• Published 23rd Feb 2013
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Aliens: Consuming Equestria - TheDarkOne234

After their escape from LV-426, an onboard explosion causes the four survivors to be cast onto an unknown planet, millions of light years away from Earth. They seem to have brought an old friend with them.

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Like that's goana work a guards head flies out of entrance that just proved it.

contain it? kill it and burn the complex to the ground

4546747 This is the best explanation for why everyone wants their hands on the Xenomorphs ever.....

4546747 Catnip for scientiests, but for real it's black death for everyone else.

They're going to have to level the facility from orbit with the Friendship Cannon.

It's the only way to be sure...

Oh and Ripley's going to wring Twilight's neck when she gets back to Ponyville, isn't she?

4596762 The evil chuckle was more symbolic of Ripley's undying hatred of Twilight at that point, she wasn't actually laughing gleefully like a maniac, it was just in Ripley's mind.

They are so fucked. Where are the colonial marines when you need them.

5228233 Crying in a corner because their game was shit but a game based off of the first film was awesome.

5243790 You gonna make another chapter? Ever?

5701306 Eventually. I need to find the motivation to do this over revision. I still know what I'm going to do with it so I haven't forgotten about this.

5701880 You have motivation! A dalek with the doctor in his head is threatening you!


Of course... almost forgot about the doors.

A shame the walls around the doors are so less durable.

Oh gosh, those chapter names... Almost makes me want to read it despite it being cancelled! XD

PLEASE FINISH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I need the Next Chapter Man I need IT :pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiehappy:

Ripley, don't forget the suggestion you gave after the first incursion into the atmosphere processor.

Also Hicks should be reintroduced to "a personal friend of his",only not to the face, ASAP.

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