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"Sister, harsh fervours of our labor doth make us sweat! The zeal of an unholy tyrant would we need to continue, but, ne'er shall we allow it, for thy subjects we love all too much," she openly lamented. With an unsteady hoof, she attempted to assuage her irritated brow. "Thou wouldst leave us here, broken-hearted, damn'd departed, whilst fleeing our sacred bounds all the same. Or should we say 'ye', as 'twould seem none are here for me."

A retelling of Luna and Celestia's tragic schism, told in most archaic ways. I gave it my best, honestly.

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Twilight and Rainbow sit down at a nice restaurant one night, and have a bit of trouble with dessert.

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Rainbow has missed a meeting of Twilight's book club, and the alicorn wants to know why. The answer may come as a bit of a shock to her.

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Cover art by Stinkehund on deviantart.

Fluttershy goes into town to search for a few things on one uneventful, snowy day. She makes some tea, steals some time away for herself, and ponders over a bit of it spent in Ponyville.

Editor: LightningBass94
Prereaders: Matdat, Fluttershy4242, NarwhalUnicorn, Crelyous

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Cover art by v-invidia on deviantart

Twilight left for an official trip with Princess Celestia, leaving Rainbow Dash at home, utterly heartbroken. She said she would be gone for a full month, and all that she left for her pegasus was a magical stone, tied to the end of short, golden chain. It is an amethyst pendant, created specifically for her use, and its spell can only be used when the time is right.

Sex tag: Implied only (nothing explicit)
I'd like to thank my "family" for helping me with this. (below)
Editor: LightningBass94
Proofers:Bassline and Melody, Twidashforever
Prereaders:SolongStarbird, Timelord358, deli73, FrozenInTime, Tidal

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Discord behaves very strangely when the 1st of April rolls around.

Began writing this story at 3:23 a.m. on April 1st, 2014. Finished writing at 5:33 a.m. the same morning.
Submitted at 5:40ish.

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-St. Patrick's Day Special-

Lesson learned: Accents are hard to write.

It took nearly a full day of convincing from her sister for Luna to even think about attending this year's 'Casks and Clovers Day' celebration in Ponyville. She was absolutely certain that it would not be the same as it was centuries ago, and she might even be pleasantly surprised to find out she's wrong. A friendly stranger shows her the right way to have fun.

Thanks to my friend, LightningBass94, you can find out what happened between Twilight and Rainbow afterward.

Luna Is The Best Pony Contest Entry -Dropped Out-

Proofreader/Editor : LightningBass94

To my prereaders, thank you very much! :twilightsmile:

If I missed someone, let me know. :pinkiesmile:

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As a queen, I never once considered the thought that I would have the authority to facilitate a true marriage. But, for this pony I have found, I have become her last desperate hope.

Her soon-to-be wife is dying... and this is her final wish.

I will gladly oblige.

Everfree Northwest Contest Entry

This is a tie-In story to my other contest story Our Voices Carry Through The Hills, though this story can stand on its own.

WARNING: If you are reading the other story, this one contains spoilers! Read at your own risk!

Enjoy! :twilightsmile:

Thanks to LightningBass94 for prereading!

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