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Rainbow has missed a meeting of Twilight's book club, and the alicorn wants to know why. The answer may come as a bit of a shock to her.

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That got me to laugh. :rainbowlaugh:

I liked it :twilightsmile: It was cute and had a funny twist. Never thought about Twilight venturing into that kind of business, but it sounds like it would be an interesting read if there was more. Also, while RD would be used to Twilight being awesome to an extent, I bet she never thought she would breach into RD's territory of what she considers to be awesome.

A little short, but that was actually pretty funny.

You had me at whips.

But this was good, too.

4409515 Thanks, guys! :yay:

4410764 Thanks for your time. I'm pretty fresh to this stuff. :fluttershysad:

feet -> hooves

Foot : the lower or lowest part of something standing or perceived as standing vertically; the base or bottom.

While 'hooves' may be more appealing to the reader because of horsewords and all, 'feet' is still technically correct. I will make your other corrections.

"It usually isn't," Twilight agreed, complying with her command and loosening her restraints. "Not until I break out the whips, anyway..."

Are you referencing my story here? :trollestia:

This face...

That was an amazing twist. :rainbowlaugh: Good show, old bean. :moustache:

4411495 I don't know if I was referencing your story, if I'm to be honest. :rainbowhuh:

But thanks all the same, buddy. :yay:


That is all. Carry on.

4411531 Thank you, fine sir. :yay:

There is more than one definition of 'foot'. The definition you referenced is in relation to other objects that are large enough to have a bottom piece of it and NOT in relation to anatomy.

"The game console is at the foot of my television."
"The blankets are at the foot of the bed."

In relation to the anatomy of a creature, foot has a different definition, one which an animal such as an equine does not match. Hoof is the proper term for an equine, just as paw is the proper term for a cat or a dog. Foot is the proper term for a human. It's different depending on the race.

Comment posted by Surry deleted May 19th, 2014

Angered the TwiDash gods? I don't see where you get that from. :rainbowderp: I was merely throwing in a bit of data in an attempt to help you get the correct definition.

Comment posted by Surry deleted May 19th, 2014

I'm loving these morning Twidash stories of Yours Surry, heck I've seen this in the popular box already.:twilightsmile:
Keep up the awesomeness!:rainbowdetermined2:

4411920 Thanks, man. I was writing another one at the moment. :twilightsmile:

4411757 Well there's a third. There's also the measurement, but for these stories I use the metric system just to keep things nice and clear. :derpytongue2:

4411516 Think nothing of it. The story is excellent.

The description has an ambiguous pronoun. "She." Replace it with 'Twilight' or another word to reference Book Horse like 'the purple mare' or... you get the idea. Forgive me, going through my English finals.

Great mini TwiDash, like it, it was awesome.

Short, funny, and weird. Everything a one-shot needs to bee good.
good job sir/madam.

What the fuck is this.
I mean, I love this!
But what the fuck is this.
Now I'm going to open a club called handsies.

4413722 The name was based on a real-life club named Tootsies



I needed this laugh so thank you.

I liked this, so... where's the rest? This just seems like the climax of a much longer story.

LOL I readed a TwiDash.

4414819 Was writing about 10 different mini TwiDashes, and whichever one I considered the most successful was going to get the full-story treatment.

4415990 I've been getting a lot of that lately, but I'm alright with that. I think I'm quitting this website soon anyway.

All of this.
We need more stories like this to get us through this off-season.
And Surry, if you quit the site, I will hunt you down and tickle you to death. Whips may or may not be involved.

4411952 Metric system FTW!

Man, you must really hate TwiDash to subject Twi and RD to this kind of crap. :facehoof:

4416625 Don't know yet. The site's been bogged down with a lot of negativity lately, and I'm getting kinda' tired of it.

4416756 Obvious troll is obvious. :derpytongue2:

4416693 You have the BEST GODDAMN AVI EVARR!!! :pinkiegasp::heart:


And Surry, if you quit the site, I will hunt you down and tickle you to death. Whips may or may not be involved.



Expect nothing but the best from the one and only Panty Muncher Pony. That's me! :twilightsmile:


I recommend that you mention this in the description or in the author's notes.

4418445 If you don't mind me asking, for what reason?

4419278 It keeps people from keeping their hopes up for stories that likely aren't going to update anytime soon, for one. Not to mention, some people expect a full-on story to read, and this is more of a slice of a story. Not telling them that this is just a slice just doesn't seem very polite.
Anyway, I'm off to actually read this now.

EDIT: Yeah, put it in an Author's note. This thing isn't really a story in its own right. It's a fun read, and I liked it, but I don't think I'd have appreciated it as much if I hadn't read the comments and learned that this was just a mini.

4419732 Alrighty.

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