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Art Found Here:

I didn't commission it, or draw it, just stumbled on it, and was told the site doesn't mind. So long as I give credit, and link the original.

Ponies value aliens. When they see an alien, they want to be able to point & say, "That's an Alien, will you be my friend!" So we need a unique Avatar, yet still pony. Thankfully there were more then 3 tribes in the fandom

Changelings, Kirin, Hippogriffs, Seaponies, Vulponies, Clockworks.

Aliens of all sorts, transformed into different pony tribes.

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Aww, this was a nice story! The end gave me the warm fuzzies

Thank you!
I had a lot of fun writing this one shot.
I'm glad you enjoyed it to.

This was a rather enjoyable read. Well done!

As existential horror involving eldritch digital abominations, this was quite sweet and happy. Hooray for not being grey gooed into computronium. :)

I wish there were more stories involving aliens and how they deal with the plague we unleashed.

I am a little shocked, myself, more author's don't write stories about aliens in the Optimal Verse. Most of them that mention aliens, just talk about how eager the ponies are to meet them, but don't actually talk about the aliens themselves.

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Actually 51 Pegasi is only 50 light-years away, and is a Sol like star, with planets orbiting it. Scientists speculate they could meet the circumstances to sustain life (mind you that could be them just being overly optimistic)

However, Europa, an ice moon orbiting Jupiter, is speculated to have the potential to support life, and that's in our own solar system. It's not even the only one. As Mars was believed to have once contained life, and Venus has the potential to support it, with the right level of Terraforming. If you include our Earth, that's 4 known worlds, in our very solar system, that holds such potential.

Worlds where life can evolve are a lot more common then people realize.

This could be due to the multiverse theory. In which black holes have the potential, if they absorb enough matter and energy, to punch a hole through our universe, and create another. This is speculated to be the universes version of reproduction. With the circumstances to create black holes becoming more common with each new universe, as a result of evolution (on a cosmic level). The circumstances needed to create black holes are, by sheer accident, more likely to produce life. And our universe has the potential for quite a few stars to become black holes.

This could, hypothetically, mean there are quite a few worlds in our universe, which sustain life.

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If you have any desire to write more in FiO, please do. not enough of this setting exists yet.

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