An Editor At Long Last · 3:52am July 18th

Hi everyone, Lighting Ace here; just wanted to make one small announcement. After a few technical difficulties I finally got some editors who are willing to clean up my mess. As a result, chapter one is now as correct as possible.

So, if you were suddenly relieved and happy and you didn't know why, this could possibly be the reason. Your wishes were finally granted.

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Its not offence and no, English is not my native language, its Spanish, but don't worry I already have some editors on the case

Just a quick question, and I mean absolutely no offense by this, but is English your first language? I’ve noticed some grammatical errors that repeat a lot in your story “The Humble Prince” and they remind me of one of my friends from France.

Got I will, thanks for the help. And to answer, no his issue will continue in the next chapter. I too wish to develop Fira more as well that the main six, and finally sure I could hear request and consider them for my story in the long run they might give me an idea on how to progress.

Ok sorry to hear that, do you do requests, I would like to see the fox developed more. I have noticed that you put "say" when it should read said. Eg. When all said and done. You may want explore what the main six are doing, his issue are not going to go away in the next few chapters are they? You may want to reread that last chapter I think you missed a couple of words.

Thanks I'm a bit on a block now but as soon as I manage to find out how to continue, I will post

  • Viewing 243 - 247 of 247
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