• Published 31st Jan 2013
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The New Kid - Stonemonarch

There's a new kid in Mrs.Cheerilee's class, his name is Quiver, he has no cutie mark, just like three other children. Although, he is a quiet and odd one.

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Young Heart Confessions

It was night time, still the day Quiver aided Silver Spoon, Silver Spoon was lying in her bed, she was playing with her glasses. She was rather depressed, but happy at the same time, she for once found someone that knew how she felt, she didn't want to be a bully, she wanted to have friends who like her for who she is. She wanted Quiver to like her for who she is, not for what she believes is alright. Silver Spoon sighed, laid her glasses on the night stand and curled up, falling asleep, slowly.

Quiver was in his room, sitting on his bed and thinking about how he helped Silver Spoon, he wondered if he actually did anything. He wondered if Silver Spoon actually appreciated his help, he teared up a bit and went to sleep. Shade was standing in the doorway, he sighed patted his brothers head, turned out the light and walked down stairs.

As you can see, Quiver and Silver Spoon's problem couldn't get any worse, well they could, the Cutie Mark Crusaders could've found out, or Diamond Tiara could find out. Either way their lives kind of suck right now.

The next morning Quiver left home earlier then usual, he arrived at the school, Miss Cheerilee completely unaware of why a student arrived so early. She walked down to Quiver and of course he was reading, she thought of another pony that did that, but shrugged it off.

"Hey, Quiver? What are you doing here so early, it's not even time for some students to get up?" she asked while sitting down next to him."

"Oh, hello Miss Cheerilee, it's just I've got a lot on my mind lately, it's something a bit personnel." he said this while closing his book and laying his head on his front hooves.

"Well, I'm your teacher, you can talk to me about anything, thats what a teacher does, they help students in personnel and school problems." she smiled brightly at him.

Quiver took a gentle breath and looked at Miss Cheerilee. "Miss Cheerilee, what do you do when you have a crush on somepony but, you aren't able to tell them?"

Miss Cheerilee chuckled at this question, she patted Quiver and looked him in the eye.

"All you need is extreme confidence Quiver, don't let anypony bring your confidence down." Quiver looked at her then nodded, smiling at her. "Thank you Miss Cheerilee."

"No problem Quiver, by the way your doing amazing in history, I think I'll cut you some slack, you seem to have a bit of stress here and there." they both laughed and Quiver saw a few of the other fillies and colts arriving to school. He saw Silver Spoon, he decided he was going to tell her after school. Although, his patience did not help him make it through the day, just barely could he sit through class.

It was after class, lucky for Quiver, Diamond Tiara left Silver Spoon, he just assumed she had to be somewhere. So, he went up to Silver Spoon.

"Hey, Silver Spoon, can I talk to you?" he looked her in the eyes, you could tell Silver Spoon was worried at her own answer, she looked in all directions to see if anyone was watching. She was close to replying, until Diamond Tiara came up behind her and completely destroyed the entire moment.

"Really?, Blank-Flank, just go away, you act as if Silver Spoon cares about you, well she doesn't, just like me, so you have a few options, you can leave or stay here and become humiliated." everypony was watching this, even Miss Cheerilee was, although she wasn't doing anything besides observing.

Quiver dropped his saddlebags and ran off crying, he ran through the forest, ramming into trees and shrubs, running back into the clearing.

Silver Spoon watched as Quiver ran away crying, she finally had enough. She looked at Diamond Tiara

"Diamond Tiara, I am sick and tired of you! You are nothing but a giant bully, and just a big jerk!" she slammed her hoof into the ground. Her glasses falling onto the ground and breaking. Diamond Tiara was astonished by her friend.

"Silver Spoon, you can't seriously be protecting him are you, how could you possibly do something like that to me, I always knew you were a loser." Diamond Tiara trotted off, apparently a few other fillies followed her. Silver Spoon wondered what was with them.

"Back up friends apparently." she ran after Quiver, completely forgetting her glasses fell and broke. She ran for hours looking for him, she heard light crying but couldn't find him. That was until she came to a cliff, Quiver was lying on the cliff side. He was crying hard, he practically made a puddle of tears.


"Leave me alone, haven't you done enough, I'm a blank flank, clearly I'm not worth your time." Quiver still believed she was a bully, but not anymore.

"Quiver, look I'm sorry....Diamond Tiara is not my friend anymore, I want you to be my friend, although a bit more then friends, I want you to be my special some pony." Quiver didn't budge an inch.

Silver Spoon started crying, practically yelling at Quiver. "Like you said, I'm a wannabe bully, you helped me while I was crying behind the school house because no one was a true friend to me! Diamond Tiara is a bully! You were the only other pony to actually care for me, you helped me!" she was crying and it started to rain a bit. Quiver got up and looked at Silver Spoon.

"Y-you really did?" he wiped his face and walked up to her, she was crying so much, he almost thought the rain was covering her face. Silver Spoon didn't answer she merely kept crying, Quiver hugged her, he let her cry into him, he almost cried him self.

"Silver Spoon, is it true that you want me to be your special somepony?" she looked up at him and nodded, her eyes completely exposed to him.

"How could I refuse? I would be happy to be your special somepony." Silver Spoon cried a bit more and wrapped her arms around Quiver, it was raining a bit to hard, their manes sopping wet. Quiver looked up and picked up Silver Spoon.

"We better get out of here, the rain is extremely bad." they both got up and started running towards home. That was until Quiver stopped to pick up Silver Spoons glasses. They both looked at one another and nodded at each other. They continued running until they came to a small awning, they stood under it and Quiver looked at Silver Spoon.

"I just wanted to say....." before Silver Spoon could finish her sentence, Quiver had kissed her, it was passionate, caring, and loving. Silver Spoon didn't argue she just continued with it, that was until Quiver backed off a bit and slipped on her glasses for her. They appeared to have nothing happen to them.

"How did you fix them so quickly?" Quiver winked and pulled up a broken pair of glasses.

"Lets just say I needed to buy a gift for my special somepony." Silver Spoon wondered for a while on why he got her a gift, especially before he could even talk to her.

That was until Silver Spoon thought of something, they wouldn't be together forever.

"Q-quiver, do you think we will last forever?" she said this with a few tears in her eyes and pressed her head on his chest.

"If we can work thinks out and not fight, a lot. Then we should be fine, but we need to make the best of it." he wrapped his hooves around her and the rain continued to fall. They both had finally found, their special somepony.

The Crusaders came were standing under an umbrella watching them, all three of them wishing Quiver would of came to them for help. They all walked up to them and held out an extra umbrella for them, Silver Spoon looked at them and felt bad for treating them like she did.

"Hey guys, I'm sorry for being a jerk to you three, can we start again as being, friends?" she looked at them, of course all three of them laughed and hugged her.

"Of course you can!" Silver Spoon was forgiven, she had friends and she had a special somepony. Her life couldn't get any better. It just goes to show even the biggest bully could have amazing friends at the end of their bullying ways.

Author's Note:

I know it's been at least a week before this came out, I hope you guys like the last chapter. My next project may consist of two new stories. Just depends.

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Comments ( 9 )

Well, in my opinion, everything went way too fast. :rainbowderp: Like, at first they barely talked, then Quiver fixed Silver Spoon's glasses, and then they just became a couple. It might just be me, but it needed a bit more development in Quiver and Silver Spoon's situation, like, I dunno, Silver Spoon not being able to sleep, or Quiver just staring at Silver Spoon. The Cutie Mark Crusaders barely appeared.

However, I liked how the story ended up. Good job :twilightsmile:

kissing in grade school.... ah memories

I have to agree, the story was way too rushed. I know not everyone has the time to make a lengthy story, so I'll bear no grudge. :ajsmug:
A nice story regardless.

Nice story. A little short, but I digress.

Comment posted by KawaiiKun deleted Jun 11th, 2013

Good story....

Oh, hello Miss Cheerilee, it's just I've got a lot on my mind lately, it's something a bit personnel."

*personal. Made that mistake twice.

Also how did he get her broken glasses when she left them at school? It seems to be missing a part.

3425628 I never said she had lost her glasses at school, well actually did I? because I haven't written anything or reviewed my stories in a long time, plus he acquired her glasses because he took them from her because she was crying.

Yeah right here...

Back up friends apparently." she ran after Quiver, completely forgetting her glasses fell and broke.

Well it can be interpreted in two ways: she left them there, or she picked them up and didn't realize they were broken, although I find that highly improbable considering they would be on her face.

Nice lil' story. :twilightsmile:

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