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What could make My Little Pony 20% cooler? How about a crossover with an equally awesome rock band.

Chrysalis, still reeling from her prior defeat finds the Grey Crystal and uses its power to cloud Equestria over with its dark energy. The only way to stop it is music generated by the bond of a strong friendship, but only by creatures not of this world. The ponies enlist the help of the Canadian rock trio, Rush to help fight back this force with a special concert in Canterlot's Satin Stadium. It's up to Geddy Lee, Neil Peart, and Alex Lifeson to use the power of their friendship and their musical talents to save Equestria.

Special thanks to Test4Echo and ShadowOfCygnus, fellow Bronies and Rush fans for helping me with this story.

Chapters (12)
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Comments ( 23 )

Silly Twily, nothing's just an old legend!

One of my favorite bands plus my favorite TV show? Am I still alive?

6885475 Sadly. Were you dead, this would be a live-action TV series. Or completed.

6885789 Damn you for being right. Oh well. Primus Sucks.

Where can I find the voices for Geddy Lee, Neil Peart, and Alex Lifeson? And please, please, please don't say "listen to their music".

6907736 Other than that, searching up interviews on YouTube works.

Oh shit lel.

Also, if 2112 is not in the next set in its entirety...

For a show like this, 2112 is a must.
It's just one song in the four song epic in the next chapter.

So not the whole 2112? Good enough. Really interesting...

I enjoyed playing along to the music. Nice setlist.

Which one's Pink?

(while listening to Sheep)

HAHAHA! I just died laughing!

"A drum set," Neil gestured the size of his drumset. "A really big drum set."

HAHAHAHA! Just died when I read that!

“It’s the kimonos back from the dead.” Neil joked.

The dreaded kimonos of the Temples of Syrinx!

That was a fun and entertaining little story. Probably helps I'm a Rush fan, too.

Sometimes the character interactions seemed a little rough, and a maybe a little too much deus ex machina, but you still got the job done.

I really enjoyed reading and listening (took me a span of 3 days to get through it, but totally worth it!) and I really loved where you took the story! Loved all the jokes! Thank you for writing!

I dearly love Rush, but technically speaking, given the requirements Twilight set for their selection, I'm surprised they made it into consideration.:facehoof:

The band's original line-up in 1968 was guitarist Alex Lifeson, bassist and front man Jeff Jones, and drummer John Rutsey. But Jones left the band within weeks of their first gig to be replaced by Geddy Lee. They went with that line-up and produced a few hits until 1974 when Rutsey left due to health issues and Peart was selected from a number of auditions they held to find his replacement. They've been together ever since (40+yrs) as they truly have a level of friendship that goes way beyond blood, but still....:rainbowhuh:

Even so, cool story so far

“Lan sakes, he can sing really high.” Said Applejack.

Heck, if you think he can sing high now, AJ, you should've heard him back in the 1970's--check out the songs from their 2112 album.:pinkiehappy:

Unfortunately, the years have taken their toll. Neil needs hearing protection when playing and Geddy can't get those high notes like he used to, so many of their early songs don't get played anymore. :pinkiesad2:

Fixed Geddy's voice so they could do the old songs...? CLASSY! :raritystarry:

(they won't have a reason to retire, now, though:pinkiecrazy:)

7238914 I do have to say Chrysie's depiction seemed a little over the top 2D villain--(it was more like Mane-iac's performance, TBH), but you did well to capture Rush's personalities. Agree wholeheartedly with Tanglefire, this was an entertaining and fun story. Nicely done! :twilightsmile:

This was a nice little story. My dad is in love with Rush and after reading this story i might have to start listening to them more often :raritywink:. Good job


The one bit that is no nonsensical as to be hilarious:

"What a strange looking creature," said Applejack. "Never seen anythin that walked on two legs and had long claws."
Spike raised an eyebrow.

...Maybe the human in the image was Freddy Krueger, Wolverine or Edward Scissorhands; because "long claws" are something that is not found on the human body.

Okay, that reference to Red Barchetta was very well-executed,

Rest In Peace Neil Peart.

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