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"Sister, harsh fervours of our labor doth make us sweat! The zeal of an unholy tyrant would we need to continue, but, ne'er shall we allow it, for thy subjects we love all too much," she openly lamented. With an unsteady hoof, she attempted to assuage her irritated brow. "Thou wouldst leave us here, broken-hearted, damn'd departed, whilst fleeing our sacred bounds all the same. Or should we say 'ye', as 'twould seem none are here for me."

A retelling of Luna and Celestia's tragic schism, told in most archaic ways. I gave it my best, honestly.

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You're off to quite a start... I might not be a Shakespearean scholar, but I think you're handling the voice quite well. I'm tracking this. Absolutely.

The feeling I get from reading your work is still as exciting as ever.

Following, and hoping you will respond.

How does something this creative have such an uninspiring upvote score, where as my considerably less creative story of the same general subject hasn't even a single downvote? I don't care if this was only written a day ago, this should have had more views and more likes already.

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