• Published 4th Mar 2014
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YouTube Vlogs: Equestria - Brony_Falcon

I kept my promise to Pinkie, and she kept her promise to me. Now, I'm in Equestria as a pony with no fingers. So I'll need Spike's help with the videos.

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The Beginning

Wake up. Stare blankly at a screen. Sometimes eat breakfast, sometimes skip. Get dressed in previous night's clothes for college. Drive 40 miles while listening to mindless dubstep. Sit in class trying to listen to the teacher, but failing miserably due to fatigue. Go to the student lounge and sit on the couch, listening to more mind-numbing dubstep. Stare blankly at a screen. Drive home listening to dubstep. Browse the kitchen for food. Shut your bedroom door. Stare mindlessly at a screen. Get internally pissed at your parents for calling you, not caring for what reason. Mindlessly say 'yes' or 'no' and do what your parents ask. Eat dinner, no matter what your mom fixes. Sometimes take a shower, sometimes keep staring at a screen. Go to sleep. Never remember your dreams.

Combine that with a gray sky, cold harsh winter wind, standing in heavy rain with no jacket or umbrella, or all three. Oh, don't worry, that's only on the worst days. I'm thankful that the sun shines and reveals a blue sky on most days, although summer proves to be another harsh time of the year. Sure, I've had my fun in the past, but no longer... Ever since my last trip with Salomon, I haven't had any fun. And no, laughing at something through a screen is not fun. Neither is playing a video game. Or watching others play video games. It might be funny to see PewDie's reaction to Skate 3, but that's all it is: funny. No fun.

My Skype friend, Dasher, is a brony. I don't think he's a closet brony because he once did a livestream and showed a bunch of people two videos that I remember. One video freaked me out, and I thought I would be scarred for life after that. Do not watch Smile HD if you value your sanity. The other one was what made me a brony. Anyone who is a big fan of dubstep, listen to Dubstep Dishwasher. I don't want the people around me knowing about me being a brony. I researched it later, and figured out I'm a closet brony.

I later found a website called Equestria After Dark. Don't ask why I was searching; my dirty mind gets in the way at night. I found an intriguing story that was close to the top of my list of favorite stories. It was called "Swirling Bass Cannon." If it wasn't for the sex scenes, it would have been a great romance novel. After reading the story (or what was completed of it at the time), I decided to start writing my own stories. Sure, I have college work to do, but I can still make stories on my free time. I can only hope that my stories are as good as my ideas.

I need to drop my Composition II class. I'm failing miserably. I already missed two essays. Ever since I missed the second one, I've started skipping that class. It's not that I hate the teacher, he's very nice. He's just strict and subtle. After a week of not turning in my first essay, he called me out of class and said something along the lines of "You didn't turn in your essay....You do realize that's a hundred points off of your grade. It's impossible to overcome. You will fail my class....All choices have consequences, and you chose not to turn in your essay....You need to drop my class. I'm just telling you where you stand." He acted like a father figure to me when I had failed. He was a nice teacher, but I had failed him.

So here I am, laying on my bed, in a bedroom painted lime-green, illuminated by a lamp with a broken...what's the thing that filters the light and makes it like a funnel? I guess it's a lamp, I don't know. Anyway, the top thing is being held up by one of the cases that I once used for my glasses. My bed's a mess; it's on the floor, the blankets and sheets are scattered on my bed, and I still haven't put any pillowcases on my pillows. My TV is on a desk in my closet, where I hang some of my clothes: mainly my jacket and the church clothes I never wear. Curtains are hanging up to block the light from the windows. I'd have more luck with a black blanket, but I shouldn't be complaining. My room isn't very big, so I don't like others in my room. Sure, it's average for a bedroom, but I still don't like others in my room; mainly for privacy purposes. Even if I lock my door, everyone knows how to get in. Yeah, the only purpose for it was to keep my little sister out.

I'm reading the sequel to "Swirling Bass Cannon" for two reasons: the story is beautiful and detailed, and I need something to clop to. Even though the story sometimes fails. Anyways, it's about 11:48 now, so I should probably go to sleep. I hooked in my earbuds, opened my sleeping app, and set it up for the night. I will keep my promise, Pinkie, I thought. I just hope you keep yours, too. I usually take a long time to drift off to sleep, so I just thought of different self-inserts, from my favorite beyblade self-insert with my Storm Libra ED145ES, to a Pokemon self-insert with me and Machoke doing intense training that almost matches that of a saiyan, and finally to the pony self-insert.

Don't worry, silly! Pinkie thought as she was about to drift off to sleep. Nopony breaks a Pinkie promise. I will get you here somehow. She then started thinking of dessert. Mmmmmmm...Caaaaaake...

I saw myself in the room. It was exactly as I had imagined it; a square blue room with nothing in it. I haven't had a dream I could remember since the elevator dream, so I thought it was strange that the dream was a bit too clear. "Hi, Pinkie," I said.

"Hi, Matt!" Pinkie responded.

I then imagined my iPhone plugged into a bass speaker similar to Vinyl's Bass Cannon. I scrolled through my playlist and found the song I was looking for; Dr. Ozi - Carnivalstep VIP. "Ready for some fun?" I asked.

Pinkie nodded furiously and simply replied, "I'm up for some fun!" She knew me enough to know I don't like people--or ponies--who talk too much. Well, in my mind, she did.

I started the music, and we started dancing. Then something strange happened at the drop. After the guy said "Makes 'em funny," a vortex formed under our feet. I thought it was only a visual effect that took form in my dream, but I soon realized we were starting to get pulled toward the vortex. Every strange noise that the drop made complemented the vortex in every way. The parts that I called "black noise" increased the vortex's power, and after what I called "white noise," I noticed that my phone was unplugged from the speaker, my charger was plugged in, and both were travelling into the vortex. I thought I would immediately wake up, but instead I blacked out. But not before hearing Pinkie yell, "WHEEEEEEEEE!!!" I didn't feel pain; just intense pressure.

Author's Note:

Finally starting on a real story. I just hope I don't cancel it or end it too soon.
Note: Most of the story will be told like a video is filmed. Those chapters will have the title "Vlog #X: {title} (length)".
Next chapter summary: Meet a few ponies, including me. Introduce Spike.

PM me if you have a suggestion about which pony you'd like me to "film" or if you have a cover I can use. I promise to give credit to whoever helps me in any way.

Edit: sorry if the story feels a little rushed, I couldn't really think of any fillers for the first chapter.

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