• Published 26th Jan 2016
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Rush in Equestria - RustyNails

The legendary Canadian rock band come to Equestria.

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An Explanation & An Encounter

Geddy, Alex, and Neil lay on the floor of the library. The teleportation to Ponyville had knocked them out cold, but they were starting to come to.

"Oh I hope they’re okay," said Fluttershy meekly.

"My, their fashion sense is so plain,” said Rarity.

"That's the biggest nose I've ever seen!" said Pinkie Pie.

"Quiet Pinkie," Twilight admonished. "Don't startle them."
Geddy awoke and shook his head. His vision was all blurry.

"Oh man, what a headache. What the hell was that thing? And, where am I?"
Alex woke up next to him.

"Boy I’m dizzy."
He noticed Geddy out of the corner of his eye.

"Oh, hey Ged,"
Both of them froze in surprise and looked at each other.


“Oh my stomach,” Neil groaned.


They all got to their feet.

"What happened?" asked Neil. "What are you doing here...wait, what are we doing here?"

"I don't know," said Alex "Where are we?"
They looked around the room.

"Looks like a library somewhere?" said Geddy.

"This is really weird," said Neil.

"Maybe we're dreaming," said Geddy. “We have to be dreaming."

"Uhh, guys,” said Alex. “Are those horses?”
Geddy and Neil turned and noticed the six ponies.

“They are horses,” said Geddy.

“And is it just me or are they staring at us?”
The ponies and humans stared at each other in unsettling silence.

"Maybe you should say something," Spike whispered to Twilight.
Twilight stirred for a second.

Geddy, Alex, and Neil fainted.

"Awkward," Spike shrugged.

"Oh dear," squeaked Fluttershy. "I hope we didn't startle them."

"Well. You'd think they'd never seen ponies before!" Rarity commented.

"Well they obviously never seen the likes o' us before." replied Applejack.
The three men opened their eyes only to see Pinkie Pie right in their faces.

"Hi again!"
Geddy, Alex, and Neil jumped and backed up against the wall.

"No, No, It’s okay!” said Twilight. "We're friendly.”

"What's going on here?" said Alex.

"I can explain everything. You're probably wondering where you are."

"No kidding," said Geddy. "And who are you?"

"Oh, how rude of me. Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Twilight Sparkle. I'm a pony, well a unicorn pony. And these are my friends, Rainbow Dash,"
Rainbow did a loop de loop.

Applejack doffed her Stetson.

Rarity fondled her mane.

"Pinkie Pie,"
Pinkie blew a party horn.

Fluttershy shyly hid behind her mane.

"Um, Hi."

"And my assistant, Spike the Dragon."

Ged, Alex, and Neil looked at each other.

"Okay," said Geddy. "But you still haven't told us where we are."

"Why that's simple," said Applejack. "Yer in Equestria."

"Ponyville, to be exact," said Rarity.
Pinkie bounced into their faces.

"And we're ponies!" she winked.

"But how did we get here?" demanded Alex.
Twilight blushed sheepishly.

"We brought you here with our Elements, and with my magic. It's a long story, but we're in kind of a situation."
Rainbow Dash flew in from above them.

"You see, normally our home, Equestria, is a bright and shiny place. Big blue skies, warm sun, gorgeous nights, you name it. But now there's this crazy changeling queen, Chrysalis. She looks like us except with dragonfly wings and hooves that look like rotten cheese."
Twilight pushed Rainbow aside.

"She's using this thing called the Grey Crystal to cover Equestria in an indestructible grey cloud."
Rarity joined in.

"It's clouding over all the light and plunging our world into unending darkness."
Applejack pushed her way in.

"The only way to destroy this thing is with music made by a powerful friendship."
Fluttershy added in.

"There's nothing in our world capable of enough of destroying the cloud."

"So we brought you here so you can use your music to try and destroy the crystal," Twilight finished.
Pinkie put her hooves on Geddy's shoulders.

"Basically what we're saying is...WE NEED YOUR HEEEEELLLLLPPPPP!!!!"

"Whoa, this is crazy,” said Geddy. “This is definitely the weirdest dream ever."

“This isn’t a dream,” said Twilight. “It’s quite real.”

“And if this was a dream,” Pinkie took a deep breath. “How could the three of you be having the same dream, while being in the same dream, and being in one another’s dream all the while dreaming each other’s dream all at the same time while still being in your own dream?”

She paused, grinning goofily with a squee.

“Guys,” Said Neil nervously. “As crazy as it might sound, and believe me it sounds crazy, I don’t think this is a dream.”

“So we’re actually in another universe populated by multicolored magical ponies?” asked Alex. “Weird.”

“So let me get this straight...” Geddy said to the group of ponies “You need our music to defeat some evil witch and destroy some kind of dark cloud?”

"Pretty-much." Said Pinkie.

"I don’t understand. Why do you need our music?"

"Because you guys have one thing other bands of your world don't have," said Twilight. "Your music is produced with the magic of friendship."
The guys looked at each other, confused. Twilight held up the book from the Canterlot library.

"This book told us all about you three.”

“Gee, they have a book about us too?” Neil shrugged.

“It said how you've been the best of friends for over thirty years, and wrote some of the best rock music ever. Many bands haven’t come close to what you guys have done. It's not just your music, we need the power of your friendship to help us."

"That's very flattering," Alex said. "But honestly our friendship is nothing special. It's great you guys like our music, but it’s just music. I really doubt it would do anything."

“We’ve actually never heard your music, and only heard about you an hour ago.” Pinkie ranted.

"So you're saying you can't help us?” asked Fluttershy.

"Sorry ponies," said Geddy, "but you've chosen the wrong guys. We appreciate that you think we’re awesome and all, but if you could send us back?”
Twilight sighed sadly.

"I guess you're right. Come on girls, let’s send them back."
The ponies got ready to send the three guys back to their world, but before they could, a low rumble started to approach.

"What's that?" asked Neil.
Suddenly, the library door burst open. Green smoke seeped inside, quickly followed by Chrysalis.

"Mind if I crash this party?"
The guys were stunned by the sight of such a hideous-looking creature.

"Who is that!?" asked Geddy. “What is that?!”
Rainbow Dash hovered next to him.

"Remember we told you about the changeling queen?"
She nodded in the direction of the insectoid thing buzzing in the entryway.

"Well, well, well, what do we have here?"

"Get out of my library, Chrysalis!" Twilight ordered.

"These are who we found to defeat you!" said Rainbow Dash. "Turns out your crystal's power can be destroyed by rock music, and we brought Rush here to stop you."

"I thought you were sending us back," Alex whispered nervously.

“Keep with it don’t ya!”
Chrysalis hovered menacingly above the group.

"You know what's really rich about this whole thing? Nothing in Equestria is powerful enough to defeat me, so the six of you had to go to all the trouble to find creatures from a different universe to come to your pitiful aid, and the best you could do are these hideously ugly things."

"What do you mean ugly?!" snapped Alex.
Chrysalis got in Alex's face.

"I mean ugly. Just look at the three of you. One skinny, the other tall and bulky, and the last short, fat, and not to bright."
Alex tried to get his hands on Chrysalis but Geddy and Neil held him back.

"Why, the three of you would be no match for my power.”

"Hey! Back off you overgrown window smudge!" exclaimed Rainbow.

"Don't believe me hmmm? Well I'll just show you."
Chrysalis lit up her horn and lifted Alex up off the floor.

The changeling queen flipped Alex upside down in the air, and spun him around.

“Put me down!"

"Stop it! Stop it right now!" said Neil.

"As you wish."
She hurled Alex toward the wall of the library, slamming him into it.

"Hey!!!" Shouted Geddy. "That's our friend!"

"Then why don't you two join him?"
She picked up Geddy and Neil in her magic and suspended them in midair. She knocked them into each other five times.

“Geddy! Neil!” shouted Alex. “Hold on!”
Chrysalis stopped smacking Geddy and Neil into each other and threw both of them onto Alex, knocking all three men to the floor.
Fluttershy hovered up to the changeling.

"Just you wait, you horrid witch. These three have made some of the best music of their world. They'll take care of your crystal..."
As she was talking, Chrysalis used her magic to create a boxing glove out of her green smoke.

"Oh shut up."
The glove punched Fluttershy hard in the face, making her hit the wall and fall to the floor. Blood gushed from her muzzle.

"Fluttershy!" screamed Rainbow.
She tried to fly towards Chrysalis but Applejack grabbed her tail.


"My muzzle! My muzzle!" Fluttershy sobbed.
Rarity and Pinkie Pie rushed to Fluttershy’s side, holding a cloth to her blood soaked face.

"It's all right dear." Said Rarity. "It's all right."
Shocked and outraged at Chrysalis assault on Fluttershy, Geddy, Alex, and Neil got up off the floor.

"Why you haggish...whatever you are...!" Geddy shouted. "How dare you hurt her like that!"

"Just who do you think you are?" Neil backed up. "You can't assault other people...err ponies!"

"I can do whatever I want." Chrysalis hissed. "And by midnight tomorrow, none of you will be able to stop me. By then, the crystal will have spread its power all over Equestria; nothing will be powerful enough to destroy it. You three better leave while you have the chance."
The changeling turned her attention to the five ponies surrounding their wounded friend.

"And you ponies better get used to my way of doing things..."
They all looked up at her with determination in their eyes.

"You'll be living with them for a very long time. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!"
In a flash of green smoke, Chrysalis disappeared out of the library, slamming the door behind her.

"Is she okay?" asked Alex.

"She's fine," Applejack answered. "Her muzzle ain't broken, thank goodness."
Geddy scratched his long hair.

"Wow, this really is serious."

"No kidding!” Rainbow Dash angrily hovered in their faces. “Now do you see what we're up against!?"

"Rush, we really need your help," said Twilight. "You're our only hope in stopping that horrid creature."
Fluttershy quivered through her tears.

"You're not scared of her? Are you?"
Geddy, Alex, and Neil looked at each other.

"Give us a minute," said Geddy. "Rush huddle."
The three walked over to a corner of the room to talk.

"Guys, we gotta do something," said Neil. "You saw what she did to that poor pony.”

"I know," said Alex. "But what can we do? How is our music supposed to help them?"

"Wait," said Geddy. "Twilight said they didn't just need music. They needed music produced through a strong friendship."

"Yeah?" said Alex.

"They could have picked any other band to help them,” said Neil. “but they picked us. Obviously they noticed the three of us have something special. Even we’ve seen how other bands have split up or gotten new members, but we’ve stayed together.”

"Exactly." replied Geddy. "We gotta help these ponies. What do ya say?"
Alex and Neil grinned.

"I'm in."

"Try and stop me."
The guys turned back to face the ponies.

"Well?" asked Twilight.

"We've talked it over and made a decision." said Geddy.
The ponies all held their breath. Alex cleared his throat.

"Let's rock this pool ponies!"
Their faces all lit up.

"You mean you'll do it?!" asked Pinkie.

"We will." said Geddy.
Pinkie Pie burst with excitement.

"Woooooo Hoooooo!"

"All Right!!"

"Yee haw!"


"This is gonna be the greatest thing ever!” Pinkie screamed.
The six ponies and one dragon all put their hooves and claw together in a circle. They turned to Geddy, Alex, and Neil.

"Come on guys." said Twilight.
The guys put their hands in too.

“Let’s do it!”

Author's Note:

Rush are one of my favorite bands. Not only are they amazing musicians and performers, but the three of them have an amazing friendship with each other. I was inpsired to write this story after seeing a PMV of one of their songs, having them use their spirit of friendship to help Equestria.

This is also a tribute to the them now that they are retiring.

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