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Rush in Equestria - RustyNails

The legendary Canadian rock band come to Equestria.

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A Mission to the Real World

Applejack opened the doors to her barn and led the band inside.

"Come on in Rush fellas, ya'll can jam in ma barn."

"Thanks Applejack," said Alex. "It's perfect."
Applejack went cross-eyed.

"Did I say that right? Jam, or play, or whatever ya’ll do?"
The guys covered their mouths laughing, amused by Applejack's bumpkin talk.

“You guys are okay playing in a barn, right?” Twilight asked.

“Oh sure.” Said Neil. “We wrote some of our best music in a barn.”

"We're gonna need some instruments." said Geddy.

"I got a banjo in my bedroom closet." Applejack responded.

"We're a rock band, not a country band," said Neil.

"You know, Spirit of Radio would make a great bluegrass song," Alex whispered.

"But seriously, we can't make much music without instruments," Geddy continued.
Twilight came in with the others.

"Got you covered, boys. I know a spell that will make any instrument you want appear out of thin air. So what do you need?"

"Bass and keyboards," Geddy stated.

"A guitar," Alex answered.

"A drum set," Neil gestured the size of his drumset. "A really big drum set."

"Comin’ right up," Twilight declared.
Twilight bowed her head and lit up her horn, straining hard to make the spell work. In a flash a full band setup of bass, keyboards, guitar, a drum set, and amplifiers appeared.

"Ahh man, this is awesome!" exclaimed Alex. "I wish setting up was this easy when we toured back home."
The band took their respective instruments.

"Now we'll get to see if they're worth bringing down here," Rarity whispered to Twilight.

"They'll do fine. Trust me," Twilight reassured her friend.

"Whad'ya say guys?" asked Geddy. "A little YYZ?"

"Sounds good," said Neil.
But when they reared up to play the iconic airport instrumental, the instruments wouldn't play notes. They made sounds that were indescribable. Neil tried to hit the drums but they all made really odd sounds. One would sound like a rug being beat on a clothesline, and another sounded like a potato exploding in a microwave.

"This is odd. These drums won't make a drum sound."
Geddy had the same trouble with the bass and keyboards.

"Yeah. This bass doesn't sound bassy at all."
The bass sounded like giant broken springs in a clock.

"This is the weirdest guitar I've ever heard."
Alex strummed the cartoon guitar, and it made a sound like a jalopy horn in a sewer. The ponies cringed at the weird sounds the band was making, except for Pinkie Pie.

"This is great! Make more! Make more!" Pinkie laughed as she hopped in the air. Spike was laughing too.

"Some band, Twilight."

"Uh Twilight?” Rainbow whispered. “What's wrong with these guys? I thought they were going to be amazing players."

"I don't know," replied Twilight. "I've never heard anything like this."
Neil got up from behind the kit.

"Twilight, I have a hunch at what the problem is."

"What's that, Neil?"

"Well I think the reason these instruments aren't working is because they're made for ponies. Since we're not ponies, we need instruments meant for creatures like us."

"Yeah," said Geddy. "We're going to need our instruments. From our world."

"Twilight," asked Alex, "can you send us back to get our equipment?"

"I don't think I can. The teleportation spell can only be used to teleport here and back once. If I send you guys back, I can't bring you back here again."

"So what do we do?"

"Panic?" said Fluttershy.

"We could make them a Polka band," said Pinkie Pie.

"Pinkie, they're a rock band,” said Twilight. "I don't..."
Pinkie showed up with her mountain of instruments.

"It'll be fun. I know lots of Polka."
She trotted around the barn while playing Parasprite Polka.

"What's she doing?" asked Alex.

"Being Pinkie Pie," sighed Rarity, slapping her hoof to her face.
Geddy tried to interrupt.

"Pinkie? Pinkie...Pinkie...Pinkie...Pinkie...PINKIE PIE!!!!!!"
Pinkie stopped playing and sat on the ground like a dog.

"What if you guys go into our world to get our stuff for us?" Geddy asked.

"What?!" said Rarity. "Us ponies into your world?"

"Well, yeah."
Rarity stirred for a second...then fainted in the way she did when meeting Zecora.

"Uhhh," Alex scratched the side of his face.

"It's okay, she does that a lot." said Twilight. "And you know what, that sounds like it could work."

"So what you're saying..."Pinkie Pie reasoned, "is you want us to teleport to your world, break into your homes like sneaky thieves, steal all the things you need to perform your supposedly “totally awesome music”, and come back here faster than Rainbow Dash doing a Sonic Rainboom crossed with a double inside out loop?"

Geddy had no idea what Pinkie was saying but somehow it made sense.

“I guess you could put it that way."

"We'll do it," said Twilight. "Just tell us what you need."

"There's quite a few things," said Alex.

"Spike," called Twilight. "Take down a checklist."
Spike brought out a long piece of paper and a quill.

“These are some crazy ponies.” Alex whispered to the other guys.

“They’re cute though.” Neil laughed.
Later the ponies and humans were in Applejack's kitchen sitting around the table. Twilight reviewed their list of equipment.

"Okay so we’re getting guitars, basses, two drum sets and a platform, cymbals, amplifiers, keyboards, synth pedals..."
Applejack came in with cider and freshly baked pie.

"Apple cider and apple pie, guys?" she offered.

"Oh, thank you." said Alex.

"My pleasure."
The guys dug into the apple pie.

"Wow!" said Neil. "This apple pie is amazing. What's your recipe?"
AJ blushed.

"Aw shucks. That's an Apple family secret."
Twilight called their attention back.

"Guys, I'm doing a final check on your equipment."

"Sorry Twilight," said Alex.

"Please proceed." said Neil.
Twilight ran through the list again.

"Make sure you get my Fender jazz basses, my Rickenbacker, and my Wal bass," Geddy added. “Haven’t used that in a long time.”

“MmHmm.” Twilight nodded.

“There’s a whole bunch of guitars I use,” said Alex. “Les Paul’s, Paul Reed Smiths, an acoustic, and my white Gibson. Never tour without that one.”

"Don't forget my practice drum set," Neil chimed in.

“Oh, let’s give you the addresses for our houses as well.” said Alex
Twilight took down their addresses and the last few items.

"Got it. Well I think that's everything. Are we all set to go ponies?" Twilight asked.

"You bet we are," said Rainbow.

"Oh, one last thing," said Geddy. "Find some dryers, at least three of them."
Twilight looked up from her list confused.

"Some what?"

"Dryers. Ya know, you dry clothes in them," said Geddy.
Twilight's ear drooped.

"Do ya'll mean to tell me that you do laundry on stage?" asked Applejack.

"Boys,” said Rarity, “take it from a pony who takes fashion seriously. There's a better time to make sure clothes are clean."

"We don't do laundry on stage," Alex said with a smirk.

"Then why ever would you need dryers with you?" asked Rarity.

"It's hard to explain," said Geddy. "But make sure you find some."

"Sure," Rainbow huffed, rolling her eyes.
Suddenly there was a small sneeze behind the door to the next room.

"Bless you," said Fluttershy. She then jumped. They all looked at the door to the next room.

"Somepony’s behind the door," whispered Fluttershy.

"Applejack," said Twilight. "Slowly open the door."
Applejack slowly moved toward the door and turned the knob with her hoof. When she opened it, the Cutie Mark Crusaders fell out from behind it, one on top of the other.

"Applebloom! Scootaloo! Sweetie Belle!"

"Hi sis," said Applebloom sheepishly.

"You three know better than to eavesdrop!"

"Sorry Applejack," said Sweetie Belle. "We just heard strange voices and..."

Scootaloo stared at the three humans sitting around the kitchen table.

“What...or...who are these things?”

"Oh, well..." said Applejack, "They're new friends of ours. Cutie Mark Crusaders, we'd like ya’ll to meet Rush."
Geddy, Alex, and Neil all waved casually. The CMC stared at them.

"You guys are all named Rush?" asked Scootaloo.

"No," Geddy laughed. "We're a band. Our band's name is Rush. My name is Geddy."

"I'm Alex."

The CMC's looked at each other, still puzzled.

"What are ya'll doin here?" asked Applebloom.

“And what are you?” asked Sweetie Belle

"We're human beings, and we’re here to help you guys," said Geddy.

“How are you going to help us?” asked Applebloom.

“We’re going to play a special show of our music which should destroy the cloud that’s covering up your world.” said Neil.

"You're really gonna do that!?" said Sweetie Belle excitedly.

"We hope they can Sweetie Belle." said Twilight.
She rolled up the scroll and placed it in her saddlebag.

"Okay girls, let’s get a move on. We've got a lot of equipment to gather.”

"Where ya'll goin?" asked Applebloom.

"We have to go get the band's equipment," said Fluttershy. "So they can put the show on for Equestria."

"So we're going to Rush's world to get their things," added Rarity.

"Oh guys," said Applejack. "Could you do us all a huge favor?"

"Sure AJ," said Geddy. "Anything."

"Could you watch these three while we're gone?"
The three guys looked at each other.

"Are you serious?" asked Geddy.

"Yes sir, these three fillies can get a little mischievous, searching for their cutie marks and all. Just keep ‘em entertained. Ya'll have handled kids right?"

"Well yes, but..."

"Splendid! You three be good for our guests now."
The CMC's smiled, halos hovering over their heads. Twilight turned to Spike.

"Spike, you stay here with the band and give them a claw."

"Me?" said Spike. "Why me?"

"Because you've handled the Crusaders before.”

"But Twilight . . . !"

"Tell them that joke you know." she winked.

The baby dragon grumbled, snorting a puff of smoke.

"Come on ponies."
Twilight ushered the other ponies out the door. They all trotted out single file.

"We'll be back soon."
She closed the door behind her leaving Spike, the Crusaders, and the band in the Apple family house.

"So Spike, what is that joke you know?" asked Neil.
Spike blushed sheepishly.

“Uhh, there…”

"So you guys are a rock band?" asked Scootaloo.

"That's right," said Geddy.

"Could you maybe show us how to play?"

"Sure! Why not?"
Back at Golden Oak Library, the girls got ready to teleport to the human world.

"Okay girls, here's the plan."
Twilight levitated a map of North America out from her bookshelf and spread it out on her table.

"Geddy and Alex live here in Toronto, Canada. Neil lives here in California. We'll split up into two teams to fetch their equipment. Rainbow, AJ, and I will go to Toronto. Rarity, Fluttershy, and Pinkie Pie will go to California.

“Twilight, where did you get that?” Rainbow asked.

“I took it from the Canterlot library for my own research.”

"Um, Twilight?" asked Fluttershy.


"How exactly are we going to bring their stuff back here?"

"Simple," said Twilight.
She levitated out a brown leather bag.

"Twilight,” said Rainbow, shaking her head in exasperation, “that's just a bag."

"Yes. How will we possibly transport all that equipment in such a small bag?" added Rarity.
Twilight stared at her intensely.

"I didn't even show you what I'm going to do yet."
She opened the bag.

"Fluttershy, hold that book for me."
Fluttershy took a book off the table. Twilight's horn glowed, levitating the book toward the bag. As it got closer, the book shrank to a minute size and drifted aimlessly into the bag.

"Where'd the book go!?" inquired Pinkie, sticking her head in the bag.

"How'd you do that?” asked Rainbow. "I've never seen anything like that."

"I saw this spell in a movie when I was little, and I loved it so much I replicated it."

"Got one word to say Twilight," said Rainbow. "Cool!"
Pinkie Pie stood up with the bag stuck on her face.

"I wanna be small too. Do me Twilight! Do me! Do me!"
Twilight pulled the bag off Pinkie's face.

"Later Pinkie. We have to get moving. You stand over there with Rarity and Fluttershy."
Twilight placed the storage bags into hers and Rarity’s saddlebags, then showed Rarity a scroll.

"The packing spell is here on this scroll. When you’re all finished, use the other spell on here to open up the portal and come back to Equestria.”

“Got it.”

“Are we all ready?"

"Ready!" declared the ponies.

Twilight activated her horn. Its light grew brighter, and lightning flashed out of it, creating two white swirling portals in the middle of the library.

“Whoa nelly!” Applejack gasped.

“Here we go! Good luck everypony!”
Twilight, Rainbow, and Applejack jumped through the first portal. Rarity entered through the second portal with Pinkie leaping happily behind her. Fluttershy backed up nervously.

“Maybe I could just…”
A pink hoof reached out and pulled her through with a shriek.
It was late at night in Toronto. Bars and clubs in the downtown area were busy with drinking and partying customers. Two friends were on a bar crawl and just coming out of one of the clubs.

“Where’s the next bar?” Said one of the guys. “I’m only just getting tipsy!”

“Down this way, bro.” said the other.
The two of them headed down the street. Suddenly, they heard a noise.

“What the heck is that sound!?”

“Dunno, could be aliens or somethin.”
In a flash of white light, Twilight, Rainbow Dash, and Applejack appeared on the street, dizzy from the teleportation.

“Whoo-wee. Am I seeing spots before my eyes?" said Applejack.
The two guys were stunned to see three colored ponies just appear randomly in the street. Rainbow Dash noticed them.


“Maybe that’s enough beer for tonight,” said the first guy.

“Yeah, I’m seein colored ponies.”
They ran away.

“Hey wait, come back!” Rainbow called. “We wanted to know where...”

“Rainbow Dash!”
Twilight pulled her by the tail into an alley.

“What do you think you’re doing?”

“Asking those guys directions. What did you think?”

“You were really going to ask directions from two random beings in another universe?” asked Twilight intensely.

“Yeah so?”

“Oh right, it’s not every day a talking blue pegasus appears out of thin air and says ‘Hey could you tell me where to find the houses of two hometown celebrities?’.”
Rainbow stared at Twilight.

“And your point?”

“All I’m saying is we have to be smart about this. You know, blend in, so we don’t raise any eyebrows.”

“And how do ya’ll suggest we ‘blend in’ Twilight?” asked Applejack.
Twilight looked around and saw a closed clothing store across the street.

“Over there.”
The three ponies trotted across and snuck into the store….

...and came out in three different outfits: Twilight in a denim jacket, and thick square glasses, Applejack in a pair of overalls and a baseball hat, and Rainbow Dash in a Rush T-shirt, sunglasses, and blue jean vest and pants, which made her back legs move awkwardly.

“My tail is being squished.” Rainbow moaned.

“Buck up Rainbow.” said Applejack. “I ain’t a fan on these overall thingies either, but it’s all to save Equestria.”
They clopped to the end of the street into the heart of downtown.

“Here we are girls,” said Twilight. “Toronto, Canada.”
The lights and sounds of the city dazzled the ponies.

“It’s just like Manehattan, only with no ponies.” said Applejack.

“Check out that tower!” Rainbow pointed to the CN Tower. “That’s gotta be the tallest thing I’ve ever seen.”
Twilight pulled out the sheet of paper with the addresses.

“Okay, Geddy and Alex live around here somewhere.”

“This place is so big,” said Applejack. “How in the hay we gonna find their houses?”

“It can’t be that hard.” said Twilight. “All the streets are named just like in Equestria. We just have to find the right street.”

The girls walked through the streets of the city, looking for the right street to Geddy’s house.

“Is this the one?” Applejack asked.
Twilight looked at the sheet of paper with the address.

“No, this isn’t it either.”
They continued their trek through the city streets, walking past the Maple Leaf Gardens, the Aga Khan Museum, the AGO, and other landmarks, until ending up on the waterfront.

“It’s definitely not here.” Said Applejack. “You’d think Geddy and Alex would’a gave us directions.”

“Let me fly up and find it.”
Rainbow tried to take off, but Twilight pulled her back down with her magic.

“No flying. This ain’t Equestria, remember.”

“Well then how else are we going to find these places?” Rainbow quipped.

“Let’s go to the top of that tower.” said Twilight. “We should be able to find something up there.”
The girls arrived at the top of the CN Tower and went up to the windows.

“Whoa!” said Rainbow. “You can see everything from up here!”

“Just look at all those lights!” Applejack added.
Unknown to the ponies, people were staring at them.

“What are those things?”

“Is it just me or are they ponies.”

“The streets all look the same.” Said Twilight. “This is no help, let’s go back down.”
Applejack and Rainbow followed Twilight in a huff. Getting back into the elevator, Twilight caught a person staring at her. She ignored them and clopped inside behind the others.
The man shook his head.

“Must be more tired than I thought.”

Clopping through the streets, the ponies were getting frustrated.

“Twilight!” Rainbow complained. “This is stupid. We’ve gone through every part of this city, and still haven’t found Geddy or Alex’s house.”

“We have to be getting close.”

“You’ve said that I don’t know how many times, and we’ve gotten absolutely nowhere.”

“I agree, Twilight.” Applejack added. “We’re getting nowhere faster than a lone apple in a hayfield. We need to try something else.”

“What do you suggest we try?”

“How bout asking for directions?” said Rainbow. “Like I tried to do fresh out of the portal.”

“We can’t ask for directions!” Twilight defended. “It would be too awkward.”

“Is it not awkward enough to be traipsing around a two legged universe dressed like this?!” Applejack shot back.

“Come on Twilight!” Rainbow shouted. “Let’s just ask for directions, and we’ll be there likety split.”

“No we can’t!”

“Twilight!! You're being unreasonable!”

“I’m not being unreasonable!”
In a café across the street, a group of friends couldn’t help but notice the arguing equines.

“What’s going on with them?” said the girl.

“Sounds like they’re arguing over directions.” Said her boyfriend. “Must be from out of town or something.”

“They’re different colors and walk on all fours.” Said one of their friends. “Maybe they’re street performers.”

“Whatever they are, they sound lost. We should help them.”

“Come on Twilight!” said Applejack. “Stop being so stubborn!”

“Oh look who’s talking! The pony whose middle name is stubborn!”
Applejack gasped in offense. The three ponies growled at each other until they noticed the people staring at them. They jumped up to two legs, blushing with embarrassment.

“Do you folks need some help?” asked the boyfriend.
Twilight grinned nervously.

“No, no help at all.”

“Sounds like you do, you were arguing about where you were going. Where are you headed ey?”

“It’s really okay. We don’t need…”
Applejack whispered in her ear.

“They’re offering to help us sugarcube. I suggest we take it.”
Twilight took a deep breath and sighed.

“Yes, we do need help. We’re trying to find this address.”
She held the sheet of paper up to the man with her magic.

“Oh, I know this street.” He replied. “Straight ahead about five blocks, can’t miss it.”

“Thank you, thank you very much!” said Applejack.
The boyfriend noticed Rainbow’s shirt.

“A fellow fan, ey?”

“A fan?”

“Rush, you’re wearing one of their shirts.”

“Oh yeah,” Rainbow laughed nervously. “A huge fan.”

“Presto, that's one of my favorites. My dad took me and my sister to that show when I was just six.”

“Was it awesome?” Rainbow asked.

“Awesome as always.”

“Girls, we should get going. Thanks for the directions.”
They trotted off down the street.

“You’re welcome, Ciao!”

“Who were those girls?” Asked the best friend. “They walked on all fours, and looked almost like horses.”

“That’d be cool if they were.” Said the boyfriend. “My friend, Chuck is a brony. He would have gone nuts.”

“What’s a brony?” asked the girl.

“Oh, it’s the weirdest thing ever! You’d never believe it!”
The three ponies reached a house at the end of the block.

"This looks like the place," said Twilight.

“How do we get inside, Twilight?” asked Applejack.
Twilight looked around the door.

“Doesn’t look too different from doors in Equestria.” Twilight replied. “It’s got a knob, hinges, and a lock, I bet if I…”
She lit up her horn and manipulated the lock to open the door.

“Here we go.”
They tip-hoofed inside and threw off the human clothes at the front door.

“Finally!” Rainbow fussed. “Those leg things were killing my flanks.”
Twilight searched around the wall for a light.

“Must be a light switch somewhere.”
She flicked the switch and turned on the house lights.

"Whoa, Geddy’s got a nice place!" said Rainbow Dash.

“Where’dya think his basses and stuff are?” asked Applejack.

“Let’s find out so we can move on to Alex’s house and get back,” said Twilight. “We should split up and look.”
The girls clopped off to different parts of Geddy’s house, Applejack and Rainbow stayed together while Twilight went off separately. AJ and Rainbow muzzled around the kitchen.

“I’m gonna look over this way,” Rainbow whispered.

“I’ll look down here,” Applejack replied.
Rainbow Dash walked down the hall and opened a room, flicked on a light switch, and gasped. Applejack opened up a different room and gasped. Twilight flicked on a light and also gasped. The girls all ran up to each other meeting in the main room again.

“I just found the coolest thing, and you have to come see this!!!!”

Rainbow led the others to the room she found.

“Check this out!”
Applejack and Twilight’s eyes widened.

“Whoa nelly!”
Rainbow had stumbled into Geddy’s baseball room.

“What are these things?” Applejack asked, looking inside one of the cases.

“I don’t know,” said Rainbow, “but Geddy’s got a lot of them. They look like the balls for some type of game.”
She and Applejack looked at the different balls.

“What kind a game ya’ll think this is?”
Twilight analyzed the photos and posters on the wall.

“Looks like a game where they hit balls like those with that wooden stick.”

“Must be popular is this universe.” Said Applejack. “Look at all the teams who play it.”

“Wow!” said Rainbow. “These names are awesome; Cubs, Mariners, Dodgers, Red Sox, Blue Jays, bet Fluttershy would love that one. Geddy’s gotta to tell me more about this game. It just looks so cool.”

“What did you want to show us Applejack?” Twilight asked.
Applejack led Twilight and Rainbow down a staircase to the basement up to a wooden door.

“What in the world would Geddy keep down here?” Rainbow whispered to Twilight.
Applejack opened up the door and flipped on a lightswitch.

“Take a gander at this.”
They were in Geddy’s wine cellar.

“Whoa!” Rainbow’s jaw dropped. “Is this cider?!?”

“Looks like cider.” Said Applejack. “And he’s got lots of it.”

“There must be several thousand in here.” Said Twilight. “Geddy’s got so much stuff, his house is like a little museum.”
Rainbow pulled a bottle off of a shelf.

“Rainbow, what are you doing?”

“I just want to look.”
She read the label on the bottle.

“There’s some weird writing on this bottle; Ca..ber…net…Sau…vig..non…two..zero..zero..two.”

“That’s some strange kind of cider.” Applejack commented. “Never heard o’ cider havin such a fancy name as such.”

“Let’s try it.”
Rainbow pulled the cork out.

“Rainbow!” Twilight admonished. “This is Geddy’s cider. I don’t think he’d like us vandalizing his stuff.”

“We’ll just have a sip and slip it back. I’m sure Geddy won’t mind.”
She sniffed the bottle.

“Funny, doesn’t smell like cider. Wonder what it tastes like.”
She took a sip and spat it out.


“Gosh Rainbow, never seen you repulsed by cider.”

“This isn’t cider!” Rainbow choked. “I don’t know what this is, but it tastes awful.”

“Let me try that.”
Applejack took a sip from the bottle and also gagged.

“Ickhhh! This is like no cider I’ve ever made. It’s so strong. Must be fancy stuff or something.”

“Put the cork back in, and put it back.” Said Twilight.
Applejack squeezed the cork back into the bottle, but it wouldn’t go in.

“It’s not going in!” Applejack worried. “Geddy’s gonna notice it.”
Twilight took the bottle in her magic and squeezed the cork back down. She then put it back on the shelf.

“There, nopony will ever notice it. Now back to those basses and keyboards?”

“Twilight,” said Applejack. “Didn’t you want to show us something too?”

“Oh yeah! Come look at this.”
Twilight showed them a glass case in Geddy’s living room.

“What are these?” Rainbow asked confused.

“Monocles. Cool huh?”
Applejack and Rainbow stared at Twilight, still confused.

“Monocles, you know, eyepieces? Star Swirl the Bearded had a large collection of them.”

“Oooooh,” Rainbow pretended to be intrigued. “That’s…really cool.”
She leaned in to Applejack’s ear.

“It’s not really that cool.”

“I’m with ya there.” AJ whispered back.

“Look at this one.” Said Twilight. “It’s got a gold inner rim. And this one next to it, a silver inner rim. Oh! This one’s got a crack in it. That crack must be many years old.”

Rainbow, bored with Twilight’s dorkiness clopped away, before noticing another door.

“Hmm, haven’t looked behind this one yet.”
She opened the door and flipped on the light switch.

“Hey girls,”
Applejack and Twilight stopped looking at the monocles and joined up with Rainbow.

“Did we ask for a little extra bass?”

“Lan Sakes!” said Applejack.
They found Geddy’s music room, with his basses and keyboards. All on the wall were Geddy’s different basses from all his years of playing.

“Look at all these!” said Rainbow. “These basses are awesome!”

“But wait,” said Applejack. “He told us to get fenders, and bumperbackers, and such. How do we pick the right ones?”
Twilight and Rainbow looked closely at all the basses.

“Aha!” Twilight beemed. “Look, at the top by the tuners. This one’s a ‘Fender’. And that one’s a Fender too.”

“Why do they call em a bass?” Applejack asked. “What’s the difference between a bass and a normal guitar?”

“Easy,” said Rainbow. “A bass has four strings, a guitar has six; and the strings are thicker making a deep low sound. Let’s pull one down and try it.”

“I don’t know Rainbow,” said Twilight. “These aren’t made for ponies.”
Twilight pulled down the 72 Fender Jazz bass and gave it to Applejack.

“Give it a whirl AJ.” said Rainbow.

“How do I ‘give it a whirl’?”

“Pluck the string with your hoof.”
Applejack plucked the low E string.

“I don’t hear anything.”
Rainbow slapped herself.

“Silly me, we have to plug it in.”
Taking a cable in her mouth, Rainbow plugged into an amplifier and turned it on. Applejack plucked the string again.

She played the bass some more, moving her hoof up and down the fretboard.

“Love this sound. If I ever had hands and fingers like the guys, I’d surely play one of these.”
Rainbow Dash turned on one of the keyboards.

“Let’s jam AJ!”
The two ponies played a bunch of notes on the bass and keyboards.

“Oh yeah! Awesome!”
Rainbow and AJ got really into their jam session, while Twilight tried to get their attention.

“Girls? Stop. Girls! We have too…”
They didn’t hear her over the instruments, and kept right on playing. Suddenly, the music just stopped.

“Hey! What happened!?”
They looked up to see Twilight had unplugged the amps from the wall.

“Twilight!” Rainbow shouted. “What’s the big ide...

“Sorry girls. As much fun as rocking out on a bass guitar may be, the longer we sit here, the greyer Equestria gets.”

“Good point.” said Applejack putting the bass down. “Let’s get these packed up.”

The girls laid out the basses, keyboards, and synth pedals on the floor.

“Okay, that’s all the fender basses, the keyboards, amps, and pedals.” said Rainbow.

“Wait,” Twilight looked over the list again. “We still need the Rickenbacker and the Wal.”

“Rickenbacker…” AJ rubbed her chin. “Wonder what that one looks like.”
She looked around the room till her eyes caught an oddly shaped black and white bass on the wall.

“I think I found Ricky.”

“And I found the Wal.” said Rainbow.
They pulled the basses down and put them with the others. Rainbow pushed a rolling guitar holder out from the closet.

“Geddy will probably need this too.”
Twilight checked off items on the list. Rainbow noticed something on the wall.

“What’s Geddy’s favorite headache?”

“His what?” Twilight responded.

“He’s got something here called his favorite headache.”

“Oh I could relate to that.” Twilight said dryly. “I’ve know exactly what mine feels like.”
She checked off the final things.”

“Okay, time for some magic.”
Twilight opened up the carrying bag and lit up her horn. The basses, keyboards, and other equipment magically lifted into the air. Twilight concentrated harder, and her horn glowed brighter. One by one, each bass shrank down into the bag. The keyboards, synth pedals, sound equipment, and guitar holder followed until they all disappeared into the bag.

“And just like that.” Twilight finished.

Back out on the street, the girls were dressed in their human disguises again. Twilight closed the front door and locked it up.

“Okay, Geddy’s stuff is done. Now we need Alex’s.”
She pulled out the address sheet from her saddlebag.

“Can we ask for directions this time?” Rainbow intensely suggested.
Twilight grinned.



Sometime later, the girls reached Alex’s house.

“It was sure nice of that guy to give us directions,” said Rainbow. “Though he must have been sick or something. He fainted right after we left him.”
Twilight manipulated the lock to open the door, but it wouldn’t open.

“Something’s wrong, the door seems to be stuck.”
Putting her hooves up on it, she gave three good pushes before it finally opened, knocking something over with a crash.

“Oh gosh!”
Twilight jumped inside to see what had fallen.

“What’d we break!” Applejack worried.

“Nothing.” Twilight replied, “We just knocked over this really large bag…”
Walking inside, the ponies noticed they had knocked over a bag of golf clubs.

“What are these?” Rainbow looked around the funny looking clubs.

“The sticks for some other kind a game I guess.” Said Applejack. “Like what Geddy had back in his house.”

“Come on girls.” Twilight whispered. “We’ve got a bunch of guitars to find.”
The girls tip hoofed through the hallways looking to find the guitars.

“Geddy’s house is cooler.” Rainbow moaned. “He’s got lots more stuff.”
Applejack noticed a weird portrait on the wall.

“Who’d ya’ll suppose Victor is?”

“A friend of Alex’s maybe.” Twilight answered.

“I guess, though this guy, Victor looks just like Alex.”
They soon found the door down to the basement.

“I bet they’re down here.”
Rainbow led the way downstairs, where they flicked on a light to reveal Alex’s music room where he kept his guitars. All kinds of electric and acoustic guitars in neck hangers lined the wall.

“Whoa! Awesome axes!”

“Axes?” Applejack went cross-eyed. “I thought these were guitars.”

“Axe is a slang word for a guitar.”

“This is great.” said Twilight. “All the guitars Alex needs are lined up right there in front of us.”
Rainbow Dash picked up Alex’s white Gibson ES-335.

“Oh wow, this guitar is amazing. This neck is so light and this body.”
Applejack picked up one of the acoustics and gave it a strum.

“Oh nelly, never heard a guitar sound so grand.”
Twilight magically picked up each guitar out of its holder and shrank them down into the bag.
Rainbow read the list of guitars.

“Double neck!? There’s a double necked guitar here! But where?”
She looked around the room.

“Where are you?”
Suddenly she spotted Alex’s white double neck guitar on another wall of the room. Rainbow’s eyes sparkled as she hovered up to grab it.

“Come to Dashie.”
The double neck was high up on a wall above a shelf of goofy knick knacks.
Twilight finished packing up the guitars, amps, and pedals.

“There’s that’s everything.”

“Not quite everything.” Rainbow answered.
She picked up the guitar in her hooves, and hovered back down. Applejack was stunned at the double neck.

“What’s that?”

“A double necked guitar! Two guitars in one. One six string and the other a twelve string. Always dreamed of holding one.”
Rainbow strummed both necks.

“Sounds amazing too!”

“Lan sakes, how do you guess Alex plays somethin like this?”

“Let’s get it to Alex so we can find out.”
Twilight levitated the double neck down into the bag, and closed it up tight.

“That’s everything for us girls. Great job.”

“Wonder how Rarity, Fluttershy, and Pinkie are getting on?” Said Applejack.

“Oh I bet everything’s going just great for them.” Twilight replied.


In California, the night street was quiet and calm. Not a sound or hint of motion. Pinkie Pie, sporting a black spandex mask popped her head out from behind a letter box. She tip hoofed down the sidewalk on her stomach, ducking behind a fire hydrant, and pulled out a walkie talkie.

“Party Pink to Diamond Flanks, come in Diamond Flanks.”

“Stop calling me that!!”
Rarity clopped up to join Pinkie at the hydrant.

“Honestly Pinkie Pie, do you really have to…”
Pinkie pulled Rarity down by the neck behind the hydrant.

“What do you think you’re doing Diamond Flanks. We’re in the middle of a Hooves 13 heist."

“My pink party-minded friend, how could this be a heist when the one we’re heisting from told us where his house was, Hmm?”
Unphased, Pinkie spoke into the walkie talkie again.

“Party Pink to Yellow Belly, do you read me Yellow Belly?”
Fluttershy appeared from behind them.

“Could I have a different name?”
Pinkie wrapped her hooves around them and pointed down the street.

“Destination is up ahead. Let’s move.”
Pinkie tip-hoofed and rolled swiftly down the sidewalk while Rarity and Fluttershy clopped their way normally.

“Um, Rarity?” Fluttershy asked nervously. “There are so many houses along this street, what if somepony were to see us?”

“I doubt somepony...or somebody would dear. It’s the middle of the night here. Everypony’s probably sleeping.”
Pinkie’s head sprang upright.

“Something’s coming.”
Up ahead, headlights were coming down the street.

“What do we do?” Fluttershy trembled.

“Act natural.” Pinkie whispered.
The car slowed down as it got closer. The driver looked out his window at the three ponies, who were pretending to be grazing. Pinkie looked up at the driver.

The driver drove away looking perplexed.

“That was close.” said Fluttershy.

“Keep moving girls.” said Pinkie Pie.
They continued down the street till they arrived at Neil’s house.

“Here we are,” said Rarity. “Casa de’ Peart.”

“Time for phase one of infiltration.”
Pinkie fired a grappling-hook gun over the side of the fence surrounding the house, and began to climb up.

“Pinkie,” Rarity continued. “Neil gave me…”
Pinkie didn’t listen. She kept climbing up the fence.

“The code to the gate.”
Rarity, with Fluttershy behind her, clopped over to the code box and punched in the numbers with her horn. The gate unlocked and opened. Rarity and Fluttershy clopped through, while Pinkie landed in a bird bath.

“Phase one complete.”
Not surprisingly, she wasn’t at all affected by landing face first into ceramic bowl.

“Now for phase two. We sneak inside, quiet as mice.”
Pinkie slipped suction cups onto her hooves and proceeded to climb up the outside wall of the house. Rarity and Fluttershy walked up to the front door.

“How do we get inside?”

“Simple darling.”
Rarity levitated keys out from her saddlebag.

“Neil gave me the keys before we left.”
She inserted the key into the door and unlocked it.

“As Applejack would say, easy as apple pie. No need for a silly complicated escapade out of the movies.”
Pinkie kept suctioning her way up the side of the house. A deadpan Rarity opened the door and walked inside. Fluttershy carefully closed the door behind them.

“Ooh, what a lovely place!” Rarity cooed. “For a rock and roller, Neil certainly knows style and chic.”
They heard a commotion coming from behind a door to the side.

“What’s that?” Fluttershy jumped.

“The sound of Mission Imponyable.” Rarity snorted.
Clopping over, they opened the door to the garage and flipped on the light. Pinkie Pie stood up with her hooves in planters, a hula hoop hanging across her neck, and an old lampshade covering her eyes.

“Quiet as a mouse!” she said happily.
Rarity slapped a hoof to her face.

“What’s that thing!?” Fluttershy pointed to something.
Pinkie turned around to see a red motorcycle staring at her.

“AAAHHHH!!!! Neil’s got a monster in his garage!!”

“This isn’t a monster.” Rarity observed the object. “Don’t know what this contraption is.”
They muzzled over the motorcycle observing its strange features.

“Looks like something to ride on,” said Fluttershy. “It’s got a seat, and two wheels, like a large bicycle.”

“But it has a motor,” said Rarity. “Looks dangerous.”
Pinkie leaped onto the motorcycle.

“Wee Hee!! Let’s try it out!”
She almost started up the motorcycle before Rarity lifted her off by the tail.

“Pinkie, we have a job to do. We’re only here to gather Neil’s equipment, not toddle around with his personal things.”
Rarity set Pinkie back down.

“Shoot, this thingy looked super fun.”
Rarity ushered Pinkie and Fluttershy out of the garage, turning the light off.

“Come on girls, we have to find Neil’s drums.”
Rarity and Fluttershy quietly tip-hoofed through the dark house, while Pinkie skipped in her usual way. Rarity lit up her horn so they could find their way. They peaked inside different rooms, looking for the drum set.

“Nothing in this room.” Said Fluttershy.
Rarity looked behind another door.

“Not this one either.”

“Oooh!” Pinkie cooed.

“Did you find them?” Rarity got excited.

“No, no drums in here. I just loved the pattern on that wooden table.”
They looked around the living room, a guest room where Pinkie came out from peeking in a wardrobe, and in one of the bathrooms. Pinkie appeared in the mirror.

“Definitely not in here.”
The came back to the main hallway.

“How about upstairs?” asked Fluttershy.

“Sure.” Rarity followed her up the stairs. “Pinkie, keep looking down here.”

“Okey Dokey Lokey!”
Pinkie skipped off to another part of the house.

“Rarity, look at all of these.”
Fluttershy pointed to Neil’s photographs on the wall: artistic pictures and photos of himself on various motorcycle trips.

“These pictures are amazing. Looks like Neil rides around on that two wheeled thing in the garage. Look at all these interesting places he’s been.”

“I love this one.”
Fluttershy pointed to a black and white picture of drumsticks in Neil’s fingers.

“It’s beautiful, but how bout we find those drums.”
The ponies peaked inside the upstairs rooms.

“Maybe in this room?”
They opened the door to the bedroom of Neil’s daughter, Olivia.

“Oh dear!” Fluttershy gulped realizing they had stumbled onto a sleeping child.

“Shhh, don’t wake her.”

“Sorry,” Fluttershy whispered.
They watched Olivia sleeping in her bed.

“She’s such a sweetie,” said Rarity.

“She’s so precious,” said Fluttershy. “She sleeps like a baby pony.”
The sound of the ponies’ voices woke Olivia from her sleep. She saw their shadows on the wall, and looked at her pony dolls on her dresser.

“We’ll have to be extra quiet in here.” said Rarity. “We don’t want to wake anypony up.”
Surprised, Olivia sat up in bed, and saw them as they closed the door.

“Fluttershy darling,” said Rarity. “We’re clopping around in circles. Think with me. If I were a set of drums, where would I be?”

“Well, drums make a lot of noise, so you’d want them in a place where the noise wouldn’t bother other ponies.”

“And where would that place be?”

“Maybe in a basement?”

“Of course!”
Rarity gave Flutters a hug.

“Oh Fluttershy, I love the way you think.”

“Happy to...help.” Fluttershy blushed.
The two clopped back down the stairs, not knowing that Olivia was watching them from her bedroom door.


“Right here.”
Pinkie came out of the kitchen chewing on something.

“Mmm, so good.”

“Pinkie, what are you eating?”

“Brownie, want one?”

“Where did you get that?”

“From the fridge, they’re nice and cold too.”

“Pinkie!” Rarity berated under her breath. “I don’t think Neil would like somepony eating his food!”

“It was just one piece, I’m sure he won’t mind.”
Rarity hushed Pinkie up.

“And that’s another thing, Neil’s family is in the house.”

“Great! Let’s say hello!”

“No! No! No! They’re sleeping, so we have to be very quiet!”

“Oh!! I see. Very Very quiet.”

“Come on.” said Rarity. “We have to find a door to a basement. That’s probably where the drums are.”
The ponies clopped through the downstairs hallway to the back of the house, finding another door on the wall.

“We haven’t looked behind this door yet.” said Fluttershy. “Maybe the drums are behind here.”
The ponies entered the dark room.

“Where’s the light?”
Flipping on the lights, the ponies eyes widened as to where they were.

“This is definitely not the basement.”
They had instead stumbled into Neil’s library room, with tons of books.

“Neil’s like no rock and roller I’ve ever heard of. Lives in a nice house, has his own artwork, and has shelves and shelves of books.”

“Good thing Twilight didn’t come here.” Pinkie commented. “I don’t think we’d get her to leave.”
They looked through all the titles of the books, curious of the different names.

“What do you suppose they write about here in the human world?” Fluttershy inquired.

“Some really odd things.” Rarity replied. “Look at all these titles: Henderson the Rain King, The Book of Ten Nights and a Night, Every Third Thought...”

“Wow! I keep a list of every third thought I’ve ever had.” said Pinkie.

“Listen to this one.” Pinkie giggled. “Things Fall Apart.”

“I think the six of us know about that a little too well.” Rarity grumbled.
She scoured around one of the book shelves looking for something.

“Rarity?” asked Fluttershy. “What are you doing?”

“Searching, I have a hunch Neil keeps his drums in a secret room behind his bookshelf. He’d want to keep them soft and hidden wouldn’t he?”

“I guess.”

“There’s always a trick book or something that opens...I think we found it. Why would you have a lone copy of Green Hills of...Africa on a shelf of National…Geo..graphic.”
She placed an aura on the book and pulled it off the shelf.

“Open sesame!”

Nothing happened.

A dumbfounded Rarity opened the book, turned a couple pages, and put it back.

“Where could the door to Neil’s basement be? Every house must have a basement.”

“Maybe he doesn’t have one?” Fluttershy answered shyly.
Rarity nervously paced around the room.

“Oh this is hopeless! We’ve searched all through this house, and have not found Neil’s drums!”
Pinkie cheerfully tried to interrupt.

“Why don’t we…”

“If we don’t find his drums, who will we ever save Equestria from Chrysalis and that crystal!

“How bout we just…”

“Pinkie Pie!” Rarity snapped. “You have less than helpful the entire time we’ve been here. What useless distraction in that party minded head of yours do you have for us now!?!”

“Maybe we should look behind the door that says Drums.”
Rarity looked behind her, and sure enough they were standing in front of a door that simply read ‘Drums’.

“How’d we miss that?”
Rarity scratched her mane and blushed, a little ashamed.

“Pinkie darling, I’m sorry for doubting.”
They opened the door, flicked on the light switch, and all gasped.
There sitting on its platform was Neil’s giant drum set.

“It’s a…a mountain of drums!!” Fluttershy awed.

“Celestia!” said Rarity. “If Neil’s got a drum set this enormous, he must be amazing!”

“There are so many.” Said Fluttershy. “How do we get them all back?”

“Ooh! Rarity!” Pinkie jumped. “Try Twilight’s packing spell. I bet we can move it all in one piece.”

“I’ll try, I don’t know.”
Rarity lit up her horn and tried to lift the drum set up in one piece. She strained and strained, but it was too heavy. She set it back down panting.

“It’s way too big. I don’t know how we’ll ever get it back to Equestria.”

“Wait a minute,”
Fluttershy looked around each individual drum and cymbal.

“How bout we try this?”
She turned the knob on one of the toms with her teeth and slid it off.

“Fluttershy, what would we ever do without you! Let’s get to work girls.”
Rarity climbed up and started unscrewing the toms and cymbals, then levitating them down to the floor. Fluttershy arranged all the drums, cymbals, and stands to keep them together.

“Don’t forget the electronic set.” said Fluttershy.

“Of course.” Rarity answered. “Pinkie, could you take apart the electronic set behind me?”
Pinkie was spinning around on the chair.

“Pinkie! What are you…”
When Rarity turned, the electronic set was already disassembled.

“What?” Pinkie whined. “I just used the spinnyness of the chair to spin myself around and take each drum and cymbal apart.”
Rarity had only taken half the regular drum kit down.

“Why don’t you take the kit apart Pinkie Pie.”

The girls had taken the whole drum kit apart, and were left with only the kick drum and the platform. Rarity and Fluttershy lifted the drum to the floor with the others.

“Whew.” Rarity sighed. “That’s the last one.”

“What about the platform?”

“It comes apart. Get on that side.”
Fluttershy got on the other side of the platform.

“On three, lift. One, two, three.”
They split the platform in two and lifted it off its axle.

“Great.” Fluttershy sighed. “That’s everything.”

“Wait,” said Rarity. “We still need the practice set, and he also said something about a sweat cap.”

“Over here girls.”
Pinkie Pie, sitting behind the practice set did a drum roll on the snare and crashed on the crash cymbal.

“Found this funny little hat too.”
Rarity and Fluttershy looked at each other.

“I’m never doubting Pinkie Pie again.” Rarity whispered while Fluttershy giggled.

The mares got every piece of drum equipment laid out on the floor.

“That really is everything.” said Rarity.
Pinkie was playing with something on top of a cabinet.

“Vroom Vrooom!!”

“Pinkie, what have you got there?”

“A red barchetta.”

“A what?”

“A barchetta, this little toy on the cabinet.”

“That looks like that moving thing that passed us outside.” said Fluttershy.

“But this little model looks so much classier.” Rarity added.

“These weird Rush paintings on the wall are pretty cool too!”

“These must be their albums.” said Rarity. “Fly by Night, Permanent Waves, 2112, Farewell to Kings, Moving Pictures…”

“I love the one with all the bunnies.” said Fluttershy.

“This one with the naked dude on the brain.” said Pinkie.

“This one is nice, with the statue of stones. Rainbow Dash would love the fireball.”

“Look at this one with the red balls.” said Fluttershy. “Just like our cutie marks.”

“It is!”
Rarity saw the pictures of Neil’s different drum sets from each tour.

“Seems Neil changes drum with the theme of each show. Look at these bright red sparkly drums, and these purple drums.”
They turned back to the drum equipment.

“Okay, time for a little magic. I should get it this time.”
Rarity lit up her horn. One by one, each piece of both drum kits floated into the air and shrank down into the bag. Rarity sweated trying to hold her concentration.

Pinkie rode the kick drum as it shrank and descended into the bag, before leaping off into a twirl and landing. At the same time the last drum floated into the bag and it closed up tight.

Rarity wiped the sweat off her forehead.

“Whew, that’s the hardest I’ve ever pushed my magic.”

The ponies came out into the main hallway from the library door.

“Great job girls, we’ve got all the drums. Let’s make our way back.”
As the ponies headed for the door Olivia watched them from the base of the stairs, not realizing that Pinkie Pie was right beside her.

“What are you doing out of bed?” she asked cheerfully.

“AHH!!” Olivia yelped with a fright.

“Ahh!! Yourself,” Pinkie giggled. “But that doesn’t answer my question silly.”
Rarity and Fluttershy noticed the small child.

“We’ve got a visitor.” said Fluttershy.

“Well hello there, You must be Neil’s little girl. What’s your name?”
Olivia stumbled for words.


“That’s a lovely name,” said Fluttershy.
Olivia tried to contain her excitement.

“You’re ponies! You’re really real ponies!”

“Yes, we are. My name is…”

“Fluttershy,” Olivia answered. “And Rarity, and you’re Pinkie Pie!”

“That’s me!! And…wait!! How did you know our names?”

Olivia led the ponies into her bedroom.

“I have your toys!”

“Toys?” said Fluttershy.
She pulled her stuffed pony dolls off her shelf and showed them to the ponies.

“Here. Rarity, Fluttershy, and you Pinkie.”

“Look at me girls!!” said Pinkie. “I’m a toy! I’m a toy! Ooh look, dolls of Twilight, Applejack, and Rainbow Dash too!”
Rarity stared at her doll, not knowing what to say. Fluttershy leaned over to whisper in her ear.

“How does this universe have stuffed animals that look like us and have our names?”

“I’m just as stumped as you, dear.”

“Look girls!”
Pinkie placed her doll in Olivia’s dollhouse.

“There’s a pony in the house, and there are ponies in the house, Hahaha!”
Olivia giggled along with Pinkie.

“Oh Pinkie, you’re my favorite.”
Rarity and Fluttershy smiled.

“Thank you for inviting us up here darling,” Rarity patted Olivia on the head with her hoof, “but we really have to be going.”

“But wait,” said Olivia. “What are you doing here?”

“Well you see darling,” Rarity explained. “There’s a big concert happening back home in Equestria, and your daddy and his band are going to play.”

“They are!?” Olivia couldn’t contain her excitement.

“Yes,” Fluttershy added. “And well, your daddy needed his drums so we had to come here to get them.”

“You’ll love my daddy’s band.” said Olivia. “They’re amazing.”

“I’m sure they are dear.” Rarity answered. “Now, it must be way past your bedtime. Will you be a good girl and go back to sleep.”
Olivia crawled back into bed while Rarity tucked her in. She levitated a stuffed giraffe next to her.

“Can’t go to sleep without one of these.”

“Tell my daddy to have a great show.”

“We certainly will, dear.” said Rarity. “Goodnight.”

“Wait,” said Olivia. “Fluttershy, before you go, could you sing your song?”

“My song?”

“Your lullaby.”
Fluttershy smiled and hovered over to sit on the bed.

“Of course, just for you.”
Quietly clearing her throat, Fluttershy sang ‘Hush Now Quiet Now’.
Within no time, Olivia was sound asleep. Fluttershy smiled and kissed her on the forehead.

“Such a sweet thing.”
Rarity turned off the light and closed the door.

The three ponies tip hoofed back downstairs, and out the front door. Rarity locked it up behind them.

“There, just as we left it. Let’s open up the portal and head back to Equestria.”

“I hope we got everything.” said Fluttershy.

“We must’ve,” said Rarity. “What could we have forgotten?”
They thought for a minute, then halted dramatically.

“The Dryers!!!”

“Where in Equestri….I mean where prytel are we going to find three dryers?” Rarity panicked.
Pinkie thought for a minute till her eyes popped wide with an idea.

“Girls, follow me.”

Inside a 24 hour laundromat, a man had just loaded up a dryer with dress clothes and underwear. He dropped coins into it and started it up. Turning away to fold more clothes he heard a loud thud.

“What the hell was that?”
He turned around to see three dryers, including the one with his clothes had disappeared right out of the laundromat, leaving black dusty walls and sparking wires in their absence. Speechless, the man looked outside to see pink hooves and a poofy tail disappearing into a white portal.

“I can’t believe it! Pink aliens stole my clothes!”

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