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YouTube Vlogs: Equestria - Brony_Falcon

I kept my promise to Pinkie, and she kept her promise to me. Now, I'm in Equestria as a pony with no fingers. So I'll need Spike's help with the videos.

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Vlog #3: My Worst Nightmare Came True (9:53) [EDIT]

Day 15 in Equestria (March 4?)

Description: My week was going so well. While I was recording, I heard him outside of the library. Hated him before, still hate him now.


Books were scattered everywhere in the library. Chance was helping Twilight pick up and sort the books. He looked like he was as happy as he could possibly get. His smile was nothing compared to Pinkie's, but he was happy for some reason.

"So, can I go on and tell the world, or do you want to wait?" Spike asked.

"Sure thing, bro," Chance replied.


Chance and Twilight both flinched at the sudden outburst. "Did you have to be so loud? And technically, we're not brothers yet, but if you consider me a brother, I'll consider you a brother."

"Yeah, we just started dating three days ago," Twilight reminded. "I don't know why you're already so excited, Spike."

"Well, why wouldn't I be? He's a nice pony, so he'd make a great brother for me. That's the reason I'm excited. I know him, and he's not just some snobbish jerk," Spike replied. "Anyway, ready to get started?"

"Just a sec. Twilight, would you like to join this video?"

Twilight thought for a moment, then replied. "Sure thing. I don't mind helping you out."

Chance then nodded to Spike. "Hello, guys. The Great Falkronyx here--"

"And I'm The Midnight Star," Twilight added.

Chance looked at her suddenly. "Since when do you have a nickname?"

"Since we started dating," Twilight replied. "Surprised?"

"Actually, yes I am. Did you ask Spike to make a YouTube channel for you?"

Twilight nodded. "Yep, he has a knack for this technology that you brought."

Chance stared at the ground, looking like he was deep in thought. "Anyway, we should start now. The Great Falkronyx and The Midnight Star here. I might make a combined name for us to agree on later."

Twilight nodded. "That actually sounds like a good idea. Are we gonna make a new channel, too?"

"No, it's a bad idea to have 3 YouTube channels in Equestria. Sorry, but I think two is enough. But that doesn't mean we can't make a combined name like me and my Earth brother, Jacob, made. We were 'Punk Nerd Gaming,' but the more I think about it, the more I hate the name."

"Why did you choose that name?" Twilight asked. "Why not 'Gaming Pros,' or 'Super Gaming?'

"Well, my brother got glasses and started calling himself 'Punk Nerd Jacob.' I wore glasses when I was on Earth, which was why I came up with that name. At the time, I wanted some originality in the name, so I used part of Jacob's nickname and added 'Gaming' to the end. Plus, those two names were taken."

"Ohhh...gotcha," Twilight responded.

"Anyway, on to the first thing. As Spike summarized while ago, I asked Twilight out and now we're dating. Still a bit of a summary, though, but there isn't really much to explain."

"Except for a little bit of begging from Spike," Twilight replied.

"Yeah...guess he really wanted me to be part of the family. Also, I got a job at Vinyl's Electronics Store. I get paid 4 bits per hour, I work 8 hours a day, though I work overtime, and 5 days a week. That makes a total of at least 180 bits a week. So far, I'm on my third day at the job, and I've made 112 bits. Being there makes me feel like I'm accomplishing something."

"That reminds me," Twilight started, "what were you doing there during those times you got paid so much?"

"Sometimes listening to dubstep, sometimes just waiting for customers, and sometimes using Vinyl's mix table. Is there a problem with that?"

"Nonono, I was just curious," Twilight quickly responded.

*tsuki wayou daiju~*

"What is that--"

"SHH!" Chance replied.

*tsuki wayou daiju~ •ahem• tsuki wayou daijobu futara~nngh...*

Chance shut his eyes and tilted his head down. "What's wrong?" Twilight asked. Suddenly, his mane started to spark. Twilight realized what was happening. "Calm down, Chance!"

"I'm as calm as I can be at the moment," Chance replied, anger clear in his voice. "It's Jacob. He's here."

"Then why are you so mad? What has he done to you?"

"You don't know him like I do. Let me introduce you to him. You'll see why I hate him so much." With that, Chance walked out of the library.

"Wait for me!" Twilight yelled.

"Me too!" Spike yelled.

In the streets of Ponyville, a yellow earth pony stood. He had a red mane and tail with black on the tips, and dark green eyes.

"Jirou! (Pronounced Jee-roh)" Chance yelled angrily.

The yellow pony turned toward him. "Ichiro? Is that you?"

"Only one way to find out. I'm thinking of a number between 1 and 100."

"69, duh."

"Hmph. How did you get here?"

"I walked," Jacob replied.

Chance's mane and tail now fully radiated electricity, and his fur became a dark gray color. "How...did...you...get...here?"

"CHANCE! Calm down!" Twilight yelled. Immediately, his fur reverted back to normal, and his mane and tail went back to generating a few sparks.

Jacob ignored her and just stared at him like he was stupid. "I TOLD YOU I WALKED HERE!"

Chance then magically lifted him off the ground, gritting his teeth and shutting his eyes. "Okay, let's try a different question. What do you remember before you started walking?"

Jacob thought for a moment. "Huh. Last thing I remember was falling asleep. Strange."

Chance set him back on the ground. "Good luck finding a house, a job, and a marefriend. You'll need it, and I won't allow you to stay in a house with me."

Jacob paused for a moment, then said, "No problem. How hard is it to get a house?"

Chance then had an idea. "Since you're my brother, I'll be a little bit nice. Here's 50 bits. Don't spend it on what you don't need. First thing you need is a house."

Jacob stared at the sack for a moment, then replied, "Okay. See you some other time, Matt!"

"Call me Chance! I'll see you later!"


"I SAID CALL ME CHANCE!" He then turned to Twilight. "See why I hate him so much?"

"All I can see is that you hate him a lot."

"Well, first, he talks too much, and sometimes in another language. Sometimes, he'll get into the habit of switching languages mid-sentence, which is extremely annoying. He yells a lot when he's contradicted, interrupted, or just angry."

"But what did you see in his heart?"

Chance looked down in thought. "It's strange, really. I don't know what to think of it. It was like his heart ranged from evil to good. He needs to learn how to control it, but I see everything in him, which makes it even more annoying. Twilight, promise me you won't invite him to stay at the library."

Twilight thought for a minute before replying. "One thing gets me, though. If you hated him so much, why did you offer him some of your bits? Why not just recommend somepony he can stay with, like Rarity? Or Pinkie Pie, or even Fluttersh--"

"Hell no. Don't even link him and Fluttershy. Rarity or Pinkie I could understand. Even though Fluttershy is nice and nurturing, I think he'll scare her away in a day."


"Yeah, didn't I tell you what we humans ate? I reallydon't like the thought of him around Fluttershy because of his appetite."

Twilight shuddered at the thought. "Yeah, Fluttershy is out of the question."

Chance looked down again, thinking. Then his head popped up. "Shit, he's a new pony. And you know how much Pinkie loves to throw parties for new ponies. The worst part is, I have to endure his party."

"Oh, come on," Spike said. "How bad can it be?"

"I can admit he controls his behavior in a crowded place, but I hate being around him most of the time. I think this would be a good time to end this video. Until next time, guys. Chance Grayheart out!"

"Midnight Star out!"

"Uh, Spike out!"


Author's Note:


Thanks for reading this chapter. There were a few things I modified, so feel free to reread the chapter. Also, PM me if you have any suggestions for the next chapter or if you're making a cover art. I will give credit to all users who help me somehow.

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