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This story is a sequel to TARDIS Academy for Gifted Tots

● Summary:

The Doctor locks his mind in a Fob Watch, to live out the rest of his life as a regular joe. But his enemies have different plans. & unfortunately, so do his Allies. Now 200 years before Twilight's era, the Doctor believes he is a simple pony, the techie for the pervious wielders of Harmony. Together they are the Background 6 (introduced in Ch6). Will they ever learn the truth?

This is a Rewrite of "Episode 0" of "TARDIS Academy for gifted Tots".

"Chapter 3" is when the the chapters start to get more original.

Chapters (5)

For this week's O&O session, Discord brings the group to an AU, as kids. To save their version of Nightmare Pharynx. Unfortunately, after bonding with the Elements, Pony King Thorax refuses to let them return home.

Inspired By:

"A Change of Pace" by "Melody Song".


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Art Found Here:

I didn't commission it, or draw it, just stumbled on it, and was told the site doesn't mind. So long as I give credit, and link the original.

Ponies value aliens. When they see an alien, they want to be able to point & say, "That's an Alien, will you be my friend!" So we need a unique Avatar, yet still pony. Thankfully there were more then 3 tribes in the fandom

Changelings, Kirin, Hippogriffs, Seaponies, Vulponies, Clockworks.

Aliens of all sorts, transformed into different pony tribes.

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Unofficial Sequel to "If Wishes Were Ponies".

Official Sequel Up, by original Author.
"If Wishes Were Portals, Book 2".

I take some inspiration from:

"Magic School Days".

"Hazy Days and Magical Ways"

Art found at:

Through the blending of Science & Technology, The Great Sage Harry Potter, defeater of Voldemort and Master of Death, creates a next Gen portal. A device to visit any world, at any location, in the Multiverse. The Asgardians recognize the creation of a new bifrost as worthy of including Equus in interdimensional Politics.

The only problem is Odin expects not only the ponies, but all races of Equus, to bow to his law. Celestia isn't impressed, and continues exploring other dimensions despite Odin's warnings. Will they be able to come to a middle ground... or is Equus doomed to war with self proclaimed "gods".

Multi Xover.

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Decades after SAO, the world ended, but life went on. As kids were no longer being born, Age play became a popular way to cope. But now, humanity thinks they found a way to do more then survive. By permanently installing themselves into Virtual Reality.

OCs, Spanking, Yaoi, Anthro, Human, Furries, Ageplay, De-age, Diapers.

Inspired by:
" Friendship is Optimal" by "Iceman" on FimFiction.


Cover Art By:
My buddy "RandomMutationRomances"
Whom you can find


MLP, Pokemon, Mass Effect, Oasis, Ready Player One, Sword Art Online, SAO, Virtual Reality, VR, Game, Taur, Husky, Kobold, fox pony, hybrid, Gastly, Sodaroo, Asari, Young Fur, college, School, mentor, Cyber space, Babyfur, gay, Bi, yaoi, Spanking, Optimal Verse.

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This story is a sequel to Changeling Civil War

As the world around them grows and changes, so does Starlight and Sunburst relationship. A one shot of the early days for the "My Little Galaxy" fic universe.

I'm still working on "Changeling Civil War". This fic is more a "one-shot spin-off" then a proper sequel... but that's not an option during posting

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Found Here:

I didn't commission it, or draw it, just stumbled on it, and was told the site doesn't mind. So long as I give credit, and link the original.

The Borg realize they can't assimilate anything with "magic". So they decide to destroy those races instead. The Voyager finds various Refuge races & bring them back with them to the Alpha Quadrant... but is that really what the magicals want?

● Inspired by:

"A Pony's Day on Voyager" by "Jninja15"


Chapters (8)

A War between Reformed and Unreformed Changelings devolves into a Global War, as the other races are dragged into it. Reimagining of Season 8 and the MLP movie. No Friendship School, yet

Image and idea based on Brony Notions' hypothesis of a changeling civil war, found here:


Sadly this epic season never happened in the show. So I wrote my own version.

This is a spin of of my fic "TARDIS Academy"

Chapters (3)

Undergoing a Rewrite.

Long ago, magical life fled to a domed continent on the ocean floor. Ponies are Shifters (can change between their Equine, Anthro, or Human form). With the arrival of Harry Potter in their land, they learn humans are evolving into magic.

I got the idea for Atlantis and the shifting abilities from "If Wishes Were Ponies", found here:


They mostly use Atlantis as a joke but that gave me an idea. Hope you like it.

Art was found on Deviant and done by AviraTheStrange, found here:


Chapters (4)

The sequels listed in this fic, are actually the rewrites. As there was too much going on in this story. So I decided to give each set of characters their own fic

Please give these fics a chance, and enjoy.

Long Summary:
The world of Equus flourished after the Changeling Global War. Together the various races advanced quickly in Magic & Technology. Now entering the Space Age, Doctor Whooves sees a looming threat but can't interfere himself, so he gathers a new generation of heroes...

Doctor Whooves turns his TARDIS into a school to teach children, with odd manifestations of magical power, how to control their gifts. First he needs to get the school in order & recruit himself some students.

Only then can he be a responsible adult and take secondary school children adventures through time and space.

Among the student body is a young hybrid Thestral / Kitsune, the children of the Mane 6, Foals from the show, Brony reviewers, & Sentient Monster OCs.

They are gathered together, as a result of their strange powers, and taught control while receiving the best education in the Galaxy from none other then The 6 Pillars, Stygian, the Background 6, The all grown up Student 6, and a reformed Sombra, with Doctor Whooves as their headmaster.

• Spanking,
• Yaoi,
• Multi Xover

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• LtMajorDude

Side Stories - origins
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Side Stories - origins
Chapter 0 through Chapter 2 (All Parts)

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