Resistance is Magic

by ColtKit Productions

Ch4: Domestics

"Sooooooooo, that's what let you survive the sealing?" Minuette studied the small seal on the teen's neck.

Kabuto kept up his pleasant grin, as the pony poked and prodded his bare torso. Though he had doubts the "Time Ponies" understanding of seals, and interdimensional physics, could really be so far ahead of the Shinobi.

The boy was currently sitting on a table. Not even a cold metal slab, but rather a nicely padded, Doctor's office, table. As if he was a mere child, getting a check up.

Granted, the ponies had superior knowledge, in regards to the application of chakra and "extension charms", but Shinobi's knowledge of seals and combat based Jutsus had vastly dwarfed anything the ponies had. The other races were almost a joke, in their understanding of any form of Chakra manipulation. It was unlikely a "Sub" species of pony would have developed a greater understanding then any of them.

"I see." The blue Time Mare tilted her head, squinting her eyes, as her horn glowed. A telltale sign she was accessing her Chakra.... and a tactical disadvantage. It would be impossible for ponies to sneak up on anyone (or rather "any creature", as the ponies say), while using their magic.

She gently touched the seal on his neck. "This seal enhances your powers, while allowing the leech demon to inhabit your body. Typically, being a leech demon, that would result in your form slowly decaying. Even with the seal. However, the additional seal added," She looked at Kabuto's exposed stomach. "Which was designed specifically to contain a demon.

"Normally this seal, on your tummy, would need to be placed on an extremely young host, or it would have killed both of you. However, it works in connection with the seal on your neck."

She looked at Kabuto, "The demon didn't 'let you live' due to you being a 'worthy host'. It was a complete fluke of the magic generated by these two seals, interacting in an unexpected way.

"I imagine, given how much this demon means to your clan, I should design a more efficent seal. One specifically designed to contain the demon in a viable host, for as long as they would naturally live... Would that be acceptable?"

Kabuto kept up his smile, though he doubted the creature could accomplish that... or was doing any more then talking out of her ass. "That won't be-"

"Not you," she shook her head, "I'm talking to your master. A side effect of these two seals, is that they wouldn't fully contain the demon. He has a lot more control of you, then you like to admit in public. Given how your clan views the demon as a god, I'll be sure to maintain equal control between host and magical construct."

Kabuto's eyes turned yellow. His round pupils turned into slits... and Orochimaru spoke with his voice. "I see you aren't as incompetent as my host suspected," the leech demon smiled.

Kabuto assumed the god was about to kill the pony, to protect their secret... but the pony seemed so nonchalant. She just shrugged her shoulders. "So would you like me to start working on a better seal?"

Orochimaru frowned, the pony wasn't scared of him. Could she possibly be powerful enough to pose a threat?... or was it she didn't view him as one.

"I don't exactly approve of sealing any sentient creature," The mare waved off. "But seeing as you literally can't survive without a host, its best to insure you can safely co-exist. With how your clan reacts to the mere mention of your name. I can assume any of them would be honored to be your next host."

"Kabuto is a decent enough body, for now." Orochimaru spoke truthfully. "Though I would prefer if I could do more then move his lips."

She raised an eyebrow, "You have full control of his body. Though for a limited time. I can try to extend that time period, if that's what you mean."

Orochimaru smiled, "That would be much appreciated. I can't exactly help my clan, with the measly few minutes I have now. Not to mention, it takes a toll on my host."

Minuette nodded, "I can see that. I'll begin work right away. You should have 50 / 50 levels of control, once I'm done, and needn't fear of exhausting your host. Outside of any typical strain, from physical or magical activities."

"I'd appreciate that." Orochimaru crawled back into the darkest corner of his host mind.

Kabuto, once he had control again, quickly lurched forward, and emptied his stomach. His body was shaking, and he had a killer headache.

"That shouldn't happen anymore." She vanished the mess. "After I get the seal working properly. Let me take some more scans, and call a few experts. You should be more easily co-existing with each other, soon enough."


Naruto looked out the window, to spy the swirling space dust. He was currently sitting in one of the lounges, along the hall of the Cargo bay. Just admiring the view as he waited for his always late Sensei.

"Honorable grandson?"

Naruto could guess, long before he looked, thet that voice didn't belong to a Shinobi. No Shinobi spoke that title towards the "Demon Brat", without a good deal of resentment in their voice.

Sure enough it was an orange Pegasus filly... wearing far too little clothing. She had on a light blue tank top... that cut off at her abdomen. Then a pair of red short shorts.... So tight that Naruto could easily tell she wasn't wearing any underwear.

Most of the other species weren't used to wearing clothing all the time. So they didn't have a good deal of fashion sense. They only complied, because they learned the Federation Terrans wear clothes 26 hours a day, and they liked to copy their saviors... still, most of them wore the bare minimum of clothing, to help prevent matts in their fur.

They also didn't seem to understand the point of shirts. As their nipples were on their tummy, not their chest. Naruto was just blushing, staring at them. They weren't like human boobs, definitely more like an animals, but it is the principle of the matter. He shouldn't be able to see those.

'Hello!" The filly waved her hand in front of Naruto's face.

The boy blushed, "Y-yeah?"

"Oh good." She sighed with relief. "You spaced out there a moment. I would hate to tell the Hokage I broke his ward."

Naruto gave another blink, studying the filly's mane and coat colors. He'd seen her around, but they never talked before. Naruto didn't pay that much attention to civilians. The Shinobi species hadn't had Civilians, not since the world got blown up... so he didn't really know how to talk to them.

"Can I help you with something?" Naruto tried to be polite... but his tone failed miserably. Old man Hokage was going to have words if this got back to him.

The Shinobi might not respect Naruto, but the other races saw him as a young Prince. Given he was the ward to his people's leader.

"No need to be like that," the filly smirked. Before sitting at his table, without being prompted... or asking. "I was hoping to get some pointers, and your the only Shinobi around."

"Eh?" Naruto grew more confused by the second. "Pointers?"

Scootaloo rolled her eyes, "For your weird hand spells. I signed up with the Guard, last week, but my Sensei is a pony, and doesn't know anything, outside the Shadow clone Jutsu. I'm learning right beside her, but we are both struggling, and my Magic reserves aren't big enough to have a lot of clones practicing the spells, errr Jutsus, and going to school. My Aunt only let me in the guard, if my grades didn't drop."

"Aunt?" Naruto blinked, again. For some reason his mind focusing on that... probably because it's the last thing she said, after giving her entire life story.

The filly rolled her eyes, "That's what my other mom likes to be called."

Naruto blushed, as he remembered ponies had a huge female population. So it wasn't that uncommon for multiple mares to share the same husband... or even group together without a husband.

The ponies had some kind of "potion", that could impregnate a mare, with a drop of another mare's blood. So Naruto assumed that is how this filly was born... boys were pretty rare, for ponies, so they had come up with this potion as to make that a moot point. This meant the boys wouldn't have as much pressure on them to have as many children as possible, in order to preserve the species... so they were no longer sex slaves. Which appeared to be how herds operated a thousand years ago, and why so few Stallions were willing to join a herd now.

Naruto shook his head, and tried to think about what she was actually asking. Sounded like she needed someone to train with. Naruto smiled, always up for some training, "I wouldn't mind practicing with you."

"Great!" she hopped out of the chair.

"Come by the Hokage Tower, after I get off work."

The filly froze, "Work?"

"Well yeah." Naruto shrugged, "My shift is in like 10 minutes, I'm just waiting for my teammates."

The filly visibly deflated, "I was hoping we could train now..."

"Sorry, busy... though my Sensei is usually late, so we could go over some hand seals, now... just can't use them this close to the hall."

The filly nodded, sitting back down, this time right next to Naruto. The boy started showing her a few scrolls (that the old man wouldn't mind him sharing), and walking her through the hand seals.


Sunburst smiled, as he was working along side the Federation Engineers, and the various pony teams (and a few minotaurs, as they actually had a better understanding of engineering then most races of Equus). They were installing the new Magic based Warp Engine. They still hadn't come up with a fitting name for it, although a few had just come to refer to it as the "Magical Warp Engine"... which was a bit on the nose.

Lieutenant Torres, the chief engineer, was at the console beside him, overseeing the installation. She might not have magic (and Sunburst still wasn't sure how that was possible) but she was able to grasp the theories well. Magic was only possible through science, after all.

The various species of Equus, might never have evolved past archaic terminology, but they had a better understanding of magical theory, then even the Shinobi. Which the Shinobi certainly weren't lacking. They had just focused on combat and healing. They also had a fairly decent understanding of seals. Though they hadn't developed into any other magical crafts, not even Runes. Which were closely related to seals, but a more advanced form of the science.

But that's beside the point... what was his point? He shook his head. He tended to ramble a lot, and get distracted easily, especially while tinkering with techno magic. It actually helped him zone out, and have his body do what it needed, automaticlly.

Sunburst had, ironically, flunked out of magic school... but not for his knowledge. He was considered the most well studied wizard of his age... now anyway, but his actual magical power was laughable. He could barely preform levitation spells, the most basic of all unicorn powers...

Yet he had been, finally, recognized for his knowledge... and even declared the head wizard of their new council of creatures. With a team under him, of dozens of other races (the most well studied mages of their species)...

Truthfully, none of them had a lot of power. Those with "Higher Chakra reserves" tended to join one of the new factions of the guard. Becoming field specialist, where Sunburst's job was more theory and invention. Application of those inventions, was to be the guard's responsibility.

"Buck Sunburst," Starlight grinned at him. "I can't believe you built this!"

"Excuse me!" Doctor Whooves glared, from his place under the engine. He angrily spat out the wrench in his mouth, though was still holding the space tool, of the Federation, in his hands. "I was the lead scientist on this little endeavor."

"Yes, but Sunburst was the lead enchanter," Starlight smiled. Then added, "And Miss Torres was the lead engineer. Then you each had a team of 20, helping you. I understand it was a joint effort," she assured... more because she was getting a lot of glares, and felt she was supposed to. "But that doesn't mean I can't praise my friend for his part in it."

Whooves continued to scowl at her, suspicious, and although he didn't believe her to be sincere, he decided to just get back to work. Putting the wrench back into his muzzle, he slid under the engine once again.

Sunburst sweat dropped. Particularly at Starlight's sigh of relief. As if she had just passed some test, which she clearly just failed. Sunburst loved his oldest friend... but she really was terrible at social interactions.

"Starlight," Sunburst called. "Although I appreciate the morale support. We are kinda busy right now. This is going to take us a good few weeks.... and it's delicate work."

Starlight's ears pinned, "Right... yeah, I'll just...I'll get out of your manes." she slumped, and trotted out of the Engineering room.

Sunburst felt like glue, but he couldn't have Starlight frustrating the teams. Not when they were working on something so delicate... he'd make it up to her...