Moonlight with a Fiery Passion

by Brony_Falcon

Into the Pale Moonlight

"I know..." Skips says to no one in particular.

Clear just raises an eyebrow. "Having another conversation with him?"

He's too distracted by... something else. "I know..." A pause. Then a sigh. "I just... I thought she would be using her magic a little more often." He then looks up at the ceiling, then a moment later shakes his head. "No... I'm not trying to force it on her."

Clear just nods. "I'll give you two your privacy, then." He then makes his way over to his bed.

He just clasps his head. "I know, Kaiser... I just... sometimes I don't think things through." Another moment of silence, before he groans. "Yeah... thanks for rubbing it in."

The trip is mostly spent in silence, though Reverb can't help but start a bit of banter. "So, how was school?"

I just sigh. "It was... better today."

She can't help but smile at that. "Have they finally stopped bullying you?"

I shake my head. "No..." I then smile at the memory. "... but there was a guy I met today."

"Oh?" She just smiles at that. "What was he like?"

I can't help but smile at that. "He's just... so energetic and so... flamboyant. He loves to boast about his tricks, and he claims that one day he'll put on a show so spectacular it'll put the Sonic Rainboom to shame."

Reverb just smiles at that. "He sounds pretty bold too."

I just chuckle at that. "I wouldn't doubt it. His dad is his inspiration." I then look down, thinking back to earlier. "Hey... what was that all about?"

She just raises an eyebrow. "What do you mean?"

I look up at her, a bit unsettled. "That pony. You sounded like you know him. Who was he?"

She frowns at that, looking forward. "A pony from a group that your dad and his friends have been fighting with to survive in Ponyville."

I just raise an eyebrow. "What kind of group?"

She simply gives her a blank expression. "They're part of a dragon hunting group known as GIVEMEHEAD."

I can't help but snicker at the name. "Who came up with that name?!"

"A pony who probably isn't allowed to name anything else," she responds.

I just chuckle, then I look down in thought. "... I think I remember some ponies in school mentioning something like that." I then blush. "And all this time, I thought..."

Reverb just looks a bit unsettled. "Aren't you a bit young to be having those thoughts?"

My cheeks turn even redder. "I... m-may have spent a bit too much time hanging out with Vinyl."

She just looks forward with a neutral expression. "No wonder."

"We have arrived," one of the pegasi informs as they make a landing in front of the castle.

I just nod as I exit the chariot. "Thanks for the chat, Reverb."

She smiles at that. "Anytime, Starburst."

The castle doors then burst open to reveal a relieved Princess Luna as she rushes over to Starburst and tackles her with a hug. "Oh, Starburst, I missed you so much!"

I stumble back a bit at the assault, pain shooting through my right arm. "Ow..." I then give her a smile, trying my hardest to not show the pain. "... I missed you too, mom."

She then quickly releases her hug, a worried expression on her face. "What happened? Did you get hurt again?"

I just rub my right arm, acting oblivious. "What? No. I just..."

"Don't lie to me, Starburst." She then pokes my right arm, causing me to recoil a bit. She then raises an eyebrow. "Hard day of training?"

I shake my head slowly, but her expression remains unchanged. I then sigh at that. "I might have pushed myself more than I should have."

"Uh-huh." Luna just looks at my right arm. "If I know Skips, he should go easy on you tomorrow." She then grins. "And if he doesn't, he's sure to get an earful from me."

I giggle at that. "Sometimes he just doesn't know when to quit."

She looks at the castle, then back to me. "Shall we take this inside?"

I just shrug. "Sure. I got something I need to ask you anyways."

She just raises an eyebrow, but nods as the two of us head into the castle.

We pass several rooms and corridors, some full of trophies, some full of scrolls, and others... well, guest bedrooms, I suppose. Then...

"Evening, mother," comes a voice from behind us.

I just sigh at that. "Blueblood."

He turns to me with a look of disgust. "Starburst."

Luna simply cranes her neck back. "Shouldn't you be in bed, Blueblood?"

"Well, yes, but... all the commotion you stirred up woke the..." he then shudders. "other fillies."

I can't help but glare at him. "Do you have some sort of vendetta against us?"

He just chuckles. "Of course not, Starburst. I would do anything to look out for my family."

Luna simply looks at him with an uninterested look. "Sure." She then looks at me. "I'm heading off." She then walks away.

I look at her as well, keeping in step. "And I'm coming with you."

Once the two are out of earshot, Blueblood simply glares at me. "One day, Starburst..."

Once the two of us make it to Luna's room, I sit on her bed.

She starts to make her way over to the balcony, but stops to look at me. "You said you wanted to talk about something?"

I look at her, then sigh. "My dad... he's keeping some sort of secret from me."

Luna simply sighs at that. "I'm not sure why, but he insisted on it."

I look down at that, a bit disheartened. "So... he doesn't trust me?"

Luna shakes her head. "Of course he trusts you! Why would you think otherwise?"

I look over at her, raising an eyebrow. "Then what is it? What does he not want me to know?"

She then sighs. "I believe that is for your father to tell you."

I just give her an incredulous look. "He told me to ask you."

She looks out at the moon, then looks back at me. "Go to bed. I'll show you then." She then walks out to the balcony.

I just nod, turning back the covers to Luna's bed and hopping in. I bundle up, clinging tightly to the covers as my eyes close. My mind wanders to the events of today... to the jerks at school, to the guy that ran them off... to the training... then my arm starts to hurt again. I just clasp my arm, hoping the pain will go away.

It takes a while for me to even get comfortable, but eventually I just accept the pain and drift off to sleep.