• Published 4th Mar 2014
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YouTube Vlogs: Equestria - Brony_Falcon

I kept my promise to Pinkie, and she kept her promise to me. Now, I'm in Equestria as a pony with no fingers. So I'll need Spike's help with the videos.

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Vlog #1: Maybe You're Wondering... (6:28)

Day 2 in Equestria (February 17?)

Description: Yeah, don't ask me why, just watch the video. I taught Spike how to record with an iPhone. The video says it all.


The first things that were shown on camera were a few bookshelves, several scattered books, and a frustrated purple unicorn mumbling something about a "five-minute flight spell." The surrounding area was made mostly of wood. The only pieces of furniture the camera could see were a couch and a rug.

"Is it recording?" a voice asked. It sounded like a teen male's voice.

"Yeah, I think so," another voice replied. This one sounded young.

Just then, a figure appeared on-screen. He had grayish-blue fur, a light-blue mane and tail with a strip of gray in the middle, and light-purple eyes. He had a horn on his head, just like the purple unicorn did. "Well, is the red circle flashing?" he asked.

"Umm, just a sec," the one behind the camera replied. "...uhhh, let's see...yeah, it's blinking."

"Alright, we should be good to go, then," the gray-blue unicorn said. "Oh, one more thing, Spike. You probably don't know how YouTube works, so don't be alarmed when I start talking like I'm in front of a crowd, that's how you make a video."

"...uhh, what's a 'yoo tube?'"

"I'll tell you later, let's actually get started. Hi, guys! The Great Falkronyx here. Maybe you're wondering why I changed my channel icon to a pony. And maybe you're wondering why this video looks like a cartoon. And why I changed my profile picture on Facebook to a pony, and why I took so long getting to my intro, and why I have this black eye, and what the hell I'm doing with my life right now."

Just then, the purple unicorn turned and glared at the speaker.

"Pardon my French," he said quickly. "All of that will be answered eventually. The first thing I will answer is why this video looks like a cartoon. The reason is I'm in Equestria. That should be a simple enough answer for you guys. Why I changed my pictures to a pony is because...well, they're me. Oh, I never got around to my new introduction, yet!" He then got up on his rear hooves, and struck a pose. "My name's Chance Grayheart, and I'm a unico-whooah...OOF! *owww...*" As he was making his introduction, he lost his balance and landed flat on his face. He got up and shook his head. "This is why I hate hooves. Anyway, I changed them to let you guys know that this is what I look like now. Next, I should explain why I have this black eye. I...kinda...sorta asked Twilight to punch me..."

"I never wanted to do it in the first place, but you practically ordered me to punch you as hard as I could," the purple unicorn replied.

"...Anyway, the reason for that...was because I was thinking dirty things about her. This is Equestria, so I really need to adjust to this lifestyle."

"Wait, what do you mean by 'thinking dirty things?'" Spike questioned.

"Sometimes it's best to not ask questions about something you don't understand, Spike. Alright, so now I should explain why I took so long with the intro. I had to teach Spike here..." The camera turned around to reveal a small dragon, who waved at the camera. "...how to use an iPhone. It took a little longer because he wasn't used to the camera yet. And now, for the last question. What the he-um, I mean...what am I doing with my life? I'm living it. In Equestria." He paused for a minute to get a glass of water. He then added, "You mad, bro?" just to make himself look a little bit like a troll. "Alright, now that I've answered those questions, I'll talk about something else. I'm sorry for not posting videos in two months. I had a ton of college work to do, so it was hard to find the time to make a video. Now, I have all the time in the world. But I'm not gonna spend all of it on my phone. I want to enjoy every moment of my life here." He took another small break to get a second glass of water. "*should be enough*," he mumbled. "So that's why I've decided to start making video logs once a week. Spike has agreed to help me when he can, so if he's busy, we might not record on the exact day. But we will make a vlog sometime during the week. Also, I know you guys won't believe any of this, which is why I will make a livestream video sometime next month to prove that I'm actually here, and I didn't actually draw several pictures and put them all in a flipbook. Don't worry, I told them all about my world."

"And we flipped out," Spike added.

"Yeah, their reaction could've been worse. Anyway, it'll probably take me a little while to set up livestreaming equipment, so I will inform you in one of my vlogs when the livestream will be. Geez, I'm thirsty..." He fetched his glass and poured a third glass, which almost immediately vanished. "Alright, what else is there to talk about...OH! How could I forget this? Yesterday, Twilight wanted to run a few experiments on me, and I happily accepted her offer. She was able to make a three-minute invisibility spell with my help, so I asked her if she could help me make a five-minute flight spell. I told her that five minutes is enough time to do what is necessary while flying. I also told her I wanted to do what Pit could do in 'Kid Icarus: Uprising'." He paused for a moment to think. "Okay, I think that about wraps it up for this vlog. Don't forget to leave a comment in the comments section below. Give me your reaction, whether it's rage over disgracefulness or awe over how I'm here. Either way works, but leave me a comment below. Until next time, bronies. Chance Grayheart out!"

There was a brief silence, then Chance walked off the screen. "Okay, so you press the circle again to stop the recording..."


Author's Note:

Alright, so we've got the introductions out of the way. It's an average video with nothing over the top. If you have any suggestions for my next vlog or if you have made a cover art, feel free to PM me. Leave the comments section for when you want to tell me if you like the story or not. I don't mind people ranting, as long as it's not 'what you should do for the next vlog'.

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