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My friend Dasher made me into a brony. I used to hate mlp mainly because of commercials. After I found out about Vinyl Scratch, I started liking the series. SERIES NEEDS MOAR VINYL!!!


So, this stallion... he's an alcoholic, right? It's sad, really. He walks around Ponyville trying to look for somepony to chat with. Maybe even go futher with them.

's not easy when y- *HIC* when you're a drunk...

- Inspired by my brother's story, Jirou's Wild Pony Time (link broken).

Right... I forgot his story was private. So instead, have a blog that bashes said story into the ground.

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Comments ( 8 )

Good, I guess...
(I'm part of the Comments groups)

8028325 thanks, I guess...
(Me too.)

8028619 Sorry. This one's a one-shot. Though I should probably turn your attention to any% Equestria Warp, if you want me to write more.

8028619 I might consider writing the alternate version... I can't get my mind off of the worst-case scenario.

Is Dr. Wolf really going to have a part in this. It doesn't really matter if he is or not I'm just wondering. Anyway good chapter can't wait to see or read what happens next.

8076438 the ending should leave the readers with questions like that. I mean, it's a possibility, but it's also possible that he'll just be alone forever, with no way of recovering.

Also, I contacted him. I think he tends to keep things PG on his channel, so there's that.

8078047 Oh well that's alright, can't wait to read what happens.

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