• Published 21st Oct 2019
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A Pony's Day on Voyager - Jninja15

A slice of life of the Main 6 living aboard the Starship Voyager.

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1 - Twilight Sparkle

Princess Twilight Sparkle was sitting in her chair at the Golden Oaks Library deeply engrossed in her latest book, Six of Crows.

She was getting deeply invested in the story. The main characters had jumped down a well to escape capture and were now being carried by the current of a hidden underground river, they were all struggling to keep their breath as they were being thrashed about by the current, and when it seemed that Kaz was on his final breath- “Seven of Nine to Twilight Sparkle, please report to astrometrics.”

Twilight nearly jumped out of her seat, almost dropping her book and losing her place. She took a deep breath, relaxed, and responded to the voice, tapping a communications badge on her right breast.

“Acknowledged,” she says as she got up from her seat, bookmarked her place and put the book in a bookshelf.

“Computer,” she says aloud as she walked towards the door. “End program.”

The Golden Oaks Library faded away, revealing a plain empty room with light gray walls and floor, one wall on the opposite side of the room from the door had the appearance of thin metal scaffolding.

Once the library faded away, the Holodeck doors opened, and several of the books that were on the shelves that were not holographic, and thus did not fade away with the rest of the library, no longer had a shelf to hold them up, and so fell to the ground, making a collective and loud thud. Twilight yelped then lamented that she yet again forgot the fact that she brought a few of her own books with her to read during her time on the Holodeck, and now she has to clean up her mess.

Twilight tapped her comm badge, “Twilight Sparkle to Seven of Nine... I’m going to be a little late.” and she proceeded to pick up the fallen books.

Twilight was sprinting down the halls of deck 11 on the starship Voyager, her quarters were there while astrometrics was on deck 8. Maybe if she ran fast enough to the turbolift, she would be able to make it to astrometrics before Seven of Nine was likely to get impatient and call her on her comm badge for the fourth time in ten minutes.

As Twilight ran, she passed by Rainbow Dash’s quarters, who barely opened her door just as Twilight ran by. Rainbow finished zipping up her gold-yellow Starfleet officer’s uniform and caught up to Twilight, dressed in a blue variant of a Starfleet uniform. Rainbow appeared to be keeping up at a leisurely pace while Twilight seemed to be struggling to go as fast as she can.

“Hey, Twi. Where’s the fire?” Rainbow said casually.

Twilight, however, didn’t sound so casual, “No fire, Rainbow. *huff* Just trying not to keep Seven of Nine waiting in astrometrics for too long.”

Rainbow Dash grimaced. “That woman. I don’t like her. She’s all about efficiency and stuff. She’s no fun.”

Twilight sighed and rolled her eyes, but you wouldn’t be able to hear her sigh over all her huffing and puffing from her running so hard.

Soon after, they reached the turbolift. Rainbow stood in front of the doors, casually stretching, while Twilight was hunched over gasping for breath as she waited for the turbolift to arrive.

When Twilight caught her breath, she straightened up and said to Rainbow, continuing their conversation from earlier, “Seven WAS Borg, remember? Do you remember what they told us about the Borg?”

“Yeah, yeah. They’re evil genocidal psychopaths that want the whole universe to be just like them.”

Twilight gave a tired glare, “No. They’re a collective of cybernetically enhanced beings that want to assimilate everything with the ultimate goal of attaining perfection.”

“So... They’re not evil?”

Twilight rolls her eyes. “Not everything is as clear cut between good and evil as it was back home. But yes, they are pretty much evil.”

“So, does that make Seven of Nine evil?”

“No, that makes her reformed now. Starlight Glimmer and Sunset Shimmer used to be evil.”

“Yeah, but we didn’t do the butt whooping that made Seven good.”

Twilight face-palms and groans aloud as the turbolift doors open, revealing a dark-skinned man with pointed ears and sharp eyebrows that make him look like he’s always scowling, standing inside.

“Lieutenant Commander Tuvok!” Twilight yelped as she stood straight and placed her right hand at her forehead in a salute. Rainbow repeated the gesture without panicking.

Tuvok quirked an eyebrow at the display of 21st century Earth military attention.

“At ease,” he said, showing Vulcans’ usual lack of emotion, despite him being curious as to why the two of them saluted him in such a way. Twilight and Rainbow Dash returned to a relaxed position.

“Miss Dash,” he said, “I came here to inform you that the captain has accepted your request for an assignment on the bridge.”

Rainbow’s eyes widen, and she holds her hands up to her face, her knuckles barely touching her lips. “Really? The bridge?” she squeals. “Will I be piloting the ship?”

Tuvok quirks an eyebrow again. “That, I am unaware of. The captain merely stated that she accepted your request for an assignment on the bridge.”

“Well then, best not to keep the captain waiting,” Rainbow says as she leaps past Tuvok into the turbolift, waiting patiently for Twilight to enter so, she can get on her way to the bridge.

Tuvok then moves out of the way to allow Twilight onto the turbolift and follows her in.

The turbolift doors closed, and Rainbow Dash requested the lift to go towards the bridge, while Twilight asked for deck 8. When they reached deck 8, Twilight bolted out of the turbolift and made a mad dash for the astrometrics lab.

Seven of Nine was standing at a console in the astrometrics lab analysing a unique cluster of six stars that appear to be in perfect synchronous orbit around a nonexistent body at a distance of 2 light-years from the center when Twilight enters the room panting and gasping for breath, looking about ready to collapse at any moment.

“What do you *gasp* need, Seven?”

Seven turns to see Twilight holding herself up against the door frame of the astrometrics lab as her upper body moved up in down in broad movements in sync with her breathing. Seven replied to Twilight in a neutral tone, not unlike how the Vulcan commander Tuvok would talk, “You asked me that I inform you whenever we encounter a star from your list of favorite constellations back on your homeworld.”

“Yes?” Twilight said, lifting her head to look at Seven.

Seven of Nine turned around back to the console, “I have found constellation number 1.”

Twilight tilted her head, her eyes lighting up, “Which star?”

Seven turned her head to glance at Twilight through the corner of her eye, “All of them.”

Suddenly, Twilight’s fatigue seemed to have disappeared as she walked up next to Seven of Nine, staring in awe at the display showing the data analysis of her favorite constellation, The Harmony Cluster, though labeled 389241 through 389246 on-screen. She could see the six stars forming a perfect circle. The computer showed a projection of each of the stars’ orbits, creating a perfect circle, the paths overlapping each other without deviation as the projection continued.

“Why didn’t you tell me about this earlier?”

“I beg your pardon?” Seven said, maintaining her neutral tone but with a hint of confusion, “I only found this approximately ten minutes ago.”

“No, I mean the other four times you called me. Why did you have to call me so many times, making me think that you were getting impatient?”

“I apologize if I gave you that impression. The Doctor has been giving me social lessons, most recently on giving others surprises. I thought I would surprise you with this and not ‘spoil’ it before you arrived. I did not know that you would overexert yourself to get here.”

Twilight winced, embarrassed by her reaction to Seven of Nine's surprise, Pinkie Pie has given much worse surprises before. “Well, I’m glad to see that The Doctor’s lessons aren’t going to waste.”

Seven’s eyes glanced at Twilight, and her face broke into a small, almost unnoticeable smile as they continued to analyze the star cluster/constellation.