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Emma Iveli

Emma Iveli, known on ff.net for her fics is here to bring (at least one) Friendship is Magic fic... enjoy her works and for the first time ever: EDITED! Seriously... that's a big deal...


When Twilight tries a mass teleportation spell with her friends they get stuck in another universe. What's worse is that their landing point was a magical spring that curses it's victims to transform into whatever drowned there. They are now cursed to turn into human girls whenever splashed with cold water, but hot water changes them back.

They weren't the only ones to fall in that day. They meet Ranma a male traveling martial artist who fell into the same spring (meaning he turns in a girl), his father Genma who becomes a Panda. Twilight agrees to cure them when she figures out a cure while they give her and her friends a place to stay.

Due to a series of events, they wind up in Japan where they must pose as normal high school girls. Where they must deal with a stupid swordsman who falls in love with them, martial arts based on running, rhythmic gymnastics and figure skating, rivals from those sports. And that's barely scratching the surface of the insanity that lies for them...

Edited by NightElf37 (chapters 1-16), Alticron (chapters 17 onwards) and Dr. Tempo. Cover art by by Schreibaby-Zephyrof deviantart

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Never seen the anime past don't know much past what i have had told of me about it by people from time to time so a lil bit flew right over my head was like "ooooh i seen what you did there" but very nicely written enjoyed the read :3 :scootangel:

OMG YES!!! lol I almost started to feel like I was the only one who remembers Ranma 1/2! Lol tracked! :pinkiehappy:

okay, i liked that.:yay:
I liked that alot.:pinkiehappy:
EDIT: I just read the other chapters at fanfiction.net and have to say it is just awesome

172176 there are more chapters on fanfiction! i'm going there!

I think i love this story.


A lot to process...its a good premise really. It has a lot of fun moments (Pinkie is definitely taking the cake) :pinkiehappy:

I don't quite know where to begin with it...its...very...hashed together, hard to follow...and confusing on many levels. Rushed through to introduce all the characters who don't need to be there at the moment either. A lot organization and restructure is what I suggest to you.

Ha ha oh my god I'm reading this immediately.

It may look hashed, but hey, I've seen worse set-ups. Besides, lots of characters had to be introduced. Both FiM and Ranma have lots of characters, so plot(and I don't mean the innuendo kind) has to be explained. This is normal for Ranma crossovers. If you've seen that series, it'll make more sense. Also, the Mane Six have changed a few things in the Ranma timeline(namely, Ryoga is a Gilda-level jerk without Fluttershy there, and Shampoo would not have shown up as early as she did; and she'd be wanting to kill Ranma-chan among other things.)

Been a while since I've read any of your fics Emma, so far I'm impressed.

Let's see... good work on doing the crossovers and mellowing out Akane and Ranma.

Looking forward to this! Tracked.


Hey there, Emma. This is nightef37 from FanFiction.Net, one of your "beta readers". I am now a user in FiMFiction.Net. I'd like to say that I still prefer to receive what I need to edit via email. Also, as for the third chapter, you forgot to italicize some of the thoughts. Anyway, nice work so far. Better than the one on FF.Net. Thanks to Dr. Tempo and me, of course.


I have to manually add the italics every time I update so it makes sense I'd miss a few.


I see what you mean. Well, you CAN correct them, right?

>> nightelf37

I can, but I need a full list what I missed, since copy and pasting also gets rid of italics on the master copy as well. I'll ask Dr. Tempo.

Ah, the madness that is Kuno. I wonder if the mane 6 will catch on when Nabiki starts selling photos.

Kuno v. Fluttershy... my money is on Fluttershy. Great chapter Emma, good work on reworking canon and even giving canon a swift kick in the... *cough* I guess while things may have calmed down since the Amazons and Rogya aren't chasing Ranma, and Akane isn't mallet happy, so what chaos will be brought forth to fill the gap? Can't wait to see.

Celestia's Paladin

Enjoying this story immensely, great crossover, love seeing how the girls presence has changed the storyline I remember, and yet how some things stay the same.

Looking forward to more!

Hmm,The ponies work really well in the Ranma verse.

Perhaps you can check back on the messages I sent. Orr do I have to send them again? I still have all of them.

Oh no, Dr. Tempo memorizes them. Does chapter 4 need fixing?

great fanfic, I look forward to the next chapter:pinkiehappy:

My review:

Hmm…so instead of dumb, you decided to call Derpy a feather brain? I don't know if that's supposed to be an insulting on her intelligence or not.

My message:

I hope you at least even consider reading this through and through. You seriously need help and must read it. This review is from a FF.Net author named Lousy Poet Automaton. This review was written sometime after you had posted Chapter 20 and before 21.

"The My Little Pony redo makes me think the world is on LSD, but hey.

This fic is fairly amusing, and has moments where it rises to interesting. It's not great and it's not horrible, so normally, I wouldn't bother writing a review. I'm writing this because I'm hoping that eventually, you'll run into enough reviews like mine that will push you to get over the hump.

You're still kind of raw. And that is just plain odd because you've written over a hundred fics.

A little more detail would be good, and, yeah, do one or two copy edit passes through each chapter before posting (so you can catch those errors that make it through spellcheck, like missing words or correctly spelled but incorrect words like using 'slat' in place of 'salt').

Yes, fanfics are just for fun, and you're not getting paid... but since you're putting so much effort into writing these already, and you've been doing this for more than 5 years now, you really ought to be further along with your writing skills. I haven't read any of your other fics, but I've checked your profile and: 1) English appears to be your first language and 2) the writing quality of your profile is higher than the writing quality in your fic.

This suggests a couple of things to me. You probably rush through posting each chapter. And you may not be trying to stretch yourself when you write.

Look, it's not a race. You don't lose anything by taking the time to do a couple of passes through each chapter to check for errors and think about word choice. Don't tell people to shut up about grammar in your profile. They're trying to help you get better. If you don't care about that, then don't even read your reviews, because what's the point?

You're putting a lot of yourself into your writing already, so it makes no sense to blame your writing flaws on muscular dystrophy and emotional stuff or whatever. That was more than 10 years ago! You're not defined by all those things so far in the past but by what you're doing and how you're living in the present.

You can improve on your own, you can read The Elements of Style by Strunk and White on your own, and voice recognition on computers has gotten quite good, so any physical issues shouldn't be an issue. I'm not a grammar fanatic, but it just makes no sense to *ignore* your writing weaknesses when you obviously like writing so much. The fastest way to get better is not to work on what you're already good at, but to work on what you are BAD at.

This is about more than grammar and spelling. If you don't like writing fight scenes or you don't like writing horror or you don't like writing mysteries, those are the things you ought to try. You might surprise yourself and discover that you like writing stories you thought you'd hate, and at the very least, you'll grow as a writer.

Anyway, good luck."


Okay about the feather brain comment: I actually got that from Winter Wrap-Up, it something Rainbow Dash called "Ditzy Doo" when she went to get the southern birds.

Also you're being vague... is this about this version or the ff.net version. Because if it's the ff.net version, that needs to be discussed on ff.net, not here...

Well, the drafts you send me are fairly bad quality, and perhaps comparable to my first fanfic in FF.Net. And I've improved since. You've written LOADS of stories, but here you are still as (sorry if it's offensive) crappy as ever with the drafts you send me. Don't ignore our advice to you. Implement it in your future stories no matter what site you write them to.


Can we not have this discussing in public? Because this more of an e-mail/PM discussion.

Wow. I remember that scene.
Ouch...Ranma has weird luck, doesn't he?

Apologies. Still, don't ignore it. By the way, excellent pic! :rainbowwild:

>> nightelf37

I know... but I still think you need to see the raw version. Which is why I'm going to send you it next time I work on Ponies One Half.

Nice to see you decided to make a battle scene (compared to the FF.Net version). Or was that your other beta Dr. Tempo? Oh wait. I'm not supposed to talk about that here in the comments, aren't I?

>> nightelf37

You can talk abotu the diffrence, and yes that was Dr. Tempo since he is in charge of making fight scenes longer and more detailed.

Yep, this story is good alright but with some grammar mistakes and spellings scattered about. Not too bad since its easy to get what you're saying:ajsmug:

(well the did, Twilight owned one but it wasn’t the type of computers humans had)

She aid pointing to the otaku boy,

1. Its they not the in this case.
2. Its said.

Minor mistakes but it's my job (not really) to notice them. Still love reading it :rainbowkiss:


I fixed it, neither of my betas saw those two additions I made so thank you.

And I hoped you'd put like the Carmen Sandiego/Waldo gag. Oh wait. I'm not supposed to talk about that here, am I?

It's okay to talk about things that you added that didn't make it in. I decided not to add it because it felt forced sure even those two want a picture with Ryoga it just didn't feel right...

Then wny not at least just Carmen Sandiego? I just thought of putting in both for "rule of funny". Also, you can reply to my messages with the reply button on the right of my comment. Otherwise, I can't tell if you responded, okay? :duck:


Also it would have created a weird plot hole with the joke that Dr. Tempo added.

And I do hit the reply button... it's just that something is weird with my reply... it never ends up right...

Well, what about just somebody who dresses as her, then? Although it's too late for that.491048


Sorry, but I made my decision... and besides I heard Disney Parks don't allow adult guests to dress up because it would confuse children...

Oh, sorry. I didn't realize that. My bad.

That's okay, it's not a commonly known fact, I only heard about because of a news story of a woman who wanted to dress up like a Princess for her birthday but one of the parks wouldn't let her in.

Now I got the Carmen Sandiego theme song going off in my head, Ryoga as a internet celebrity... that is perfect.

Pinkie Pie is now and Otaku, oh Epona and Gaea I fear for Equestria when they get home. What is next then, Celestia becoming one?

Yeah... it was a while ago thoguh...


Spike: "Twilight, Rarity... Rainbow dash... pinkie pie... anypony... its scary in the tree house all alone. Oh well time for parties."

Three hours later:
Make that plot roll, roll, roll!
Spike: Thats what im talking about!

Sorry but i had to. :moustache:

Well... I guess it is a standard thing in Ranma fanfiction, there has to be at least one chapter centered around Akane's attempt at cooking. At least this time she acknowledged that she is a bad cook.

Can't stop laghting. to epic. LOLOLOLOLOL:rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:

Yes the Akane's bad cooking is a comedy good. I can not imagination any liquifying toast.
Sweatie Bell wins:raritycry:

That was when music started playing form nowhere.
If looks wrong then don’t add it! Always check the labels!♪
Akane though she was used to Pinkie, but apparently she was wrong…

1. From.
2. Dunno if its supposed to be like that but the actual sentence should be; If it looks.
3. Thought.

Still looking good:raritywink:

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