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I like it, you should keep going

At least she Dident do it with that jerk

Rainbow just can't win.


That last line....oh my.

Ahhhh, most interesting.


Intriguing. I look 4word 2 more.

Dies hair.
Dresses like a slut.
Goes on a date.
Interesting....*rubs manly stubble*

It's time to wrap this up! We're getting 20% shorter!!
Do- do- da do do do da do dad do!!!!

Can't wrap it up. Not even half done yet.

:applejackunsure: It... it's not over, is it? I hope not. :twilightoops:

I feel like rainbow is gonna get caught...
Also does anyone know how to put faces in the comments?

2316237 You mean these? :rainbowderp::raritystarry::unsuresweetie: If so, then whenever you go to make a comment there is a mess of faces/emotes to the right ---> Just click one and it'll appear over here as stuff like rainbowderp or pinkielaugh and when you enter your finished comment it becomes a face! :pinkiehappy:

The things you do indeed Rarity,

Still loving the story as well as the rapid updates. Most excellent.

Well, this is an unusual idea (unusual to *me* at least).

I chuckled at the pimp hat. :rainbowlaugh:

rarity is best pimp

Maybe it's just me, but I believe poking your date in the eye with your dong is bad form! Of course, at the time, he couldn't see where it was going. We'll give him a pass on that one.

Also: Are you sure it's "asophagus"?

Rarity, you best hope you've got a good excuse on hand if one of your other friends catches you out and about like that. :trollestia:

"Then things get weird." wonderfull, will have to read this soon :)

Any news on more ponewords?


I have to wait for a new shipment of drive and motivation.

I see this getting rather intresting, I have fully enjoyed the story thus far, I hope you find your muse once more

I miss-read the title as "veiled toilet" >_>

Oh my god finally it updated



this story has a lot of potential I just think you need to be more descriptive. And expand with what you have and this could be awesome.

Yes, good... :trollestia:

why pimp hat, why not go for a madame look?

violet is probably aware of some money, silver did comment on having underpaid

Well you see, pimp hats are fundamentally funny.

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