• Published 8th Jun 2015
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This Blackened Blood - Surry

An archaic look at Luna's downfall, her final days, and the aftermath.

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Act One : Scene One

The Tragedy of the Princesses

T’was ages ago, nearly a thousand years before our time that the royal sisters did clash in anger. Before then, kindred of the realm, especially royalty, might not have even given notice to their indifference, which begged to be known. Betwixt duties of castle and home, our dear Celestia, whose eyes had turned blind to the subtle misery of her family, grew ever more apart from her increasingly wayward sibling.

Act One

Scene One

“Thy majesty, in irascible defeat did I counter 'gainst him, 'tis my fault, but never raze his crop as he so brashly—“

“Enough!” abruptly commanded the princess. “Make amends, and hence.”

The stallion briefly lowered his offending hoof at this order, but choler, it would seem, had won out. He approached hastily at first, with a most shaky, jerky footing, and then stopped. Nearby guards noisily shuffled in their armor, poised for attack, for none could lay hoof on royalty such as Luna. Something stirred within the hopelessly outmatched stallion, as the averted gaze of his princess seemed to offer poor counsel for his wrongs. The other opposing pony, standing plaintiff, only backed away whilst Luna’s agitation soon came clear.

“Thy majesty,” he begged again. “He is knavish and a most terrible cutpurse! With mine own eye did I see the deed!”

Avaunt!” she ordered once more, voice nigh erupting. She began to stir impatiently upon the violet cushions of her throne while her personal guardians motioned the stallions out. “T’would seem benefactor hath become malefactor, nothing more nor less. Nothing more have we to say, and nothing left to address.”

The two were escorted away, tasting the venom in her words, and the accuser would be paid his dues shortly thereafter, leaving a discontented princess to ponder her last few moons. She removed her golden diadem and set her scepter aside with magic, having a practiced touch, then sent half her train away with small gestures. When the doors had finally closed, she spoke with such agitated resolve.

"Sister, harsh fervours of our labor doth make us sweat! The zeal of an unholy tyrant would we need to continue, but, ne'er shall we allow it, for thy subjects we love all too much," she openly lamented. With an unsteady hoof, she attempted to assuage her irritated brow. "Thou wouldst leave us here, broken-hearted, damn'd departed, whilst fleeing our sacred bounds all the same. Or should we say 'ye', as 'twould seem none are here for me."

Just then, her servant, a unicorn mare, came into the hall, easily hefting the doors asunder with her magic. Bearing secondhand authority only to Luna, she provided her advisement when called for, following her occasional outbursts, though this time she also came unwarranted. A willowy figure, her pearl'd tresses fell upon her shoulders and back unceremoniously, whilst her coat remained familiar to Luna, colored of the grayest skies before the deepest rains. The characteristic 'bloody' eyes of her noble lineage met her fretted master's, termed so because of their long history on fields of combat and deep rosy shades.

"M-m'lady," the mare stammered, bowing graciously; her voice was still young. "Dost thou distress?" she timidly asked. There came no immediate reply. "Whence cometh thy torrential pain? Might I fetch thee favors of the cup and bowl?"

"Scarlet," Luna said, finally acknowledging her, but ignoring her inquiry. "Thee I trust most, and callest us by familiar term."

Scarlet approached further, but was kept under watching eyes. "Of course, m'lady," she confirmed with a faint smile. "Thee I trust most, too, so m'lady do I know thee by."

"Thou dost love me?" Luna asked; her words hung in the air for a moment. Scarlet promptly followed with a well placed nod and a continued smile. "Even though, my sister, who poisons my nights, doth deserve the more? Her day is loved and my night is scolded, given backlash, fear'd by some, and rightly so."

"I love thee and others none." Scarlet reassured her.

"Thee I see, and thee makes one." Luna quipped in reply. "With our weighty labors, 'pon our tired shoulders, how canst we kill their pain, caused by malicious imaginings whilst they sleep?" She stepped down from her lavish throne, meeting Scarlet upon the marble floor. "Celestia ask'd us bear judgement in such frivolous matters, but nightmares doth breed fast, and how it gnaws at our soul!" Her temples required more alleviation, which her fidgeting hoof supplied. "Curse this pain, I feel it, no—WE feel it increase, and it won't flee for naught! This madness, begone!"

The rest of her train began to file away, past the tall doors, pillars, and down the halls, leaving but a jittery Scarlet and herself. The entrance was thereafter sealed with a weighty 'thud', and the two of them sized each other.

"M'lady, Luna?" Scarlet finally offered. "Thou didst make thy grievances known, perchance? Celestia is—"

"Busy," Luna shortcut her. "Yes, many a time we have come clear to her, but duty, unfortunately, ere us always taketh preeminence. Seest the scepter?" She pointed behind herself, to which Scarlet confirmed. "Little meaning lies within. Words of ours matter none, though what I say cant e'er be undone. But care they? No, Scarlet! See how they threaten in our home? Slander when we can't hear? The dreaded talk of others, think fallen leaves that stay wet ne'er keep their colors? But we do!" she pleaded.

Her gaze fell sullen and head much lower, but Scarlet came to comfort her.

"Luna, thy majesty, my friend," she quietly hushed. "Thy grace could I tell of for ages and ne'er embellish. Thy blood is royal and they know this, by it do I swear, and they shall say no foul judgement hath e'er been given here.'"

"Care I not at all ..." Luna's speech started to waver. "Would I bear hence from here, seek bounds so far situated, and dote on their dreams, nightmares, and kill all their hate of me which doth swell like summer's conflagration. 'Tis a blade, newly forged that can't be hot-quench'd to save my soul, but would I if ability allowed. Or ... must we break this steel?"

"No," Scarlet pleaded; Luna was slightly taken aback by this. "Never would I harm them, or thee. M'lady Luna, thy cup has simply surfeited and needs be remedied, the vestiges cloth'd up. For that is why I am here. Beseech thee I to plead with thine own blood and beg of less base duty, for Celestia will give't."

Luna slumped away, shrugging off the offer and shaking her head in stern refusal.

"Base duty t'seems was sole purpose of my sisterhood all along," she disclosed. Her voice trailed into murmurs while she made her way to the exit. "Treat they my sister like she is flesh and blood, for hers is royal ... and mine is but mud."

Scarlet tried to follow. "Wait! M'lady, please, do not yet go."

"Sovereign am I of mine own life," Luna retorted, but never raising her voice. "Besides, I am sure thy foal needs tending. I'll to our chambers and thither counsel myself. T'was a girl?" she paused, glancing to Scarlet. She received another timid nod and only then was it her turn to smile, though faintly. "We are a happy breed, i'faith."

The doors were slowly heaved open by some strong, unseen magic and the princess made her way down the left hallway, followed soon after by some guardians who had been standing near outside. Scarlet trailed behind out of the immense room, but took the right hall instead, followed and guarded by none, taking note of the falling silence as she left, even with her hooves clicking upon the marbled floor.

"Luna," she pondered to herself. "M'lady, need I no gauge to witness a building tempest. I fear for thy safety, and, dare I say it ... thy sanity."

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You're off to quite a start... I might not be a Shakespearean scholar, but I think you're handling the voice quite well. I'm tracking this. Absolutely.

The feeling I get from reading your work is still as exciting as ever.

Following, and hoping you will respond.

How does something this creative have such an uninspiring upvote score, where as my considerably less creative story of the same general subject hasn't even a single downvote? I don't care if this was only written a day ago, this should have had more views and more likes already.

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