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Thats going to chafe! Hes going to be real tired, and satisfied a hundred times over. :rainbowlaugh:


ouch, no wonder Big Mac run for the hills.:eeyup:

Hmm..should i pity or congratulate him?:rainbowderp:


Now I'm just curious about the "poor" blokes situation. :eeyup:

wright more :pinkiehappy:

hes gunna look like ground beef once shes done pounding him...eww AJ y u do dis?:pinkiesad2:


And then I wrote a Rarity chapter. I am sorry.

2191960 you REALLY need to change the "complete" setting on the story since you're still updating


I didn't mean to, I swear.:ajsleepy:


Why is this comedy tagged? It's basically a short series of rape scenes.

I thought it was a funny series of rape scenes.

So when is he going to find his way into Twilight's basement dungeon?

2187634 ....Dude goes to see his Dr.
Dr: "You've lost weight, sir."
Dude: "Yes, but half of it's from my nuts...Which are now pancakes."


That made my day, you can have one of my internetz, take it, it's yours.

Very entertaining...
But you know you want to write more of Pony Addiction, nudge, nudge... :pinkiehappy:

Keep typing moar please.
The poor bastard. Definitely a poorly informed decision on his part.

More:flutterrage:..umm if that's okay with you:fluttershyouch:

Wow Mike is kind of stupid.

I almost feel sorry for the guy.


LOL. Poor Fluttershy. Somebody give her a Rarity. :pinkiecrazy:

That was hilarious! Props, man.

AAAAAAND I'm afraid of Shy now

:moustache:is she like a dude or something?

No, either a lesbian or a rampant Rarity-sexual.

I'm not sure what to think about this XD

......oh..my....god....O.O.....-_-...O.O.....yeah so this is kinda depressing and all but mares leave him alone...go bug bigmac or something he can take it
and fluttershy go get an appointment with a psychiatrist or something.
liking this, cant wait to see what happens with the others (also are you just doing mane six or will he become a living "cooler" for heat to the whole town) maybe spike will help him once twilights done with him

Wow um well, all I have to say is that that pathetic man better stop shivering and start running! No wait if he did run RD would enjoy the chase .... well he's screwed (no pun intended).

Well, that's different, I guess. Will read.

I used to think there was nothing funny about rape; you have shown me the error of my ways.:rainbowwild:

Poor Guy. He's going to be a mental shambles when this is all done. :|

that isn't creepy at all... I had a dream exactly like this (but from the human's perspective). And my name is Mike! I don't wanna red this any more but I can't stop reading it! Please help me..............:raritydespair:

Dude, he has been raped 3 times already, and now Twilight is raping him? Oh god, just wait until Pinkie gets to him

A few more hours? He should be fine... Maybe? :trollestia:
I'd just stay with Twi but thats me lol :rainbowwild:

Wait what? Did he just get returned to Earth?

That was contrary to what I expected.


apparently no, he got raped by pinkie in a park.



we know where you live...this story is for you. What we do is...not strictly speaking legal. Its called Inception.

2207704 SOME PONY HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHH N-N-NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! MMMMFFFFfffff.......

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