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My friend Dasher made me into a brony. I used to hate mlp mainly because of commercials. After I found out about Vinyl Scratch, I started liking the series. SERIES NEEDS MOAR VINYL!!!


A gamer wakes up in a strange looking house thinking he's hungover, but is greeted instead with a craving of some sort. He just can't quite figure it out... so he asks the other occupant for help. What he receives isn't exactly a friendly tip...

(Set during season 4)

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Don't stop I want to see where this goes.

4243929 cool, I have an editor who's tweaking my first chapter, so it should be longer and more detailed if he does good.

Continue sir. My jimmies have been rustled, strangely and worrysomegly not ina bad way.

Well it´s interessting, i want to

4281557 glad I have a few supporters. I was gonna delete it because I thought it was a dumb idea, but I see that you guys want an ending. First, my friend Nuero1337 needs to finish editing the chapter so it doesn't feel like it's going by so fast.

4281639 well i maybe want later, that there is maybe a suprise because there is a Changeling in Ponyville but that one besides, i like the first chapter:twilightsmile: I look foward it and can wait, no need to hurry:)

A)memory whipe... Shouldnt remember name
B)changelings in ponyville... Canterlot wedding news didn't reach em?
C)Queen Chrysalis left him that easy?
D)Idea is really cool... Its a bit rushed though.
E)Do NOT stop... I will continue reading.

4697818 ... you know, back when I was a big story creator, I was also super autistic in my efforts to finish stories. So, odds are I'm gonna restart this story under a different title... after I finish the new and improved YouTube Vlogs: Equestria. Which still has pieces of autism left in it.

7051726 I am not exactly sure how autism affects this story.

7051796 basically, if I don't think the words fit right, or just the whole scenario is ridiculous, it has loads of autism. One thing that I hated was the fact that my stories were too short and way too rushed. I mean, look at my older stories. There's barely any character development in there, it's mostly everything around the main character that gets all the attention, and some of the characters are just too bland. That's an aspect I'm trying to improve on. It's no novel by any means, but I can tell how much more experience I'll need to make something that good. It's not enough to get rid of all the autism, I also have to find more creative ways to turn a phrase so that I'm not too repetitive.

7052484 I still don't understand much but keep practicing.

7053103 well, I found my groove again.

4243929 had to stop and restart, bro. I noticed how much cringe the story had packed into it... especially with the approach in leaving the hive.

8010090 just now realizing how long it's been since I last posted...
... realized about a tear ago how cringey my old works were. Yeah... totally cried, they were that bad. And that was about a year ago.

8010106 heh. I get the reference you're going for.

... and no, that's just the first name that came to mind due to binge-watching GDQ videos.

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