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Unofficial Sequel to "If Wishes Were Ponies".

Official Sequel Up, by original Author.
"If Wishes Were Portals, Book 2".

I take some inspiration from:

"Magic School Days".

"Hazy Days and Magical Ways"

Art found at:

Through the blending of Science & Technology, The Great Sage Harry Potter, defeater of Voldemort and Master of Death, creates a next Gen portal. A device to visit any world, at any location, in the Multiverse. The Asgardians recognize the creation of a new bifrost as worthy of including Equus in interdimensional Politics.

The only problem is Odin expects not only the ponies, but all races of Equus, to bow to his law. Celestia isn't impressed, and continues exploring other dimensions despite Odin's warnings. Will they be able to come to a middle ground... or is Equus doomed to war with self proclaimed "gods".

Multi Xover.

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Umm...wow! Not at all what I was hoping for in a sequel. I don't think I will be following this one. I was hoping for a direct continuation of the previous one. This one is just too big a timeskip and massively misuses Discord.

I might have considered if it didn't have anthro.
I agree with the other person.
no offense to you though.

So, what happened to all of the Australian Aborigines?

That's a good question.
I could say they were given a few million and helped to settle elsewhere... like everyone else.
Or I could say they were naturally magical, or that Elly used the stone to give them greater magics.
Or Elly was just kind and gave them back there territory and let them stay, despite being muggles...
Or maybe, because they weren't living in cities, Elly missed them entirely and they just continue to roam the continent, but are now surrounded by magic. Each magical nation would have their own laws regarding them.

I will have to think about it.
Any ideas?

i like this. the time skip is going to help this to be more a stand alone story.
i am vary happy to see you are staying to the first story and using that story line.
i will be watching for new chapters closely.

You have no idea how happy I am to hear that.
That is exactly why I had a time skip, too not interfere with the original author's plans for sequels.

And, due to the Crystals powering each individual house, there was no longer a need to hookup buildings to miles of wires and cords. They were now running on their own, due to the Crystals. All houses were self contained. This might be of great convenience to the big cities in first world countries... but it was a bloody godsend to the third world nations.

Let me see if I got this story straight, humans build clean efficient power stations, they charge the heck out of all the other humans in monthly fees, and they have put those wonder houses on the market for the rich people to buy them. The capitalism is amazing isn't it?

Actually no,
Power stations no longer exist.
Now each individual house is directly powered by it's own crystal.
Which last for 3 months until it needs to be replaced.
However, due to the sheer amount of Crystals the ponies are importing, and the fact they are trading it for Aluminum, this Crystals are cheaper then the cost of water.
With Water plants also becoming non existent, as houses now have large tanks of water connected directly under the appropriate room. Which vanishes all waste and keeps the water clean forever.

This type of social fantasy that you are proposing is never going to happen in real life. But if you are saying it did then it did.

I know but neither would self contained houses. Xp

Is my fantasy Goramit!!!

(Pardon my silliness)

this story is looking really good.
i am vary impressed in how this is going.

Thank you,
Here's hoping none of my weird ideas infect it like some of my other fics Xp

These were changelings, though they were considered only partially "reformed"... which royally pissed off Harry.

Eh, I guess. He's friends with a werewolf, it's not like they are dangerous vampires.

So either contraceptive spells don't work on changelings or someone was being really irresponsible back in school. Sounds like Twilight should consider herself lucky she was ONLY a grandmother to 12 while Harry was still in school. ...Unless we just haven't gotten to the rest of that backstory yet...

The original author of "If Wishes Were Ponies" said, in an author's note, that changeling detection only works with transformed lings. And since the human form is a natural state, they can't be detected. So the school wouldn't have known about Elly until she made a mistake.

My story expands on that, while going into more detail about why Elly had so many of her changeling abilities (like still surviving on love and being able to put it into jars despite ponies becoming omnivores while human).

In my version, Elly ascended into a Queen after being exposed to the love attack that forced all the changelings out of Canterlot. She was exposed to high doses of love, while already having the potential to become a queen. This is why the link severed for her. She just assumed it meant Chrysalis was dead. She was already a queen before the story started, she just didn't know that, and hadn't entered puberty.

Nowadays, Elly exposes all, who show the potential, to high doses of love (by sharing it), once they are old enough to start Hogwarts. Then, as the link is severed as a side effect (with all but their broodmates), the newly ascended Queen is sent to formal schooling. Not only so they can find a mate, but so that they can learn magic. As they no longer have the link to rely on for buckets of knowledge.

Young changeling Queens are welcome with open arms at Hogwarts (now in wizard country), due to being as well respected by the wizards as veela. Changelings are publicly known and courted by every wizard that likes the idea of ruling over a Kingdom. So Changeling Queens can afford to be picky with their suitors.

Ok, like the world building there, really. But what an epic way to miss the joke.

I will just pretend that when ponies have human children they are in the human body.

I wasn't planning on writing that part, anyway.
So go ahead Xp

:facehoof: I want to call this chapter stupid. Not because of your writing or anything, but because this is a VERY government thing to do.

"Oh hey, we might finally have an excuse to stop lying to our people about a giant secret, should we?"

"Nah, let's lie MORE!"

Seriously, the Statute of Secrecy was always a house of cards just waiting for human technology to finally break even with magic, but now the muggle worlds AND Equestria are VOLUNTARILY complicit in the deception (muggle leaders were complicit before, but that was due to coercion). Quite honestly this band-aid should have been ripped off after Fudge and co tried to attack the Prime Minister. MAYBE there'll come a time when revealing it won't matter as much, but honestly, looking back on history, the sooner the truth comes out the quicker the world can work towards making a world with magic and interdimensional ponies the new normal.

Will this story be as long as the previous story?

Probably no, that thing was huge.
Though it will be big enough to be a nice sized novel

This comment made me smile.
And Gave me a few ideas about some nice fluff and lore to add to the plot

a really good flash back.

And still waiting for Asgard. There is a theory that MCU and Harry Potter are on the same Earth 616. If that's the case no one ever bothers with the statute of secrecy in America.

The first act is rather short, but it's still a full act.
It focuses on the lives of Harry and his herd,
As well as what has happened since "If Wishes Were Ponies".
Like how the original story took a while before the Crusaders joined Harry on Earth

Midgard IS in the same dimension as Earth, but is a different planet (with a reason there is so many similarities to Earth, that I will get into later). While Asgard is in another dimension.

um does this have the endorsement of tkepner? if not you might want to put in a disclaimer that this is not CANON to his work

It is marked as an "Unofficial Sequel" in the short description

Just read all chapters so far. Really enjoying this story. Looking forward to reading more.


Probably a good idea to change "Sequel" to "Unofficial Sequel" at the beginning of the long description too. It's not a good idea to assume people will arrive through a route that lets them see the short description.

OK, by paragraph 4, I'd gotten a pretty strong feeling that this wasn't the story for me, but I'll leave a little feedback, as someone who wanted to like it based on the concept.

Harry groaned as he banged his head on the panel above him. On accident of course, he had grown clumsy with his human form but he needed the use of fingers.

You'll want to change this "on accident" to "by accident". "On accident" is an infamous example of bad grammar like "irregardless" and makes a very poor first impression. Also, you've got a comma splice there. "By Accident of course." and "He had grown..." are independent sentences.

"By accident of course. He had grown..."


It's generally a bad idea to cook up new terminology in fanfiction if you can avoid it. It diminishes the connection to the canon feel and builds a sense that the feel of the story isn't "A Harry Potter story with MLP elements" or "An MLP story with Harry Potter elements" but, instead, "An amateur original work with MLP and HP elements"... and that's the hardest combination to be successful with.

That's especially true here, where your shifters seem to be animagi in everything but name.

So Ponies, while in human form, had smoother skin then humans'

As someone who came in expecting to read a My Little Pony or Harry Potter story, this feels needless and excessive to me and adds to that sense of "this author is more interested in going wild with their world-building for their semi-original work than in expanding on the feel of what I love".

Anyway, I hope this feedback helps with your next work. TTYL.

My stories aren't for everyone, they can get weird lol, but thank you for giving it a chance

Celestia: Hello Grandmother.
Loki: Grandmother? Wait, are you saying...
Celestia: That Sleipnir is our father? Indeed.

so Harry is kind of working on a Bifrost ,, this is going to change things up a bit.

I would have pegged Pinkie. Loki as Granny Pie makes so much sense.

theres already a story on fimfiction that uses that premise

:derpyderp1:An update what a pleasant surprise

Yeah, sorry, I know.
This chapter was hard to write...
Mostly cus the original writer used none of my ideas, and in fact directly contracted many of them...
Was kinda disheartening.

But I do want to continue what I started, even if the original writer doesn't seem to like it.

Maybe take some of my own inspiration from "Magic School Days" and not be so bound by "If Wishes Were Ponies" lore. As this story has already been made as non-canon as possible.

Go for it wright what you want to write:coolphoto: make the magics

Heh, not the first 'Loki is Pinkie's grandma' Twist I've seen, but probably the first to make Celestia and Discord(and Luna for that matter) her siblings too.

You and fetch gave me the idea for that.

hum i wonder were this is leading?

Which meant the ice caps, after the ponies repaired the damage (to the oceans, air, and ozone layer), were no longer in danger of melting.

Hate to break it to you, but the ice caps are going to melt. It's just part of the Earth's cyclical temperature fluctuations, aka global warming and global cooling. The fact that there are ice caps at all just means that technically the Earth is still in an ice age. It's just on the tail end of one. Global Warming as you and so many others have been led to believe in it is a lie.

Sorry, I know it has nothing to do with your story. Reading that just...got to me.

So, is this dead? It seems to have been pulled.

As I said in my blog post,

I'm rewriting it

10549812 Say, why is your story not on my list? I put you on a Follow list but it did not show up and at first it could not find it when I clicked on it.

I temporarily revoked the Submission, as I was going a minor rewrite.

However, it should be back up now that I have reposted it.

I would suggest you go back and reread the whole thing. There might be few changes, but they greatly change the story.

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