Rush in Equestria

by RustyNails

A Dark Discovery

It was hot in the dark rainforests outside the border of Equestria. The air was thick with humidity, making the leaves sweat. Long claws cut through the dense foliage along with a poisonous buzzing. A group of changelings cut a pathway through the forest. Following them was their queen, Chrysalis.
"Keep searching.” she hissed. “It has to be around here somewhere!"
Not long ago, the queen had tried to take over Equestria by staging a coup in the middle of the Royal Wedding between Shining Armor, the captain of the Canterlot Royal Guards, and Princess Cadence. Chrysalis had impersonated the princess and nearly succeeded in overthrowing Princess Celestia, but Cadence’s power of love had defeated her, sending the queen and her subjects back to their own land.
Now the changeling queen was on the prowl for something. She had heard stories of an ancient relic that lay hidden in these jungles; a relic of terrible power. One of her changeling subjects came buzzing up to her. Hissing frantically, pointing to something through the bushes.
"Show me what you've found.” Chrysalis ordered.
The changeling led the queen through the bushes to the entrance of a dark cave. Chrysalis levitated a map up to her eyes. The map had an image of the same cave.
"Excellent. We've found it."
Standing at the mouth of the cave, the Queen lit up her jagged horn.
"I'll go in alone."
Her subjects backed away from the cave as their queen hovered inside. Chrysalis hovered slowly through the cave's dark tunnels, the green glow of her horn lighting the way.
"It should be around here somewhere, but where? Where?”
She went deeper into the cave, eventually coming to a large room. On the floor of the room was a large hole covered by a stone slab. Grinning menacingly, Chrysalis magically lifted the slab out of the hole, and out from under it came a large, foggy, jagged-looking crystal. She stared at the crystal, her eyes glowing green with mal-intent.
"At last, I've found it. And its power is mine! Mine! MINE!!!!"
Meanwhile in the human world, Rush, Canada's world-famous rock trio, were finishing a performance in Montreal, Quebec, with the final concert of their latest tour. As always, Geddy Lee, Alex Lifeson, and Neil Peart gave an amazing show to legions of cheering, loyal fans. They hit the last chord of their final song to rousing applause. The three of them stood up to take a bow.
"Thank you all so much!” Geddy addressed the crowd. “We'll see you all next time. Au Revoir."
He joined his pals backstage. Stage hands and assistants gave them towels and glasses of water.
"Amazing show guys," said one assistant. "I don't know how you do it."
"Neither do we," joked Alex. "Must be those nails I eat for breakfast."
Geddy laughed as he wiped the sweat off his long hair.
"Do you take milk with your nails?"
"No, I swoof it down dry with a cup of hot molasses," replied Alex.
"Dry nails and hot molasses," Neil laughed. "There's a combination."
"Hey picture this new ad."
Alex struck a pose as a body builder.
"Iron, Puts hair on your chest."
The three of them burst out laughing. Neil poured his friends a round of drinks and they sat back to unwind from the show. After a long tour, they were looking forward to a good long rest; not having to think about music for a while.