's bat country. They hang out upside down all the time!

It's also why we can't stay there. It's bat country.

I can't fit my tongue any further into my cheek. Please send help.

Hello there fellow Aussie.

Wanna do a maccas run before hitting up bunnings to get some bunnings snags mate?

Comment posted by sunset-starlight deleted Dec 30th, 2020

Hey i saw that XD

And no worries, there's enough to round for everyone; the boys and then some :twilightsmile:

If you have a good mix and a good sized waffle iron, waffles have the edge IMHO. Especially if you have whip cream and strawberries in syrup to put on top.

Fun story! One quibble: would Sci Twi think of the Friendship School as "her" school?

So Flash is dating all three? Kinky.

Keep your new ID pic: Santa Trixie is adorable.

So here's my question. Was it always Sci Twi filling in for Princess Twi in the story? Or did they switch at the beginning? I can't tell. Great story either way.

And in all fairness, I feel sci Twi could pull off filling in for Princess Twi. Given some coaching, and what she did here to make herself an alicorn, she could pull it off. And after doing it for some time, it just gets easier and easier.

For all their differences, Princess Twi and Sci share more in common than differences.

And as for Princess Twi? Either she makes herself up as her counterpart. Or she goes as herself, and the Rainbooms as a whole are in on the secret.

The correct breakfast food item is clearly baked potato cheese sliders with anchovies, mayonnaise, and a hard helping of frozen kale.

Silly. :raritywink:

Waffles. No contest.


And as for Princess Twi? Either she makes herself up as her counterpart. Or she goes as herself, and the Rainbooms as a whole are in on the secret.

The Rainbooms minus one Pinkie Pie, perhaps. :rainbowlaugh:


Fun story! One quibble: would Sci Twi think of the Friendship School as "her" school?

Did you really think the Princess Twilight would want to run a school? Yeah, never leave your double in charge of royal finances just because you wanna spend a month in Clopacabana with your boyfriend and girlfriend. :raritywink:

plz someone make a 180+ chapter version of this where the mane 13 (mlp+eqg) get into all sorts of shenanains that would just make 2020 ALMOST worth it

Pancakes, they are less of a hassle. 🥞

Waffles, sandwiched between pancakes. Sort of like a breakfast club sandwich, only with whipped cream, butter, and syrup instead of the lettuce, tomato, and mayo.

Don't be Silly.
Waffles go on the outside of such a sandwich. They are easier to grip and form a better barrier against over-saturation from Fats, and syrups.

Pancakes, most of the time but when I'm in Disney World Mickey Waffles!

This did not go the way I expected it to go. Nice!

A funny, fluffy, and waffelicious little story. :twilightsheepish::pinkiehappy:

Tacos. On Fridays.

Of the two, I prefer waffles, but I like crêpes better than either.

Waffles! Give me waffles! Give me NOW!!

Ahem...what was the question?

"Is anyone in this castle NOT from humanworld?"

Chicken and waffles. That is all.

Username checks out.

Are you sure about that mate?

What if I'm an... actor :trollestia:

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