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Well, I think I like it... not thinking about it actually, I do like it.

That was beautiful.

I don't think our love could ever break, it's true,
never a surrendered endeavor.

Old username reference :rainbowlaugh:

It was a very cute story. :heart:

Might want to change it to completed. unless you are continuing on with this amazing story? Which of course I wouldn't be opposed to.

never a surrendered endeavor.

Lol. You had to add it, didn't you?

Aaaahh! There's poo all over my eyes! Why, Surry? Why diarrhea? :raritydespair: Lol. I kid. I kid. It was good. :twilightsmile:

4433515 I absolutely loved that reference!:rainbowkiss:

Another great story!

This was very nice, but I'm a sucker for vanilla poetry.

4433515 I wish I knew Surry before he was just Surry. Oh well, he will always be the Surrendered Endeavor I suppose.

Anyway, that poem was almost as awesomely adorable as Bassie when he...
...never mind.

This story could tie in with the other story you wrote, correct? Maybe even Voices?

4433515 Thanks, guys. :yay:

4434854 I know what happened.
And no, I don't think so. The only tie-in to Voices will involve Celestia and a certain (destructive) unicorn.

4434854 I think it'd tie in with the other one-shots he's done lately quite well. :scootangel:

Edit: Stop making me blush. lol:twilightblush:

4434977 I'm writing one now that's actually NOT a TwiDash, as hard as that may be to believe.

4435185 Discord has a nice, friendly chat with Tirek. (sarcasm)

4435607 Lol. That oughta' be funny...or intense. :rainbowderp:

4436243 Intense would be what I'm going for.

4437469 Yep! And I'm not gonna' be on much tonight. My friend is having some kind of party or something, and I gotta' bring my guitar.

4437511 I wanted to. We always talked about it. I don't know anymore. This week has been hell, and then I work 12 hours tomorrow.

4437520 Shit. Well, is your friend going to pay you for the gig? :duck:

4437708 No gig. We just jammed. :yay:

4439091 Oh, well that's always fun too. :yay:

I didn't know you could be so poetic. So, how long did it take to write the poem, because I feel like it took a long time, considering it's size.

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