• Published 3rd Jan 2014
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ASDF Story - Brony_Falcon

A completely random set of events based off of ASDFMovie. Twilight and friends do crazy shenanigans that have absolutely nothing to do with anything.

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Chapter 2

"Ah'm sorry, Applebloom, but this recipe calls fer apples, not oranges. Get it outta mah farm," Applejack stated.


"no, no, no, No, No, No NO NO NO NO NO NO!!!"

"Hey apple! Apple! Hey! Hey, apple!"

"Not listening! Lalalala!"

"Apple, hey! Hey apple!"

"SHUT UP!!!!!"

*ten seconds later*

"Hey apple!"



~back to the farm~

Applejack searched through the drawers for a knife to dice her apple. "Ah reckon this'll do." So she started slicing and dicing until the apple was turned into cubes. "Applebloom, ah thought ah told ya to get rid of this orange!"

"Sorry, Applejack!" Applebloom said.

Pinkie Pie finished making a special pie for Scootaloo, and started heading for the CMC clubhouse. "Hey Scootaloo, I baked you a pie!"

Scootaloo rushed out of the clubhouse. "Oh boy, smells delicious! What flavor is it?"

Pinkie then glared at Scootaloo. "Pie flavored."

Then a pie hopped out of the pie and landed on Scootaloo's face.

Princess Luna walked toward her room, and she noticed a strange box with a button on it. When she approached the box, she could read the words inscribed.

warning: pointless

Curiosity got the better of her, and she pushed the button. Little did she know that it did absolutely nothing. It was a completely irrelevant button that was conveniently placed beside her room. She waited. And waited. And waited. Then she shrugged and walked past it into her room to set the sun.

"I am sooo depressed," Chrysalis whined.

{suddenly, pineapples.}

"This does not make me feel better."

-Vinyl in the past-

"Welcome to 'Standing Up School'," Ms. Cheerilee greeted.

Then Vinyl landed face first on the floor.

"Aaaaand you fail."

"You almost ruined my pie last time! DIE, POTATO!"


"I like trains," the white boy with black outlines stated.

Everyone stood silent for a few minutes. "Uhh, was that supposed to be more random than me?" Pinkie asked.

Then a train appeared out of nowhere and hit the 'I like trains' kid.

"Yep, he's close to breaking the eighth wall."

Twilight Sparkle accidentally cast a spell that made the sun, moon, and other planets talk. It was a catastrophic turn of events.

"Hey, guys! Look over here!"

Then everypony looked up.

"Ha! Now you're all blind!"

While it orbited the sun, a planet intervened with the small conversation. "You're fat!"

The sun then smiled, proud to be fat. That only means he can prank more civilians from other planets.

Celestia immediately took notice of this, and reversed the spell.

All the apple trees on Sweet Apple Acres were flattened, torn, and beaten. One boy started toward the farm.

"What in tarnation is all that ruckus?!!" Applejack exclaimed. "WHAT IS THE MEANIN' OF THIS? Y'ALL DESTROYED ALL THE APPLE TREES ON THE ORCHARD!"

The boy replied, "I like trains."

Once again, a train hit him and he was off once more.

Applejack stood there, eyes wide, mouth agape, and on the verge of passing out. "He squashed mah trees. He's more random than Pinkie," she said softly. She then fainted.

"Hey, I thought Pinkie was the only one who could do that stuff," some closet brony said, reading the story. "Hey, Dave! Someone else is trying to break the eighth wall!"

"Chad, only Pinkie can come close to that. You're being ridiculous," Dave stated.

Chad paused for a moment. 'whatever, back to the story...' He shook his head and focused his attention on the computer screen.

Everypony in Ponyville was strolling through town on a beautiful day.

{suddenly, pineapples.}

Everypony stopped for a moment, puzzled at the fact that pineapples appeared out of nowhere.

"EVERYBODY DO THE FLOP!" Vinyl exclaimed.

All the ponies in Ponyville fell on their faces. *flop*

A rainbow-maned pegasus was being attacked by a barrage of muffins. And it hasn't stopped yet. She's been at it for two days straight, and she's still going! "Are you ever gonna run out of muffins?" Rainbow Dash asked.

"No," Derpy replied bluntly. Then she paused for a moment. "Because I work at the muffin factory." Then she continued throwing her muffins.

"Wait, I thought you were a mailmare."

"I work two different jobs. You don't think I can hold them?"

"Heheheh, very good, boy," Discord said. "I have no problem with trains, but this boy makes them much better! HA! Now, I just have to get the rest of them. Oh, this will be a really funny time! Ah, I think we're due for another random appearance of pineapples." And with that, Discord snapped his finger.

{suddenly, pineapples.}

"I imagine that mine turtle is going to explode. I always love pulling these pranks! Twilight's probably second best at pranks, even though she made the sun talk. BAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Now, back to pranking!"

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Comments ( 7 )

I might have trouble keeping up with college and a story. I'm not too creative, either.

*arrives in the future and a new chapter is up*


*a giant foot squishes you*
I am a stegosaurus.

Wait... eighth wall!?!?
And another wait, YOUR IN COLLEGE!!! Wow. That is interesting. I'm in Junior high..


It's a lovely day to walk down the road, and if I ever stop singing I will explode...

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