• Published 4th Mar 2014
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YouTube Vlogs: Equestria - Brony_Falcon

I kept my promise to Pinkie, and she kept her promise to me. Now, I'm in Equestria as a pony with no fingers. So I'll need Spike's help with the videos.

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Spike's Sends #1: Ladies' Man (0:17)

Description: Title says it all... |:~\


In the center of the camera is Spike's face. "Hello, ladies." He emphasized the last word. "Name's Spike. I'm what Rarity calls a 'handsome dragon.' Interested?"

"Spike! Are you making another video of yourself?" Twilight yelled.

"No, I'm not!"


Author's Note:

Sorry this one was so short. I had this idea while I was working on the actual chapter. While Chance is in Equestria, why not let Spike have a little fun? Don't worry guys, it's part of the story, if not exactly relevant.

If you have any suggestions for a chapter or if you have a cover art for me, PM me. Do not use the comments section for suggestions. I would like to know what's wrong with it, or how well you liked it, but no suggestions in the comments.

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