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My friend Dasher made me into a brony. I used to hate mlp mainly because of commercials. After I found out about Vinyl Scratch, I started liking the series. SERIES NEEDS MOAR VINYL!!!


Recently, LightingAce has released his story, The Ruler of the Sky. It takes place about the same time as this story, but since this one is on hiatus, his story will probably go further than mine. Also, same universe, same general story.

If there was one word that could describe me, it would be... "strange". Well... strange might be a bit of an understatement.

My mother is a pony, and my father is a dragon... so you can probably tell what that implies. I always have it rough at school, and I tend to get in trouble... a lot. I think I get that from my dad's side...

After school, I accompany my dad at the barracks and watch him fight. And every day that I watch, it reaffirms my ambition... to one day be able to surpass my dad.

Come to think of it, I don't know much else about my dad...

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So, this stallion... he's an alcoholic, right? It's sad, really. He walks around Ponyville trying to look for somepony to chat with. Maybe even go futher with them.

's not easy when y- *HIC* when you're a drunk...

- Inspired by my brother's story, Jirou's Wild Pony Time (link broken).

Right... I forgot his story was private. So instead, have a blog that bashes said story into the ground.

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After a phenomenon happens without me knowing about it, I wake up in a place so cartoonish that it could have been made in a Flash program or something. I find that my phone came with me, oddly enough... so together, we begin our journey to bring smiles to everyone we can. We'll make great memories with all the ponies, and maybe try to post videos on YouTube for all the bronies to see. Plus, it'll be a great chance for me to get over being socially awkward.

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A gamer wakes up in a strange looking house thinking he's hungover, but is greeted instead with a craving of some sort. He just can't quite figure it out... so he asks the other occupant for help. What he receives isn't exactly a friendly tip...

(Set during season 4)

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I made a promise to Pinkie a few days ago. I haven't broken the promise, I just need some time to keep it. Pinkie also made a promise to me. I just haven't been there for her to fulfill it yet. We finally kept our promises, and now I'm starting a weekly vlog on YouTube. I don't care if people think it's just camera effects, I'll do a livestream one day and prove those people wrong. But the first step is to teach Spike how an iPhone works.

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Based off of ASDFmovie.

Twilight and friends perform completely pointless shenanigans that make absolutely no sense. Prepare for a crazy story.

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Richard Alvarez and Chris Muller were travelling around New York, trying to brainstorm new ideas for videos that they could post on YouTube. While they were walking, they found themselves falling into a hole. After their fall, they found themselves in a colorful world full of talking ponies. How did they get there, why are they there, and how will they get back?

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