Veiled Violet

by Obscure

First published

This is a story about Rainbow Dash dressed in drag. Also prostitution. Also love.

Rainbow Dash gets a date.
But Rainbow is too self conscious to get laid
Rarity solves the problem by disguising her with hair dye, dressing her like a slut and giving her a new name.
Then things get weird.

Chapter 1

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The sun hung high in the sky when the blue pegasus pony started work on the skies over the quiet and idyllic little town of Ponyville. Still rubbing sleep from her eyes she soared high above the clouds. There, high above the world, she checked her schedule and made her adjustments.

It was prime growing season right now for the farmers below. The schedule called for a 30% cumuliform but at this phase it would make more sense to make 20% cumuliform and 20% stratiform to create a more even shade and avoid drying out the ground.

The decision had nothing to do with how much more fun stratiform clouds were to form. Nope none at all.

The weather schedule thus adjusted the winged blue pony set to work.

The dense magic fields of the Equestian sky flowed in her wake as she dived. Her mane and tail seemed to stretch out behind forming a multi-hued streak that built and lengthened into a rainbow.

A rainbow that darted through the sky in majestic loops and curls, heralding to all, those who had eyes and cared to glance toward the sky at least, that Rainbow Dash, the famed weather manager of the municipality of Ponyville was on the job.

Striking like a hammer, like a magical rainbow powered artillery shell she slammed into excess cumulus cloud banks. They broke apart and dispersed under the impact. Chunks of cloud flying in every direction trying and failing to hold onto their structural integrity.

Then she returned slicing through the weather patterns cutting them off from their support. Relentlessly she drove them to the corners of the sky.

Then out of the now spread out mountains of cumuliform clouds, she selected and chose. Picking the ones that would work best.

Spinning rapidly she formed a cyclone over one of the mountainous cloud banks. The winds howled in her ears but this high up there was no debris to blind her vision. Until the cloud began to be sucked in. Dash worked blind mostly by feeling the pressure in her magnificent wings. Cloud was pulled up into the cyclone and as it reached the top spread out into a thin and smooth sheet of stratiform.

That was when she hit the goose.

Dazed and blinded from the impact the two fliers tumbled helplessly out of the sky. The cyclone rapidly faded away without it's energy source.

Dash struggled to break off into a glide where she could regain her bearings, but she found herself hopelessly tangled with her now terrified and violent fellow avian.

For long heart pounding moments the two rolled and wrestled in the sky, each desperate to escape the other and what was soon to be their shared fate.

Well not truly shared. Rainbow Dash was a pegasus. Her body was made of much stronger material then a goose. But a fall from this height would certainly see her hospitalized for a number of agonizingly flightless days. The poor bird on the other hoof would likely be rendered into a red smear of the ground below.

Rainbow's life flashed before her eyes. Her cloud house. Her pet tortoise. Her fan club. Her friends. It was nice. It was great. It was missing some things. Even she had to admit that there where huge parts of her life missing. Incomplete.

Her rear hoof planted firmly on the goose's chest. With a strong kick she sent it flying away.

The pegasus and bird after a few extra tumbles soon regained control.

Exhausted, and more then a little shaken, the blue pony set down in the park. It had lots of open area. Good for a nice easy landing.

She took a few running steps after hitting the ground to let her momentum bleed away. Normally she would bleed it all away in a flashy wing braking manoeuvre. But she was tired and playing it safe.

Collapsing onto the ground she waited to catch her breath.

“Oooh, I just love your new dress,” a nearby pony excitedly squealed.

Dash rolled her head slightly to glance in that direction.

“I know right? My coltfriend just loves it. He said it made me look so pretty!”

Coltfriend, the weather pony thought to herself.

The dress in question was a soft and demure pink, accented heavily with lace that some how in showing a slice of it's wearers flank managed to appear almost lewd.

Unusual that, as ponies didn't normally wear clothes.

Her brief summation of the dress was that she would never wear such a frilly and girly thing. It just wasn't her. It didn't fit with the bold and adventurous image that she projected.

Things like that were for pretty ponies, not ponies like her.

She stood up. Carefully step by step she checked each limb and joint. Nothing felt broken and she stretched out each wing in turn. The wind was picking up a little cooling the tension in her wings as she flexed.

She smiled. Was she not mighty and near indestructible. Wasn't she the fastest, the strongest, the fiercest and bravest pony of all?

Her ego stocked and burned. Her grin grew wide. Confidence and power returned to her. The famed, the bold, hero of Equestria...

For pretty ponies. Not ponies like her.

Her grin faded a little.

A stallion and his mare gripped each other on a nearby bench. A flash of moist pink tongue showed in the sunlight as they broke their kiss only to rejoin it a moment latter.

That... That was also for pretty mares. Not mares like her...

Her grin now faded away entirely to be replaced with a firmly set line.

Her work. Her career were important to her. They were the essential core of everything that Rainbow Dash stood for. Working up through the ranks of the weather service and eventually making her way into the halls of the greatest fliers in all of Equestria. The storied and legendary Wonderbolts.

She had no time to spend lounging around making out with some stallion.

Not that they ever... Dash smothered the disparaging thought.

That is why it was with slow and easy circles rather then a thunderous roar Dash began to climb back up to the cloud line.

To say this was an unusual event is an understatement. Many pegasi encounter each other regularly on the wing, many enjoy lengthy conversations with their fellows as they soared serenely across the sky. It was only for Dash that the sky was a place of isolation.

She simply always went too fast for another pony to catch up.

This time however things were different. A familiar brown pegasus stallion caught up to her and joined her.

“Hoops? What the hay are you doing in Ponyville?”

“Vacation. The guys said this was a good place to laugh at ground pounders.”


“So I'm stuck in town for the weekend, you wanna hang out Friday night? I'll buy you dinner.”

Rainbow Dash forgot to fly for a second.

“Okay, sure. If you're buying,” she replied trying to cover up her flying stumble.

“See you then, and wear something pretty for once, okay?”

“Yeah, sure.” A date? Oh my Celestia, I have a date! Some guy just asked me on a date, oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh...

Excited Dash returned to her labours in the skies above Ponyville. A ribbon tailing her as she rocketed through the air.

A date. She had never had a date before. Nopony had ever asked her on one before. This was going to be so awesome!

“Wait till the guys hear I managed to bag Rainbow Crash,” Hoops laughed to himself as he circled back down to the ground below. It was almost comical to think that he would be seriously interested in a scrawny tomboy like her.

Chapter 2

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“I'm sorry, Silver Stomp but I'm not that sort of lady,” a very terse white unicorn mare explained to the almost as white stallion at her door.

“I... I understand but please, can you take my card? Just in case you reconsider?”

“If it will get you out of my boutique any faster, yes yes I will.”

With a frustrated stomp the fashionista closed the door of her magnificent establishment. Three hours without a single customer and her first walk-in had the nerve to assume that she...

The nerve of some ponies!

Discarding the card in the trash bin next to her cash register, Rarity settled down to working on casual wear scarves. Each stab of the needle she imagined inflicted upon that vile Mister Stomp.

A slow if slightly evil smile spread across her lips as she worked.

Her appearance was as always immaculate. Her mane, a curling wave of dark purple, shone pristine in the light cascading from the windows of her shop. Her eyes painted to perfection. Her hooves carefully filed to precision edges. Her cutiemark, a trio of diamonds that symbolized her talents and passion, shone brilliantly and alluringly from upon her carefully toned flank. Her pale white coat softened and delicate from extensive treatment.

She couldn't blame that sleazy stallion for hoping that she might prove pliable in such a way. Not really. Surely it was the only way he had the slightest of chances.

Her rack of impulse buy scarves was almost fully restocked when she was interrupted once more by an excited knock at her door.

A pale blue magical aura illuminated her horn that matched the aura that know surrounded her front door. Obeying her command the door unlatched and opened. The little bell over the door rang.

“Come in! Welcome the Carousel Boutique where everything is... Oh, Rainbow Dash what brings you by today?”

“Rarity!” the excited pegasus called as she hovered into the shop like an localized storm of destruction and chaos. “I have a date!”

“Excellent news, who is the lucky... pony?” she amended her statement. Between her friends tomboyish nature and her rainbow mane there was a considerable amount of conjecture.

“Oh, just some pegasus I know from Cloudsdale,” Rainbow, clearly feeling no need to clarify the issue of her sexual preference, replied.

“What... Has you so excited about going out on a date with this pony?” Rarity stumbled looking for her question.

“It's a date.”

Rarity blinked in the face of the storm.

Dash set down on the floor of the boutique. She looked away from her friend. Her right hoof lifted and rubbed her right leg. She blushed.

“O-of, course. Y-you have a date and now you need help. Help getting ready?” The clothes horse scrambled out of the trap she had inadvertently thrown herself into.

“Y-yeah sure. If you want. I don't need any help. I've been on lots of dates and stuff,” the blue pony began to lie horribly. “It's... He wanted me to wear something pretty. And I don't have anything like that really,” she finally admitted.

“I'm surprised you aren't planning to wear one of the pieces I've already made for you. I thought Fluttershy was holding onto them for you...”

“Ya, but they're...”

“I made them very much with you in mind. Very bold and dashing. To accentuate your existing qualities.”

“I know. But now I need something pretty.”

“Pretty? Pretty how exactly?”

“Pretty like you.”

Rarity blinked again.

This wasn't what she had been expecting. Not ever. Certainly not today. But this was an unusual opportunity. One that she couldn't pass up.

It had also been presented to her in a most flattering on manners. She certainly couldn't deny it.

“Come along, darling.” Rarity turned and trotted to her workroom. This was a prime opportunity.

The materials were raw. Exceedingly so. But they did sparkle oh so brightly.

The uncut sapphire followed her. Head still held low. Terrified and determined. For as long as Dash could stomach it Rarity would work to her utmost. She would transform her into a lady.

“Up here onto the stand,” the pale unicorn instructed, referring to a raised platform in the centre of the room surrounded by mirrors. She turned and addressed her stock pile of materials without ascertaining that she had been obeyed.

Raw fabrics unfurled from their rolls at her command. Ribbon and lace slid forth like serpents.

There was a startled yelp as the cloth in question descended upon their victim on the stand. Rows of pins darted into the typhoon of fashion like... well darts.

Rainbow Dash stood in shock, staring at one of the mirrors. A cascade of ruffles drifted down over her flank to the floor anchored upon her waste. Her colourful mane was bound up high into a severe looking bun. Around her neck was a clothe yoke of red lace that matched her eyes.

For a moment she was a lady. Lady Rainbow Dash of Ponyville. Class, sophistication and grace where hers to command.

“Oh, wow! Rares this is so totally awesome!” Dash easily rendering the brief facade into tatters.

“I'm glad you approve,” Rarity smiled. “When will you need this piece done?”

“Friday. I need it Friday night,” the blue pony excitedly barked as she hopped from hoof to hoof excitedly.

“Please, come by Friday afternoon. We'll have to get you ready for your big night,” Rarity winced imagining that she would likely have to tie the pegasus in place in order to apply any make-up. “I assume you can manage to arrive in a bathed state?”

The blue pegasus paused for a moment. The smell of exertion from her weather duties was already filling the small room with her own particular scent. Like ozone and hot horse.

Becoming aware of this fact and the fact that she had foolishly draped the weather pony in fabric that could stain, she withdrew the clothe.

“Sure, anything for you Rarity...”

“Before you go... do you have any over all suggestions for the dress?” the fashionista asked in mild dread.

“I don't know maybe about 20%...”

The fashion pony flinched back as though she where about to be struck.

“Shorter. Yeah, 20% shorter.”

Chapter 3

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Rainbow Dash shivered in the chill wind. The weather was just like it was supposed to be. How it had been scheduled. Even after waking up early she had done her job professionally.

The wind gusted again and she pulled her dress tighter.

Eyes on the sky she waited.

Three hours. Three hours of scrubbing, styling and being assaulted with cosmetics and accessories.

The end result had been startling. The blue pegasus actually looked like a pretty pony. It was weird. Almost as though the pony that looked back at her through the mirror had been somepony else.

She shivered again. Not because of the cold. Not really. But because she was stepping into foreign territory and doing something she had never thought she would. It was a little frightening. Even if she would never admit that to anypony.

Here on the roof of Rarity's boutique she waited. The fashionista had been appalled at this plan. But Dash had explained that when two pegasi wish to meet this was the best way.

Loitering on a balcony was practically inviting any pegasi that you knew to come by for a chat.

“I see you got yourself dolled up.”

“Hey Hoops.”

“Lets go grab some grub.”

With that the brown pegasus stallion took off like a shot. Rainbow Dash, being Rainbow Dash, raced after. Rapidly closing the distance.

Three laps of Ponyville latter, or almost enough to get her wings loosened up, they split off from the loop into a break neck dive into their allotted destination.

Hayseed's Travelling Hay Fry Emporium.

Stepping over empty food wrappers and discarded fries they made their way inside of the harshly lit late night shop.

The place was sparsely populated. It didn't look that popular. But that was good wasn't it? Without an audience to see her crash and burn she could relax a little.

They settled into a booth. Dash stopped to flick some trash out of the way first.

Her dress was torn. Probably from the race. She'd have to remember to apologize to Rarity about it. And to try and keep it toned down a little speed wise.

“So how have things been since you left Cloudsdale?” her date ventured.

“They've been... good.”


Silence, rich with awkwardness, reigned with an iron fist over the table.

“What's your order?” a plucky young earth pony waitress challenged the dominion of the silence and briefly tossed it into exile.

“Two orders of hay fries. Make them large. And two sarsaparilla, make them jumbo,” the stallion's eyes wandered over the waitress to come to a rest on her rump. The skirt of her uniform she was wearing was so short it half concealed her cutiemark. It was really more of a glorified saddle.

“That will be everything?”

“Yeah, sure,” answered Dash.

“That should do it,” finished Hoops.

Hoops watched intently as the waitress left.

The blue pegasus mare floundered. Maybe she should have worn something like that. Was it okay that her date was checking out other mares like that? Was she not being interesting enough? No she wasn't, she hadn't said anything. She rallied. She could do this. This was nothing.

“So, how's the career going? You ever get into, ah...” Rainbow stumbled. What was that silly team called again?

“Cloudsdale Draft,” he filled in for her. “I don't wanna talk about it.”


Silence returned, it's rule absolute.

The food arrived. This time the waitress had pulled her skirt down further. Dash's date still persisted in leering intensely at her well rounded and full flank.

Not that she could really blame him. The food didn't look all that great. The fries hung limp and soggy, slowly staining the card board containers with oil.

Was it really too much to ask for him to look at her? Well it was better then him watching her fidget.

The two ate their meal in silence.

“I'll meet you outside, I just have to pay.” It wasn't entirely true. He could have left the money at the table. Dash didn't challenge though.

This was a test flight. This wasn't the time to try out any tricks. Just hold the course and make it to the finish line.

The blue pegasus stood in her ripped new dress under the moon and stars. She supposed it was romantic. She thought she remembered hearing other ponies call it that.

Back inside Hoops was talking to that waitress. They looked kind of serious.

Was he really trying to line up his next date? Just because she had a bigger rump and a shorter skirt? Hadn't Hoops expressed distaste for non-pegasus ponies?

Rainbow started in alarm when the waitress hiked up her skirt and showed him her rump. Or was it her cutiemark... A silhouette of a seated pony head rested on one hoof and apparently deep in thought.

Why would an athletic pegasus like Hoops be interested in an earth pony philosopher working in a fast food dive?

“There anything to drink in this town?” the foppish brown stallion asked tiredly as he exited the restaurant.

* * *

High in the sky where she was home. Seated on a small cloud under the stars. The raised edges of the cloud kept the wind off.

Rainbow Dash and Hoops lounged on their backs, looking at all the twinkly lights. Also passing back and forth a small bottle of applejack from Sweet Apple Acres. Applejack made the best applejack.

“You're quiet,” he accused. He gave a little snort. “But I guess I am too.”

He dropped the bottle off the edge of the cloud.

A gentle hoof stroked her arm. Testing her reaction.

Her breath quickened. This was fine, she reminded herself. This is what it's about. This was what the finish line looked like.

The hoof drifted down to her wing.

To say that Rainbow Dash tensed at this would be an understatement. What she did is more accurately described as convulse. Her mind filled with the urge to slap his hoof away, to pound his face in with her hooves. Rainbow Dash doesn't put up with that kind of garbage from anypony.

But no. She had to finish this date. She had to make it across the finish line. It was so close.

Now he was tracing her cutiemark with his hoof tip. His lips brushing across her neck.

She started to hyper ventilate. Her rage burned hot till it burned clear. The root emotion. Raw unbridled panic. It flowed too fast to be converted into more palatable anger.

Sweet Celestia, she was scared. It felt like her heart was about to burst. She'd never felt like this.

The stallion nudged her, rolled her onto her belly.

Dash couldn't breath. Her face was turning red. She had to, had to, had to...

A hoof touched her shoulder, she could feel him moving. In a moment he'd mount her.

...had to escape.

The finish line. Date completed successfully. She was about to finally cross it. Defy her fate.

The cloud exploded in a monochromatic splash.

Screaming, crying, furious and despairing a ribbon of rainbow twirled through the night sky.

Unreachable. Untouchable. Peerless in her glory.

And in desperate need of safe harbour.

Chapter 4

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Strong masculine hooves held Rarity close to a chiseled chest. Perfect teeth nibbled on her ear. A strong musk of strength and male virility filled her nose.

The pale and perfectly manicured unicorn murmured in exquisite and well deserved bliss.

A frantic hammering on her window woke her.

Grumbling, clad in rollers and a green beauty mask Rarity rolled out of bed and into her fluffy pink slippers.

She wore slippers so she wouldn't chip a hoof while stumbling around in the dark. The natural insulating properties of hooves ensured that no mere cold floor could chill her.

“Rarity!” came a frantic voice alongside a repeat of the prior frantic knock.

“Who is it!” she demanded in reply.

“It's me. Rainbow Dash!”

“What do you need!” Rarity was seriously considering turning away her late night visitor.

Silence reigned from the other side of the glass.

After a moment's pause Rarity opened the window.

What she beheld was a torn dress, running mascara, smeared lipstick and behind all of that the most miserable and pathetic looking Rainbow Dash she had ever seen.

Enveloped the a sudden blue glow the pegasus pony was pulled into her bedroom. The window was closed and locked. The curtains pulled shut.

“I, I... He...” Dash blubbered.

She then set to work liberating her from the dress.

“Hush dear, It's alright. It's all over now,” cooed the unicorn in a reassuring and motherly fashion.

Drawing forth a basin and cloth she began washing away ruined cosmetics, tears and snot.

“Lets just get you cleaned up and we'll talk about it, we have all night.”

“I couldn't... He wanted to...” Blue wings stroked the air lifting the pegasus.

Rarity recognized the looming threat of her friends immediate and destructive exit.

The fashionista grabbed the flier in a hug. She tried to struggle free.

“No! No, Dash! You came to me! You want to to tell me! You will tell me!”

Rarity wrestled the sobbing pegasus to the floor and pinned her in place. She took this opportunity to start restoring her friends mane to it's original roguishly good looking state.

Straddling the lean and muscular pegasus was decidedly satisfying.

“Starting to feel a little better, darling?” she asked as the blue mares sobs slowly came to a stop.

“Yeah, kinda.”

It did not occur to Rarity to release Dash, as she reached for the curry comb.

Slowly starting at the neck she used the stiff nubs of the brush to work the grit and grim out of the pegasus's coat.

“Talk to me Dash,” the pale unicorn purred. “What has you so upset?”

“I, He wanted to do it. And I couldn't.”

Rarity wondered how it was that she had never before noticed how tight and smooth Rainbow's shoulders were as she moved meticulously down her body.

“Couldn't or didn't want to?”


Rarity scooched back a little to work lower on Dash's body. This meant she was now gripping the muscular rump of the blue mare between her thighs. Calmly she went to work on scrubbing the barrel.

“A bit of both perhaps?”

“Yeah,” Dash admitted.

The unicorn switched positions, straddling the blue mares barrel while she scrubbed down that hard, slender, mouth watering flank.



“Wanna get drunk after this?”

“Sweet Celestia, yes.”

* * *

“Oh gosh, do mares really wear these?” Dash shifted her weight to one side as she checked out the fore mentioned article of clothing in the nearest mirror.

“Oh yes, Dashie,” Rarity stumbled around the edge of the stand to get a better looker herself. “I think they add a little something. But it's not something ponies wear in public. Unless it's under a dress.”

The soft cotton hugging against Dash's rump didn't feel bad per say. Just unusual, different.

How they looked though. As she swished her tail to one side to see them. It almost looked like she was presenting. And what she was presenting? Well bucko, you'll just have to come on over and see for yourself.

She almost looked pretty in these things.

She smiled. For the first time in hours the pegasus smiled.

“What do they call these things again?”

“Panties, Dash. Dark blue, cotton with elastic waist.”

“I gotta remember these... What else do you got?”

“'What else?'” the unicorn quoted with a silly grin as she reached up and helped Dash out of the panties by hoof. She was probably to drunk to use her magic. “She asks 'what else' I have...” she laughed.

Picking herself up after falling off if the stand Rarity pulled a hidden chest out of the corner of the room and after a few fumbles, unlocked it.

Her mouth stuffed with strange and unknown garments Rarity made her way back. Her eyes locked oddly hungrily on the pegasus mare.

Dash's hoof stomped in eagerness.

First came the saddle. Draped over her back, it had no pad. Just bare hardened leather digging into her back. Rarity crawled under her to cinch and tighten it with her mouth.

Rarity briefly demonstrated it's purpose. Grabbing onto the saddle from behind her. Holding her firmly as she gave a little faux thrust against her.

The pale unicorn returned to her side, a piece of pink cloth in her mouth this time. With her hoof she lifted up Dash's right back leg.

She jumped a little as the fabric was dragged over her especially sensitive hoof but Rarity held her firm with her own for hoof on the saddle. Holding her still as she slid the stocking up her leg.

She pulled it up slowly, making sure that Dash felt every inch of the silky fabric against her coat and hoof. It stopped at her mid thigh with Rarity's nose pressed against her cutiemark.

Dash was already raising her other hind leg by the time the clothes horse had made it to the other side.

This time Rarity stopped for a moment with her nose pressed against the cutiemark.

Two small straps where anchored to the back of the saddle and other one to the strap at the bottom.

Ducking under her like a nursing foal Rarity Pulled the straps tight together over both of her flanks and fastened them together with what felt like a cold metal ring right between her teats.

Then from the pile came the last where two small little straps, these ran from each of the two top straps to the top edge of each stocking.

Thus wearing the garment Dash turned to the mirror. She examined herself from the side and the back.

Her eyes widened in disbelief.


“Yes, Dashie?”

“Am I a pretty pony?”

“You are the prettiest pony, Dashie!” She exclaimed and pointed a hoof forcefully to show just who she was talking about. And fell over.

She looked at the pony in the mirror. Rainbow Dash the pretty pony. How wonderful. She could be a pretty pony. She was that pony.

She swished her tail from side to side examining how the straps held her haunches apart and showed her off. Like she was begging to be mounted.

Rainbow Dash the invincible, the untouchable, the uncatchable. Begging to be taken and had. To give in. Give up. To submit to defeat and not to win.

Nausea hit her hard. She nearly vomited right there.

Wonderbolts. Fame. Glory. Respect.

“I have something else...” Rarity was back by the chest. Digging around.

Maybe, just maybe if I don't look in the mirror and don't think about anything this can keep going? Just for a little while. Rainbow thought hopefully to herself.

“There is a story behind these. Long ago before the three tribes united there was a custom,” Rarity placed the gilded clasps from the chest on the stand before her.

Dash didn't quite recoil when she saw them.

“The bound pegasus.”

Of course. They looked just like a folded pegasus wing. They were hollow and had a latching device so they could be held in place over a wing. Holding a pegasus flightless.

“I, I have to go,” Dash eventually responded as she started to disrobe.

Chapter 5

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It was Sunday morning in Sugar Cube Corner and it was quiet. Rainbow hugged a cup of coffee between her hooves. A strudel sat half eaten on a paper plate beside her.

Pinkie Pie, the pink party pony of Ponyville was still asleep in her room above the shop. Likely sleeping off last nights party.

Here in this quiet moment, the blue pegasus pony simply enjoyed the process of waking.

In an hour she would be working weather. Then she would do some speed training down by ghastly gorge. Then she would have her late morning nap. Then lunch.

It was a rich full life being Rainbow Dash.

She took a sip of the bitter hot fluid and gave a pleased, if sleepy, little murmur.

“Hello darling.”

“Hi Rarity, you're up early,” she replied to the unicorn taking a seat across from her at the table.

“Late actually. Had a little inspiration attack last night.” Now that she mentioned it, Dash could see the bags under Rarity's eyes.

The two took a moment to mutually enjoy their coffee. Rarity took a moment to add a little more honey to hers.

“What's the weather going to be like?”

“We got a new mandate for 'slow drifting clouds' from the Mayor last week, so we'll be doing mostly chop and buck work. It takes more time and care then clear sky but it isn't as strenuous.”

“I thought you liked strenuous?”

“It is fun,” a smile began to spread across the pegasus's face.

“Speaking of fun,” Rarity leaned close over the table to whisper conspiratorially. “I have a new shipment coming in two days, we might be able to find something special for your next date night.”


“Oh, we'll have so much fun, I think I know just the right kind of dress. I have sketches ready and drawn out. Pretty but adventurous, exciting and just a teensy bit sleazy. I just can't wait to hear your feed back it.”

“Rarity, I can't.”

“Darling? What can't you do?”

“I can't keep doing this. Pretending that I'm something I'm not. Going out and making a foal of myself. Ponies will start to talk. My reputation will be ruined.”

“I..., I understand, darling,” Rarity pulled back to her side of the table. “I understand completely.”

Dash felt hollow. Like she had just lost something important. But this way she could keep her image safe. Nopony ever said fame and glory where easy.

The two mares enjoyed their coffee in silence for a long moment.

“You know, dear, I am singularly known for producing high society gowns,” Rarity paused for a moment for Dash to nod in return. “But not all of my inspiration is so... cultured. Some of it is rather... how to say... rude.”

The blue pony blushed slightly.

“I can't create and sell such work as Rarity. It would destroy my brand. But I still wind up with illicit designs that would simply waste away if I did nothing. So I do create and sell them. As a little known Canterlot designer named Elusive.”

“You can't be saying...”

“That you could do the same?” Rarity cut her off. “Actually I am.”

A pale white hoof reached across the table to press reassuringly against hers.

“Let me help you, Dash. I'll find a way.”

“I don't know...”

“Come to my shop at 8 o'clock this evening. I can help you.”


“Do you trust me, Dash?”


* * *

Rainbow Dash had thought about not showing. Tried to imagine not being here at this door at 8 o'clock sharp. Tried to imagine herself practising or napping instead.

All she'd done was imagine herself unable to concentrate on her moves or unable to relax enough to nap.

She hadn't really had a choice. Not really.

The front door of the boutique loomed large, dark and unopened.

She could go in. Listen to Rarity's crazy plan. Thank her for her concern and decline. Yeah, just like that.

She raised a hoof to the door.

She could sneak away before Rarity noticed her.

No, no she was at least curious about whatever trick it was that the unicorn had up her sleeve. And it would be rude to just bail on her like this.

But on the other hoof...

The door opened and Rarity pulled her inside.

“Do you trust me?” the pale unicorn was grinning madly, practically bouncing in place.

“Yeah, sure I do.”

“Come right this way then, darling.”

Dash followed those well toned haunches obediently. Down the hall, up the stairs and into a rather ornate bathroom.

It had a large shower stall that filled the left hoof side of the room, On the other side was an expansive vanity and in the farthest corner a toilet that fought and struggled for what little was left of the room.

Rarity turned on the shower and waited a moment for the water to reach a suitable temperature. Then she pushed the blue pegasus inside.

Dash was wasn't surprised at this.

What did surprise her was when the fashionista followed her.



“What are you doing?”

“Why, I'm washing your mane, darling.” The unicorn was scrubbing her mane with her hooves.


“I thought you could use the help.” Now she was working on the tail. Every so often giving a sharp little tug.

“I do this on my own, you know.”

“This time though, I need to know it's done properly.” She pulled Rainbow out of the stream of water and fetched a shampoo bottle with a blue aura.

“No one has washed my mane since I was a foal.”

“Just humour me, darling.” Rarity started lathering up her mane and she was forced to close her eyes against the threat of shampoo.

Firmly and slowly working up the mane with her hooves the unicorn made sure that every hair was caught up in the thick soapy mess. Diligently ensuring that it reached down to the scalp.

Then Dash felt the hooves leave her mane and felt the tugging on her tail again. She moved forward to stick her head under the shower.

Rarity caught her with an arm around her neck pulling her back.

“No, no. Let it set for a moment.”

The tugging on her tail resumed.

After a long moment the tugging stopped. Then a moment droned after that while Rarity used the excess suds to wash out her coat.

“There, now proceed.”

Dash stepped under the shower head and took a moment to enjoy the feel of hot water flowing over her coat. The heat seeping into her flight muscles helping her to relax.

Rarity's gentle hooves returned to help scrub the shampoo out of her mane and tail. Taking extra care to get the excess shampoo out the coat on her rump. She must have spilt some there or something.

“There, all done.”

“Very thorough,” Dash reached for a towel.

Rarity slapped her hoof away.

“No, no. We have to get it in while the mane is still damp.”

“What in?”

“Come along, you'll see.”

Dash once again followed the well toned white haunches. This time into Rarity's work room.

“Lay down over here.” The unicorn pointed to an appropriately placed cushion.

Rainbow complied.

Rarity brought forth a red bottle.

“What is it?”

“This is very special. It comes right out when you get it wet. Very important that,” Rarity explained as she began combing red goo from the bottle in Dash's mane.

“But what is it?”

“Hair dye.”

Dash closed her eyes. I trust Rarity, I trust Rarity, I trust Rarity, she chanted to herself for a moment.


“As part of your alter ego. Your nom de plume.”

“My what?”

“Your disguise, darling,” Rarity rolled her eyes.

“You can't just totally hide who a pony is by dyeing their mane.”

“Look in that mirror.”

The blue pegasus turned and looked into the mirror. She blinked.

In the mirror. Was a pony. A pony she didn't know. A pony with a blue coat and soft red mane. And that mysterious pony was staring at her in surprise. And behind that pony Rarity was now combing red goo into a rainbow tail that looked very familiar.

Oh, it was her.

Rainbow Dash blinked again.

“This... could actually work,” she admitted to Rarity.

The fashionista helped her up.

“What about my cutiemark though?”

“Well as you know, the magic of a cutiemarks prevent them from being concealed by any magic known to ponykind.”

“I'm out of luck?”

Rarity floated over a small vial with a grin.

“What's that do?”

“This is the most potent...” she stopped and reflected for a moment, “... second most potent magical artifact I have ever personally handled. It is rare and valuable. I've never had cause to use it before, but tonight we shall give it a test run.”

A drop applied to her hoof, Rarity began to vigorously rub it into Dash's right cutiemark.

The blue mare bit her tongue and closed her eyes.

The unicorn turned her attention to the left.

She could taste blood.

“Have a look.”

Rainbow opened her eyes and looked at her flank.

It was bare.

“Temporarily. I don't know exactly how long it lasts, but hopefully it lasts for a few hours.”

The pegasus grinned.

Rarity pulled out the chest from her last visit. Now that Dash knew to look for it she could see the name 'Elusive' written on it.

Once again she was, saddled, stockinged, strapped and buckled.

“What's this for again?”

“Well... to help you get into the proper perspective you see...” Rarity's voice wavered uncertainly.

Dash would have suspected duplicity if she could think of a single possible ulterior motive for the fashionista to dress her up in the fetishy clothes. But as there was no such possible motive she simply nodded as though she understood.

“Please, look in the mirror for a moment,” Rarity instructed.

The blue pegasus watched as Rarity approached the other pegasus held within the glass. Watched as she raised the gilded clasps and fitted them over the wings of that other pony. Watched them be locked into place and a thin chain strung between them.

It wasn't her. It was some other pony.

Dash turned to Rarity who was now resting against her barrel grinning madly.

“Hello Veiled Violet, my dear. How have you been?” she purred

“I was thinking Skittles.”

“Veiled Violet it is, then.”

Chapter 6

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“So, Noteworthy, may I call you Noteworthy?”

“Of course, Rarity.”

“So, I made this promise to a friend of mine. She's visiting from out of town, you see. I promised that I would find her a date for tomorrow night...”

“Rarity?” the stallion interrupted.

“Yes, Noteworthy?”

“You do know that I'm married, right?”

“Ah, no, I didn't know that exactly...” In truth the fashionista had been fully aware that the musician before had been in a long term relationship with a rather talented fiddle playing member of the Apple family.

She had actually lowered him to the bottom of a rather short list of eligible bachelors, just for that very reason.

She just hadn't know they had been wed.

But time was short and she absolutely had to get a stallion for the date she had promised Rainbow Dash. Who knows if she could ever convince her to let her try again? Now wasn't the time to be playing nice.

“Ah, well... I imagine that she wouldn't terribly mind loaning you out for the evening.”

“Huh?” the dark blue pony replied in an appropriately stupefied manner.

“I mean if you explain to her afterwards that it was just a favour between friends, I'm sure she'll understand. Besides! She should feel perfectly ashamed for keeping a big strong stallion like you all to herself.”

“I can't believe what I'm hearing.”

“Not that she has to ever know, necessarily. I mean we're all adults here and we can keep one little secret right?”

The stallion just stood there dumbfounded with a blush rising up his cheeks.

“You can count on us, if we can count on you.” The picturesque unicorn reached across the counter and pressed her hoof into his. She then employed her well practised eyelash flutter.

“Miss? I'm going to have to ask you to leave my shop and not come back till you've stopped being insane,” the apparently faithful husband replied as he pulled back his hoof. His blush looked near chronic.

Scowling the foiled fashionista made her exit from the music supply store.

Trotting angrily through the idyllic streets, Rarity crossed Noteworthy off the list. That was it. The last eligible, not so much a bachelor, in Ponyville.

It was infuriating. Though to be honest the total list had only a dozen names on it. The town had a rather painful shortage of males.

But if she was reduced to trying to seduce married stallions she could add more names to the list.

Carrot Cake came immediately to mind. The poor dear was in such denial about the brutal cuckolding that Cup Cake had put him through. He'd probably jump at the chance.

Rarity gave an angry sigh.

No. Noteworthy had been bad enough. She didn't have to go around actually trying to break up marriages.

There had to be another way. Somewhere in town there had to be at least one stallion in need of a romantic evening with a beautiful and exotic mare. Somepony who would understand the value...

Value. Valuables. Wealth. Money.

Rarity gave a shudder of revulsion as she realized that she knew one such stallion.

She felt cold, hollow as she returned to her boutique. It felt like a mistake, but she was running out of options. She genuinely hoped that she had remembered to throw out the trash in the past week.

But no, there it was. Under cash receipts and discarded patches of cloth. Still pristine and fully readable.

It was time to give Silver Stomp a visit.

* * *

The address didn't lead to a mansion or manor house as she had half expected. Instead it led to a small out of the way single story bungalow that was almost conspicuous in it's drabness.

Rarity passed the short white picket fence, her eyes looking for motion in the windows. She opened the little gate and let herself into the yard and trotted up to the door of the bland nondescript domicile.

She inhaled and rallied her nerves. This was business and she was a business lady. There would be no surprises for her behind this door. Simply a transaction.

With a sure nod, she knocked in the door.

She glanced behind her uncertainly. What if other ponies knew what sort of pony it was that lived here? What if they saw her standing here at his door? What if the jumped to the conclusion that she was here to accept his offer for herself?

The door opened.

“Why, hello Miss Rarity,” Silver sounded properly surprised.

“And good day to you Mister Stomp. It occurs that we have some matters to discuss. Please do invite me in.”

Apparently not one to leave a lady waiting the earth pony stepped back obediently and silently welcomed her into his home.

She ducked inside and out of sight.

He pulled out a chair for her at his drab table in his spartan kitchen.

After a week of uncouth stallions the difference in attitude Rarity found this change of pace might make this encounter almost tolerable.

She graciously took the offered seat.

“I'm kinda surprised you reconsidered my proposal.”

“As am I Mister Stomp. But this reconsideration includes some... adjustments.”

“I know that you're a high class gal and all but I actually can't pay more then I offered in my opening bid.”

“Oh, I do believe you,” the prim fashionista replied glancing around at her plebeian surroundings. “I actually have an adjustment of a very different sort, in mind. You see, I have a friend visiting from out of town this weekend that I would very much like for you to meet.”

“A friend?” he asked skeptically.

“She is in dire need of some entertainment.”

“You aren't just trying to pawn an ugly gal off on me are you?”

Rarity winced slightly. “I assure you that you will find her most satisfactory.”

“Fully Satisfactory?”

“I guarantee it,” Rarity grinned.

The stallion was silent for a moment. His brows apparently furrowed in thought.

Then he gave a nod a vanished into another room of his house.

Rarity fidgeted for a moment. That had felt like a sale. Should it feel like a sale?

The stallion returned with a large bag. He set it down on the table. It clinked.

She picked up the bag curiously and looked inside.

“The sign over your shop. It says 'money back guarantee,' right?”

“Indeed it does, Mister Stomp,” Rarity replied, wondering what exactly it was that she had just done.

Chapter 7

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Rainbow Dash didn't normally wear clothes and she normally didn't walk. She was also one of the most famous ponies in town.

Tonight though as she walked through the streets in her shadowy blue dress. With no one looking and greeting her in recognition.

It felt so bizarre and unnatural. Like walking through a dream. Only the slight pinch of her horseshoes reminded her that this was real.

But she had an appointment. She had to hurry.

A pegasus flashed by above her. She longed to give up the ground and fly to her destination as well. But she couldn't fly. Under the dress her wings where in the binders. She was trapped on the ground.

She felt a sharp pang of envy. Was this how earth ponies felt?

Her destination loomed close. The white fence passed by her. This was it. She felt a chill reach through her, up her spine from below her concealed and slight saddle.

Here at the gate she stopped. A growing ball of terror nestled in her chest. This was it. She was fast running out of time to back out. Without her wings she wouldn't be able to bolt at the last minute like last time. Was this how other mares felt?

A drape moved. He had been waiting for her. She stood stunned by fright for the moment it took for the door to open.

It was a stallion. White. Earth pony. His cutiemark was a horseshoe.

But how did he look? Older. Uncertain. Bland. Harmless. Non-threatening.

Dash gave a slight little smile. She couldn't imagine having sex with him, but she wasn't worried about talking to this pony.

He gave a smile and waved her over.

Trying to keep the trembling in her hooves to a minimum she made her way forward and into the single floor domicile.

The door closed behind her with a thud, prompting her to jump.

“Sorry about that. I'm Silver Stomp. Nice to meet you. You look nice.”

“Y,yeah, thanks. I'm Ra... I mean Sk... I mean Violet. Veiled Violet.”

“Ah, you sure?”

“Yeah, I'm sure. Violet. That's my name.”

“Alright then. Just so long as your sure.”

“Why wouldn't I be sure?” a touch of defensiveness etched into her voice.

“I have a bottle of wine if you'd like a glass,” he offered, ignoring the question and pulling out a chair from the table.

Dash took the seat. Her heart was beating kind of hard. She was kinda grateful for the opportunity to calm down. Or at least not have to deal with him for a few seconds.

She had a good long moment to collect herself while listening to the opening bottle and the pouring of the wine. She wasn't especially big on wine. Rainbow was more of a cider girl. Wine was more of a Rarity thing.

A glass or red liquid was placed before her.

“You new to this sort of thing?” the stallion asked as he sat down across from her at the table.

“No. I mean, Why would you say that? I,I've totally been on dates before.”

“You just seem sorta tense.”

Rainbow Dash flapped her wings, lifting herself up above the table in an intimidating manner, carelessly sending the wine glasses tumbling to the floor as she prepared to tell this jerk that she was very much not tense. At all. Even a little.

Straining against the binders she sat perfectly still as her face slowly reddened from frustration.

“I'm sorry, I didn't mean to upset you. I just need to know that your okay with this before we go ahead.”

That... Actually okay. She stared in almost shock. He wasn't challenging her. He was trying to make this easy on her.

Before they went ahead. And just did It. Like It.

Rainbow Dash couldn't handle this. She should go. Get out of this place before she embarrassed herself again.

Maybe this strange mare, sitting at this table, wearing those binders and this dress, talking to this harmless looking pony and about to have sex with him wasn't Rainbow Dash?

There was certainly some evidence on hand to support that idea. Like everything.

So maybe...

The strange blue mare let out a sigh and took a sip of her wine. It really wasn't bad.

“I think I'm ready now.”

* * *

Lips pressed against hers. Strong hooves wrapped around her shoulders and pulled her close. The tongue flowed between her teeth.

It was sort of okay.

His hoof brushed her dress away from her shoulder uncovering one of her gilded wings.

This was a little fast wasn't it?

“That's unusual,” he admitted to her as he nuzzled into her neck.


“Nothing,” he replied moving beside her.

He swept the dress the rest of the way off of her. Dropping it casually to the floor.

Her heart was pounding in her chest.

Digging his muzzle into her neck he pulled her closer with his right hoof. She could smell his sweat. It reminded her of cheap cider and fast food.

Her breath was coming in little gasps. Her face started to redden.

She felt him pressing into her side. Moving back. Rising up. Rising onto her.

Now was the time. She'd have to tell him to stop. Say that this was all some terrible mistake. She opened her eyes.

Before her was a conveniently placed mirror. She'd heard about this kind of thing. So that they could watch themselves.

But right now she was looking at that other mare. This other mare named Violet. Violet whom Rainbow Dash and Rarity had made together.

In the mirror some cheap looking stallion was about to mount Violet.

But she was Violet. What was she going to do? What kind of pony was Violet?

Violet was what Rainbow could never let herself be.

Violet was a slut.

The Violet in grinned as Violet spread her back legs a little and lined herself up with her best guess as to where the Silver's member was going.

Warm, rigid flesh pressed against her marehood.

She pressed back against it.

“Oh Celestia!” it hurt! Too big, too much.

“What they hay? You're really tight.”

It was her! She gritted her teeth. Feel the burn!

He moved back and forth a little.

It was getting better. The slick moisture, the thick flesh filling her. This was almost kind of fun. Intense.

She shrieked. Something caught. A pinching. A terrible painful pinching in the core her.

“You're... You're really...”

“Shut up!” she snapped furiously.

“I underpaid.”

“Shut up and do it!”

He did.

She screamed. Something tore.

He plunged deep, flowing back and forth freely. That felt right.

Except that she was aching inside. She just closed her eyes and stuffed it down.

Violet was tough. Sure she was. She had to be. She hadn't known she had to be. But here she was. Having to be tough.

She got her reward there. The ache started to fade. She discovered some of the original pleasure there hidden behind the pain. She was filled so satisfyingly. Feeling that member flowing in and out of her. This was what Violet was all about.

She never wanted this to stop. A sensation was welling up inside of her.

She felt the member pulse. Felt hot fluid flood into her. She felt flushed and satisfied. She gave a happy little sigh.

So this was what the finish line was like.

Chapter 8

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One hoof in front of the other. The night above was clear. The stars twinkled down upon her.

They looked kind of friendly in a funny sort of way.

Violet decided that she liked the night as she slowly lurched and swayed down the idyllic streets of Ponyville.

Yeah she hurt. She hurt everywhere. But it was a good hurt. It was like her body were made of pudding and hooves made of marshmallow.

The streets were empty and quiet.

It was just her enjoying the cool evening breeze. It was kind of sad, Violet decided. She was very much an evening mare.

It was almost too soon that she found herself once more in front of the ornate boutique that was her destination.

She didn't get the opportunity to knock before a slightly frazzled Rarity opened the door and dragged her inside.

“What did that brute do to you?” the unicorn was almost frantic.

Violet swayed in place. Her eyes glassy and her expression calm. She tried to think. It was hard to do.

“Are you alright? Do I have to take you to the hospital?”

Rarity was pressing her. She had to say something. Do something. Why wasn't it enough to have gotten here? That had been pretty hard. She had to... had to...

“Dash, please answer me?”

“Ah'm. Murr?”

“With words, Dash. Please use words.”

Oh right, words. She remembered those. She had some right over... Well somewhere. She wandered the fields of residual bliss that her brain had been reduced to, in search of her missing words.


“Rarity?” Oh there one was. There should be some more laying around somewhere. Wait, what would Violet do? She should do that. Whatever that was.

Violet stepped forward and gave Rarity a kiss. On the nose. It felt right.

The unicorn fell back on to her haunches with a blush at her impropriety.

Ah excellent some breathing room. The blue pegasus made her way to a clothing rack. Yes, this felt right. Very correct. She took off her dress and hung it up. Very good.

Then she collapsed onto the floor. Perfect. Oh, it was good to be off of her hooves.

If only she could get those binders off. It would be great to stretch her wings. They felt like the only part of her that wasn't exhausted.

“Rainbow!” Rarity scampered close and started pulling at her, shaking her. Trying to get her attention.

“Rarity,” she murmured back. Gosh, that was a handy word. She really needed to find some more.

“What's wrong?”

“Tired,” there we go. “Frightening,” oh, that was also a word. But did it describe accurately? Not really. But she had certainly been frightened for some of it. “Intense,” she was on a roll now. “Rarity, calm, fine, stuff.”

“Oh, you poor darling,” the nature of the hooves grappling her changed. From near frantic shaking to efforts at comfort. It was a decided improvement.

“It was awesome.”

“Oh my, you really actually did it?” There was an odd edge to her voice. She couldn't quite place it.

“Twice. Tried for three.” The poor guy just couldn't keep up. Had given it a try atleast.

“Um, wow.”

“Could you?” she wiggled a bound wing.

Blue wings stretched free. She felt the air against her primaries. A few slow test flaps to make sure the muscles where ready to roll.

Rarity rolled her onto her back with her hooves. She started unbuckled her, freeing her. Stripping away the saddle and the straps that somehow held her up as they held her down. Taking the steps to restore her to herself.

A blue hind leg twitched as hot breath flowed over her nipple while the fashionista unclasped the ring at her breasts. She stretched her wings out feeling the floor. She murmured quietly in bliss.

Liberated of all but one of the vestments of Violet, the soft red mane and tail, she took a moment. Enjoying the feel of strength slowly returning to her.

She rolled up onto her hooves.

Rarity was looking out the window. She looked kinda thoughtful. Distracted. Forlorn.

She felt a urge crawling around in her chest. She didn't know exactly what it was. She just had to act on it.

She crossed the room and hugged the white unicorn from behind. Enjoying the feel of it. That pristine and perfect coat against her.

After a night like this it felt safe. Wonderful. Secure. It made that ache in her core feel warm.

“Thanks,” she said and then she left.

* * *

Rarity didn't know what she should think.

She hadn't actually expected things to work out like this. She had expected that in the morning Silver Stomp would be at her door asking for the return of the bits located in the strong box upstairs. She had tried to think of it as a good faith deposit ensuring his good behaviour for the evening.

It was terrible. Horrible. She had rented out one of her friends like a prom tuxedo. She had profited financially from pimping out a friend in who had come to her looking for help.

And she had thanked her for it. That was the worst part.

It was satisfying. A pleasant warm sensation. She had gotten Dash to perform sexually on command. The control of it. In arranging the ritual. The sense of power. The exploitation of it.

And she had thanked her for it. That was the best part.

Luckily it was over. It was past tense. She could contemplate the matter at her leisure.

She gathered up the tackle and the dress, folded it neatly and placed it into plain wooden box. The box she carried into an old storage closet. After shifting several stacks around she made a place for it in the back. There in the furthest reaches she abandoned the evidence.

Rarity sighed with relief as she consigned Veiled Violet to her grave. May she rest in peace and not trouble her again.

Chapter 9

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A vibrant red ribbon stretched across the fading darkness of the predawn sky. A straight and noble arc like an arrow in flight. It had already crested and was beginning it's descent.

Flying towards ground level Violet didn't brake. She just folded her wings back against her body and dived fast.

With a boom she struck the water, sending a pillar of water up into the air.

Below the surface of the water she opened her wings again and stroked at the water with all six limbs. The red billowing behind her like a cloud of blood.

Griping at thick viscous water with her wings, the flow of water against her coat. Heat seeped away rapidly and the shock inflicted her with wakefulness.

Bursting from the grip of the water she lunged up into the air, a false start as she got grip on the air with her wings. Recovering she lunged up into the air. Rainbow mane trailing behind her.

Rainbow Dash cried out in triumph.

She was herself again. But better. Greater. The empty space in her life was filled in. Like she was whole and complete.

She took a few laps around the lake to dry off. Building a loop of rainbow as she went. She departed leaving the multi-hued halo in place.

* * *

Cardboard gripped between her teeth Rainbow Dash flew slowly and at a low altitude over the rooftops of Ponyville.

The last few days had been great. She'd had more focus. More drive. Like there wasn't anything holding her back. It had really helped her keep the usual property damage and crashes under control.

This morning she was doing something she didn't normally do. But it made her happy. It was something she should really do more often.

Landing in front of the boutique she carefully balanced the cardboard tray to make sure it didn't tilt. She rapped upon the door with her hard hoof.

Time passed. She anxiously trotted in place. Excitement. Eagerness.

The door opened. Had Rarity always looked this good? Her pale coat practically glowed in the morning light. Her hair was astounding in it's vibrancy as it wrapped around the curlers. Her eyes were brilliant as she rubbed the sleep from them. Her teeth so immaculate in the yawn she tried so adorably and vainly to hide.

“Eh bre' coo'ee.”

“Dash? You brought coffee?”


“Please, do come in,” Rarity eventually answered after a moment of blank incomprehension. The unicorn took the tray and stepped back from the door.

“Good morning,” greeted Dash as she made her way inside. Finally able to speak clearly. She caught and closed the door with her wing.

“What brings you by so early. And bearing gifts no less?”

“Just wanted to hang out with my best friend.”

Rarity nodded thoughtfully as she set the coffee down at her kitchen table.

Dash had to admit she could understand the unicorns apprehension. She probably wouldn't have ranked as her best of best friends before their little adventure the previous weekend.

But things were definitely different now.

The roguish aerial athlete took a seat across from Rarity and took her own coffee in hoof.

She took her time patiently waiting for the fashionista to wake up. It wouldn't help matters to push right away. Since she managed to distract herself by looking at her she was able to sit with almost no anxious hoof tapping at all.

About half a cup latter and after Rarity had managed to stealth fully remove three of her rollers.

“So, Dash. What exactly do you need from me?”

“Nothing, can't two friends get together and chat?”

“Just tell me.”

“Well there is one thing that I suppose I could ask you.”

“Ask away.”

“You see, I've really, really appreciated all of your help. And it's probably to much to ask...”


“Could I get you to help me set up another date?”


“Another date.”

“With Silver Stomp?” There was actual terror in Rarity's voice.

“No, just a date. I don't wanna... Do the relationship thing.”

“You just want another date?”


“With just somepony?”

“I can pay, if you want, all that stuff you use has to cost money.”

“No,” replied Rarity her expression taking on a very distant and strained quality.

“Please? I just... I want to try out being...”

The unicorn settled her head into her hooves.

“...that other mare. Some more.”

Her face fully obscured the unicorn just rocked her head back and forth silently.

“Is it too expensive? Does it take too much time? Please, I can help you someway if their is any problem, right? I mean, I don't really know how. But you can tell me if there is?”

There was a long agonizing pause.

“I'll do it. Sure. Sounds like a fun little project really.”

“Sweet! What do I owe you?” Rainbow Dash jumped out of her chair in triumph and persisted to hover in place under her own power.

“You, my Darling? You owe me nothing at all.” The unicorns voice grew distant again.

* * *

The white unicorn in the mirror removed her hair curlers while applying her eye shadow with practised. She had to admit that her efforts to attain and then remain in top form hadn't been in vain.

She was a lady. At least she was supposed to be. This whole series of events wasn't turning out very lady like though.

It grated on her.

Her morning ablutions completed she went to her work room. She didn't need to make a new design.

It was just a giant hat. Just like all the other giant hats she had. But this one had to exact. To look precisely like what it was, while looking like just another hat.

She cut the shapes out of a vibrant purple fabric. With a strong sheet of very stiff card, she built the brim. Then shaped the trademark pinch and the crown. Secured with a heavy black ribbon before the stitches went in.

She turned it over and installed the sweat brim and the lining.

Then at last a especially large peacock's feather. Inserted into the ribbon.

Tasteful in it's garishness it whispered it's purpose while shouting it's existence.

Placing the largest and arguably most fashionable pimp hat ever constructed onto her head, Rarity headed to the door.

“The things I do for friendship,” she sighed.

Chapter 10

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Rarity's hooves hurt. She had been casually strolling through what little back alleyways that Ponyville had for the past 6 hours. Sure it was doing marvelous things for her toning her flank, but it wasn't getting her anywhere.

Stopping at a side street she took off her flamboyant hat and wiped the sweat from her brow.

How was she to know what hard work this was going to be?

A yellow unicorn trotted past her.

She just wanted to head home and put her hooves in some hot water. Maybe soak some of the ache out.

She returned her hat to her head.

A familiar looking yellow unicorn reverse trotted into her field of view.

“Hello,” he said.

“Why, hello as well. And might as say what a fine day it is?”

“Indeed a very fine day. One much suited to all manner of activities.”

“Yes, yes all manner of them.”

“Some of them rather interesting.”

“Oh, I pray you shan't speak to me of the boring ones.”

“Indeed, I would much like to speak to you of some of the more interesting ones.”

“Ha ha, I had thought you would. I am most glad to find myself not deceived.” Rarity found herself smiling.

“Disappointingly some activities require a somewhat more privacy, then I fear we have.”

“Would you be so kind as to escort me a ways? I recall that I encountered some privacy just a moment ago. Perhaps we shall see if I can find it again?”

“Certainly, my lady. Lead and I shall gladly follow.”

The white unicorn smiled smugly. He was quite the charmer. Dash was going to love him.

* * *

Rainbow Dash didn't like elevators. She preferred stairs. She even more preferred balconies.

On the occasions, that she had been subjected to the little coffins shaped death traps, she had had trouble not climbing the walls. Literally. Her wings could give her more then enough relative down force to easily climb walls and ceilings.

Violet didn't have the use of her wings. In the event of a fall she had no recourse. It helped alleviate her fear of elevators.

It however introduced her to a whole new experience.

Acrophobia. If she had known that word she would have used it. Instead she used a fear of heights.

Numbers slowly ticket by as the death-coffin carried her to her destination. A bead of sweat trickled down from her mane. It was fine though. This wasn't to bad.

The door finally opened. It was a perilous leap that carried her into the marble hallway. The elevator rattled ominously behind her.

Cyan hooves clip clopped on the hard floor as she sought out the correct apartment. She stopped, reaching into a saddle bag she pulled out a slip of paper.

The trial of the elevator had made her forget the blasted room number.

Number three o' three. Not like it was hard to remember. She really was kinda nervous. In an absent minded sort of way. She didn't feel a rising tension in her stomach as she made her way to the end of the hall where her destination lay.

She knocked on the door.

A moment passed. She fidgeted slightly in her dress. Twitching eyes up and down the hall to see if she had drawn attention to herself.

She took a deep uncomfortable breath.

As she raised her hoof once more to the door it opened.

“Ah, my promised lady, please do come in.” Dash resisted the urge to snort in derision at his use the word lady. She wasn't a lady and she didn't think the pony she was masquerading as was either.

But that pony she was playing as was compliant and agreeable.

“Thank you,” she replied as she made her way inside. Her eye tracing along the outline of her new stallion. He was more slenderly built then Silver. She wondered if she would miss the extra weight and how many times he could go.

He closed the door in a green glow.

She smiled slightly. She had been too busy inspecting his flank to notice he was a unicorn. It was humorous.

“Come, sit down,” he gestured to what may have been a living room. “I'll pour us some...” he was momentarily silenced as a her tail brushed against his cutiemark. “Drinks,” he finished.

True to her faux nature she made her way into the other room. She settled down onto a couch behind a coffee table laden with magazines and a lonely pie plate. She tried to make herself comfortable on the uneven couch.

She briefly struggled with a blanket and pillow wrinkled on the sofa for space.

She stopped as she heard the sound of ice suspended in liquid impacting upon glass. She glanced over to see her date coming toward her with two glasses of amber liquid suspended in his magical field.

“I just got the bottle on special delivery straight from Canterlot,” the green pony told her with a grin. “The finest that bits can buy.”

She smiled as she took the glass and took a small sip.

She recognized the taste of Applejack's peculiar applejack. This stuff wasn't for sale or public consumption in general. It was one of the failed barrels that her friend kept in the back of her barn under the pretext that having a few dozen gallons of disinfectant on hoof was useful.

“It's lovely, thank you,” she heard herself say in between sputters as she resisted the urge to wretch.

“Smooth...” he broke down choking and coughing. “Isn't it?”

She pressed his glass to the coffee table before he drank enough of the swill to blind himself and in doing so rather by accident brushed his snout with her ear. Mistaking the gesture he took the inadvertently offered appendage between his teeth.

She shuddered in sudden loathing but held still.

Misreading her reaction again he slid his tongue out of her mouth and down the inside of her ear.

Her eyes rolled back in bliss. He'd finally done something right.


“Yeah?” he asked around a mouth full of ear.

“What's your name?”

“Charming Crescent. You?”

“Violet, Veiled Violet.”

“Nice to meet you.”

“You're good at that.”


“Now keep doing it.”

Nibbling around the edge of the ear he worked around her ear he worked the delicate tissue. Occasionally his tongue would dart out to stroke the tender inside of the ear.

Her right for hoof stomped the ground in response the tickling sensations and her breath grew rapid.

She pressed her muzzle into his chest encouragingly.

He did the unexpected and pushed her head lower with a hoof and moved forward. His for hoof moving to her withers.

She had no idea what he was doing, but she felt safe and comfortable with her head under his barrel like this. Pressing her cheek into his underbelly she gave a little murmur.

Something yielding pressed against her face. She turned her head to look. To see what it was. Whatever it was left a trail of moisture across her cheek and across her eye.

Her right eye clenched tight and watered at the sudden stinging agony. She opened her mouth to voice a silent “ow.”

And that was when he inserted his sizable penis into her mouth.

That was when she realized that he had mounted her. Backwards.

Rainbow Dash bit down on the offending member, tossed the pathetic jerk off of her back and onto the coffee table rending it into splinters and blacked on of his eyes with a solid hoof to the face.

Violet opened wider, tears flowing freely from her right eye as she tasted the salty precum of her lover.

Shrieking pent up outrage at the fallen pony, Rainbow Dash left the apartment and made her way down using the stairs this time.

Feeling the tentative thrusts of the stallion above her, Violet stopped licking at the head of the member and allowed it press against the back of her mouth.

It wasn't until she could feel the probing phallus stretching her asophagus that she realized exactly which decision she had made.

* * *

Rarity opened the door to see a very satisfied looking pegasus.

“I had thought you would like him. I am pleased to see I was not mistaken.”

Her friend croaked something unintelligible as she came inside.

The fashionista carefully removed her latest dress from her friends shoulders with her hooves. She could smell the sweat and sex drenched in the poor fabric. I had apparently been left on during the festivities.

“Yes, you certainly had a good time,” she gave the blue mare a conspiratorial wink as she turned to drop the soiled garment into a nearby basket.

Dash sucked a mysterious something off of one her teeth in an unladylike manner.

With her teeth she started to unbuckle the straps that wound around the athletes body. She could have used magic. But she hadn't before. So she didn't have to now.

While she worked she was surprised when a mouth closed over her ear. She stopped and had to stifle a moan as a tongue ventured down the inside of her ear.

“I have to focus on these straps...”

Her plea was fully ignored. The whole process slowed to a crawl as Dash assaulted her ears whenever they where in reach.

Rarity probably should have asked her to stop. Probably.

Chapter 11

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With a deep sigh and memory of what a trial her last expedition had been Rarity set her purple pimp hat upon her head and set forth once more in her apparently never ending search.

Not that it wasn't interesting in places. Parts of it made her capitalistic and social sides swell with joy. It was just tedious in the vast majority.

She opened the front door of her boutique.

“Hi,” greeted a massive slab of pony that blocked out the sun.

“Ah... I'm terribly sorry but the boutique is closed for the day. Maybe you can come back tomorrow?” Or never perhaps?

“Oh, sure,” The horrifying monstrosity turned as if to walk away. Then turned back again. “No, wait. I'm not actually here for clothing.”

“Oh? And what else would you hope to find in a boutique?” the fashionista asked defensively.

“I'm looking for something very different. But I know that what I'm looking for is here.”

“Pray tell, how would you know?” Something about this stallion was putting Rarity on edge.

“It's my talent,” he rumbled turning his chiseled flank slightly so that she could see his cutiemark. It was an eye. “I'm looking for something, something that is here and that something is looking for me.”

* * *

The gilded wing restraints on Violet's back clicked as she walked down the darkest and dirtiest back alley in Ponyville.

The darkest and dirtiest back alley in Ponyville wasn't actually all that dark or dirty but it made the promise that maybe perhaps someday something bad might happen there. But such a vague threat barely bothered her.

What did bother her was the clinking sound. It was the sound of her wings unlocked. The restraints closed but not secured. It felt weird. She wanted them bound properly and it was slowly irking her.

Rarity had refused to do such a thing this time. Saying that she needed to be sure that Dash would be okay.

It was ridiculous. Rainbow was growing confident that Violet could handle herself.

Here she stopped and climbed the fire escape that lead to a small apartment above a high end horseshoe store.

Here she walked up to the window as it was opened and took the kindly offered hoof and was helped inside.

She looked up at him. Then she looked a little higher.

Her knees went weak.

Sweet Celestia, he was huge!

Terrifying and graphic fantasies of being held helpless under his bulk, crushed and suffocating, while he pounded her into a bruised ruin of a mare assaulted her mind.

Violet wiped her mouth with the back of her hoof as she trembled.

A hoof the size of her head reached out to her.

She recoiled.

For a moment the two stood perfectly still.

Then he moved. She startled a little but held her ground. He began to turn away.

“No! Wait! I didn't mean it like that!” Dash was looking around for who had just said that while Violet continued, “I mean...”

The gramophone needle settled down into the record and a gentle and soothing music began to flow forth interrupting her. It was like something Rarity might listen to over a cup of tea.

Violet allowed him to kiss her hoof before pulling her to the middle of the floor. There wasn't a lot of extra room but it was just enough. She danced with the giant.

At first side by side moved in a simple box step. She had to keep slowing herself down to match the careful and deliberate motions of her partner. Her nervousness began to fade away.

He took her hoof again, this time he stood up, ducking a little to avoid hitting his head on the ceiling. She allowed him to twirl her.

Now pulled closer, her muzzle buried into his shoulder, his arm around her neck holding her close, they swayed to the music.

He smelled okay. Simple and plain and masculine.

“I'm okay now.”

Carefully and gently was lifted and set down on the bed. Laying on her back she looked up at him. Briefly confused she tried to roll onto her stomach for him.

He held her on her back.

She wiggled a little. Her hind legs slowly relaxed splaying open.

He started to kissing her starting at the neck and moving down to her barrel.

She gave an uncertain smile as he got to her stomach. She was rather ticklish and she couldn't suppress a leg spasm.

“Huh,” commented Dash in a confused manner when he settled over her left breast. “Oh!” it became as he started to lick and suckle her. Working steadily from teat to teat he sucked and licked and nipped at her.

Her hind legs out as far as she could with a moan and her tail gave a happy little flick.

She gave a surprised little yelp when his nose pressed into her hot and ready sex.

* * *

Rarity shifted uncomfortably in the cold night air. She was so anxious and her skin felt hot under her coat.

Concern and a curious amount of arousal was confounding her mind. The regret and terror at having sent poor Dash to see that beast was underscored by a rather titillating thrill.

Wracked by conflicting sensations the pale mare had been forced to wait for her friends return on her front yard to bring her emotions to their eventual conclusion even a few seconds sooner.

There her resolution came. Walking in a giddy stumble. A cyan pegasus looking very confused and distracted.

“D... Violet! Are you okay?”

Rarity found herself staring into those intense violet eyes. Dangerously close, maybe an inch between muzzles, she was breathing her hot breath. What was Dash doing? It felt like she was gripped trapped by the gaze.

Something dangerous was about to happen. The tension was strangling the clothes horse.

And then just like that it was over. Violet slipped past her into the boutique leaving Rarity alone in the yard.

Panting for breath and blushing furiously.

Chapter 12

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Dearest Rarity

I have long known of your work and have taken pride in showing it off among high society circles. It has allowed me to stand on the leading edge of fashion in a often fast moving field.

I have often hesitated to drop your name for fear that others might learn the secret to my success and take ques straight from the horses mouth as I have.

Recently though I have started to hear the slightest and most subtle of rumours that might cause me to reconsider my hesitation. It is somewhat unseemly but I would like to make a somewhat inappropriate proposition to you.

I have already sent my wife and children ahead to our estates in Canterlot. I have stayed behind as I have a few matters to deal with before I can leave. These matters are more tedious then strenuous and I find myself in sore need of relief.

I was wondering if you could perhaps provide a little special entertainment before I leave.

Signed Lord Bright Steed

* * *

Violet found herself standing before the largest manor in all of Ponyville. Three stories tall it still managed to sprawl in a way that most homes failed to. The buildings facade was decorated in a manner that reminded her in equal parts of the grandest and wealthiest of Canterlot and Cloudsdale sensibilities.

In short it reeked old money.

She checked the note. It directed her to the side. To the servants entrance rather then the front. Something about this made her nervous.

It occurred to her that this was the first residence that Violet had visited that was more expensive then Rainbow Dash's rainbow festooned cloud castle.

Was that all?, she chuckled to herself as she made her way past the cozy and secretive hedges that shielded the back of the building. She was just put off by the apparent fiscal superiority of her date.

It was quite the change to be sure. But it wasn't anything that she had to take seriously.

She knocked upon the door dismissing her foalish concerns.

The door opened to reveal the most beautiful metallic gold earth pony stallion she had ever seen. She stood stunned in awe at the realization that this was the stallion that she going to get to sleep with.

His lip pulled into something that wasn't quite a smile. “I suppose this is the best this town would have to offer.”

“I... what?”

He reached forward, grabbed her mane in his teeth and pulled her inside. She staggered to her knees

That wasn't supposed to happen. She was supposed to offer a bow and call him m'lord and then introduce herself.

Rarity had made her practice that part.

But he could be a little rough if he liked. That was fine. She wasn't made of glass or anything. She was tough.

She started to get up off of her knees as the door closed with a click.

A golden hoof caught her right front leg and her shoulder hit the ground.

“No, you stay on the ground where you belong,” the noble corrected her as he pinned her for body to the ground.

A sick nauseous feeling arose in her stomach. This was different. Violet stared up at him in uncomprehending shock.

The left gilded wing cover snapped taught restraining the limb within. If the wing had been free it would have shattered the lord-ling's leg.

Why had she tried to do that?

As his hard member pressed into her she realized that had never been this aroused before. Her sex was sopping wet.

Why did it feel wrong? “Stop it,” someone hissed. She looked into his eyes. His face. Something was wrong. Very wrong.

“Shut up, you stupid whore.”

He had no tenderness or care in him. She couldn't detect any of the feelings that she was specifically made to receive. Violet was for sweet intimacy, it was her fodder. It was why she existed. It wasn't for this.

“Get off of me!”

“Hmf, be glad little whore that somepony has finally taken the time to show you what you're really for.”

A sudden building sensation in her loins startled her. She closed her eyes tight and fought hard to deny the feeling.

But the pounding cock inside of her refused to be ignored.

A tear rolled down her reddening cheek.

“Stop it! Get off of me right now!”

He laughed at her, like he knew exactly what he was doing and loved every moment of it.

“We'll forget this ever happened! Just stop it, stop it right now!” She really meant it to, she'd have probably even given him a consolatory blow job and still called it a win.

He didn't stop. And of course not.

She started sobbing as the orgasm started to hit.

Rainbow Dash would have never allowed this to happen. Veiled Violet wasn't made to handle this eventuality. Both of them put distance between themselves and the scene as it continued.

Time passed, the cock pounded relentlessly, her body orgasmed again and again. She would alternate between bargaining, begging and threatening only stopping to sob as he body betrayed her.

The two halves of her personality watched helplessly, wondering just who this poor pony being raped on the floor could be.

* * *

The sky blue pegasus ran through the night. She had no name. She had no self. She had been stripped down to her core and left as an empty and broken thing.

She had her four strong legs, she had the memory of what had happened and the absolute mandate to put as much distance between herself and the place that it had happened.

If not for her wing binds she would have left Ponyville behind, perhaps never to return.

No one, not even her closest friends would have recognized that hysterical and wild eyed mare as Rainbow Dash. That was her only consolation.

In search of safe harbour once more, the pegasus found herself at the door to carousel boutique.

Chapter 13

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The pony before her didn't look like her friend Rainbow Dash. She looked smaller, quieter, normal. The coat was the same of course. She supposed the wings where also. But something about this pony didn't look like the bold and irrepressible Rainbow Dash.

Probably because she didn't look very bold or irrepressible. A very meek and repressed Rainbow Dash.

Guilt twisted in Rarity's stomach like an accusatory knife. This was her fault. She had done this to her friend. She had snuffed out the flame of her friend and she would never again be the same.

This was it. Rainbow Dash would never ever recover from injury. Her dreams would forever be left unfulfilled.

Truly a fate worse then death. And it was all her fault.

Unable to come out and admit her crimes Rarity instead silently wiped the tears from her friends eyes and held her close offering comfort. After all, there would be time later to confront her friend with the irrecoverable hopelessness of the situation.

For once her friend was passive and compliant as she removed the straps, harnesses and wing binds that made up the costume of Veiled Violet. It made things a lot easier if less interesting.

Rarity had to remind herself that a compliant Rainbow Dash was a horrible thing as the last buckle and strap fell away.

“I'm afraid we should have a talk, would you join me in the kitchen?” The pale mare had put it off as long as she could, but the driving desire to confess the profoundness of her error was killing her. She would have to explain the depths of the tragedy first to show that she understood the situation. Then she would be able to apologize.

A sky blue wing unfurled. Wind flowed and dresses trembled on their racks as if afraid.

“Sorry, I have something to do,” was the only reply before the pegasus hurled herself out a nearby window and into the night sky.

* * *

Ponyville slumbered beneath the wings of the blue pegasus mare. Houses sat quiet and dark. It was so peaceful like this.

That wouldn't last long though. No, not long at all.

The pegasus hit the surface of the water at high speed. The surface of the lake shuddered in alarm at the intrusion.

Cold, cold water flowed over her and through her. Her wings stroked at the hard and heavy liquid pushing her forward through the dark.

Rising from the lake once more wasn't just a blue pegasus mare.

She was Rainbow Dash. The untouchable and peerless champion of the sky. And there were some things that she very much had to go take care of.

First stop was the fire swamp. Here she collected a rising thermal, cutting it off from it's root, she wadded up the up draft into a ball and pushed it before her.

Next she flew high above the mountains to the highest reaches of the sky and here she gathered the coldest and thinnest of breezes.

She pressed the two of them flat and rolled them together into a vertical cinnamon bun in the sky. The two breezes struggled to mix and flow together and fog bled from the edges like frosting.

Dash decided that after this she was going to have to drop by Sugar Cube Corner for some breakfast.

She pushed the cinnamon bun into position and started to fly in a tight circle creating a horizontal disk of rotating wind. This disk she carefully worked to come into contact with the bottom edge of the now mixing vertical pastry of wind.

The hot and cold winds of the weather engine struggled to correct their placement with the cold air pushing down to the bottom and the hot air struggling to the top. In it's hurry it began to spin, first slowly and then faster and faster. This spin fed speed and force into the horizontal disk.

The sky roared in pain and fury as the funnel began to form.

Rainbow Dash rode the cyclone, directing it, guiding it downwards like a bolt of heaven. Like the hoof of an angry god it came crashing down.

Into the roof of Bright Steed's mansion.

* * *

“But what do I do with you?” Rarity muttered to the open strong box in her closet.

The box was silent and reflected golden light from pile of bits within it. Rarity wasn't sure what it was trying to say but whatever it was it was a compelling argument.

Unfortunately for the box the argument was losing in the light of recent tragedy.

The bits where from all of Dash's hard work as Violet. It had been a curious business. Lucrative even.

It decidedly didn't belong to Rarity and she probably would never be able to tell Dash the truth. Telling her best friend that she had prostituted her out like some common strumpet? No she would never, could never do such a thing.

So what to do with it?

Dash would never come back to take on the mantle of Violet. Maybe she would never even seek out sex again, forever ruined as she was.

The binders and the straps piled into the chest atop the coins. The chest with the total of the physical evidence that Veiled Violet existed was locked and pushed into the darkest corner of Rarity's expansive wardrobe.

* * *

“Rarity,” Twilight did not look like a happy pony.

“Oh, darling what ever could be the matter?”

“Oh like you don't know! Well of course you know! And we know! The question is if you know that we know that you know, of course. But we are here to make sure that you know that we know that you know about what it is you've been up to!”

“Pinkie, what?” Rarity suddenly had a headache.

“It's time for you tah come clean now,” Applejack menaced effectively.

“If that isn't to much trouble of course,” Fluttershy failed to menace.

“I don't understand...,” Rarity noticed that blue pegasus that didn't look anything like Rainbow Dash standing behind her. She huddled behind her for protection and away from her in fear. A leash going from a collar around her neck and attaching to Rarity's foreleg.

“Seriously Rare's, what the hay!” Rainbow Dash in front of her yelled.

“I didn't mean for this to happen!” The fashionista tried to pry off the leash. “It was all just a mistake.”

Her friends took a step forward.

She took a step back.

Violet whimpered in pain as she inadvertently stepped on her.

Rarity awoke from her dream certain that her life was over.