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Cover art by Stinkehund on deviantart.

Fluttershy goes into town to search for a few things on one uneventful, snowy day. She makes some tea, steals some time away for herself, and ponders over a bit of it spent in Ponyville.

Editor: LightningBass94
Prereaders: Matdat, Fluttershy4242, NarwhalUnicorn, Crelyous

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this made me smile.

4290486 Hearing you say that makes me smile. :rainbowkiss: ooohh... cheesy moment!

Them be some shnazzy horse words, bro. :derpytongue2:

I was sad when I saw this was labeled as complete. You should totally continue! :rainbowkiss: You could even make it a RarityShy fic if you wanted to, but it wold be good just kept as slice of life too. :twilightsmile::heart:

I loved seeing the third best adorable shy pony we all know and love reflect on her life.
Avacyn approves! :twistnerd:

I have a surprise for you, my friend. :raritywink:

4290837 It's funny that you mention that. I was actually thinking about something very similar. :twilightsmile:

4291132 I'm glad. :pinkiesmile: What's the cyn part? :rainbowhuh:

4291781 I know right? Glad you liked it too. :ajsmug:

4292052 Yay! :rainbowkiss::heart:

Did you like the reading I did? :duck:

4292052 It's kiiiiiinda technically my full name. I have no idea why I wrote it, because I HATE when people call me that. For all intents an purposes, my legal name is Ava.

4292439 Oh. Sorry I asked. :fluttershysad:

4293477don't be sorry, it was just a question. :twilightsmile:

4294452 I know, I just... didn't know. :fluttershyouch:

"I was such a scaredy-pony..." she muttered; her

Her what?

Loved it btw >faves<

No other words but simple.:yay:

Very nicely written ...tho the tea fanatic in me wonders what's in her cup....

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