• Published 4th Mar 2014
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YouTube Vlogs: Equestria - Brony_Falcon

I kept my promise to Pinkie, and she kept her promise to me. Now, I'm in Equestria as a pony with no fingers. So I'll need Spike's help with the videos.

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Quick Update: Livestream Time (1:02)

Author's Note:

I will need some suggestions from you guys for the livestream chapter, but I have a few ponies and activities in mind. I need help filling in for 2 hours of livestream.

March 15

Description: Just a quick update reminding you what time you can expect the livestream and what website to go to for the livestream.


Speakers, televisions, and CDs were neatly placed on the shelves of the electronics store. "Hi, guys. The Great Falkronyx with a quick update. First, the livestream will be starting at 4:30 in two days. A few ponies you can expect to see there are Vinyl, Lyra, Princess Celestia, and the mane six."

"I'm sorry, the what?" Vinyl asked.

"I'll tell you when we start the livestream. If you're expecting more ponies, let me know in the comments section below. Also, the link to the website I'll be livestreaming from is in the description below. And don't worry, guys. I'll be sure to provide plenty of entertainment for everyone. Vinyl's letting me help as a DJ at the night clubs! If you guys want me to be a DJ during the livestream, let me know." Chance paused for a few seconds. "I think that about wraps it up for this update. Until next time, everybody. Chance Grayheart out!"

"And this is Vinyl Scratch AKA your favorite DJ signing off!"


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Comments ( 15 )

Boo! Terrible animation! xD

Swag up, bro. DJ CHANC3 in da house!


4239659 Meeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh

4293982 lol no. Intriguing idea, but no.

4294034 yeah, he was living with her anyways, and they had a lot of stuff in common. And Spike liked the idea of having a brother like him.

4294067 thanks :twilightsmile: yes, the grammar is a little shaky, but when you make videos, all you can do is improvise; not base the video off a single script and try to make every single thing perfect. And yes, the youtube vlog idea was quite entertaining to me. That's why I wanted to start this huge cluster of chapters that leads to nowhere but youtube. And even more entertaining to me is the idea of a livestream chapter. I just need 86 more comments--questions, requests, and comments alike--and I'll be able to start the chapter. The fact that I'm asking people for help proves that there won't be a specifically set script.
Basically, thank you for taking the time to read this story. :pinkiehappy:

More, god please more:rainbowlaugh:

4474505 not at all :twilightsmile: just pm me the link to your channel

I'LL HELP THE LIVESTREAM!!! I do actually have a real channel called Fennekin Films. So yeah...

5372725 I'm actually thinking of remaking this story. I would've appreciated some help, but I guess I was too lazy to ask :twilightsheepish:

The reboot is coming soon, everyone. Stay tuned.

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